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1 Brainy Smurf

Whoever thinks it's funny that Brainy got tossed is stupid. I'd like to get back at those Brainy haters if I have the chance. In fact, I wish that there are more folks like him in the world.

This poor guy is so misunderstood. I can relate to him due to my personality being like his. I can't stand those other Smurfs refusing to accept for who he is. I like that part of him. Without it, he wouldn't be who he is.

If I'm Papa Smurf, I'd accept Brainy in a heartbeat. And if I'm any other Smurf, I'd blindly follow his orders for the rest of my life.

His being a know-it-all is why I like him more than all the other Smurfs because I have that personaltiy. And I'm against people who are against all know-it-alls. Besides, I feel that know-it-alls are necessary because they put their enemies in their places.

If Brainy was never a know-it-all, ignorance would run amok in the world of the Smurfs.

okay firstly in the old series I thought it was funny when then threw brainy across the village and it so funny to see them do that to him over the years and if anybody else thinks that then like this

2 Jokey Smurf

He's by far the funniest Smurf of all. "It's a surprise! " He was very funny in the comics and cartoon. He's a funny classic. Too bad they made him bad in the movie. But his awesomeness in the old cartoon still stands.

Jokey always gives you a present when you are the most distracted by some other event. This makes him brilliant. His laugh is also BIG money.

I don't really like this guy because of how unpleasant he is. How would he like it other Smurfs play cruel jokes on him?

"Surprise! " I LOVE his laugh in the old cartoon. June Foray did an amazing job with him.

3 Clumsy

I really like Clumsy because in the movie he is the most funniest, and at the end everyone cheered to him and became hero smurf by defeating Gargamal. So he's a really cool smurf.

He has a good heart, he appreciates everyone, he is kind to animals, and he doesn't stop having fun (or working, or exploring) just because he is clumsy.

I love Clumsy! My favourite thing about him is his voice in the Cartoon and it's good in the film but not AS good as in the Cartoon

Clumsy is so very funny when he falls over and at some other times. I also liked him at the end of the smurfs first movie, because he had defeted gargamel.

4 Handy Smurf

He nearly always sees the bright side of things! The odd time he is mad, he's funny! All of his inventions are useful, though Brainy might ruin them by trying to correct something, the annoying smurf, and Clumsy might do it by accident...

I read the comics and handy smurf's inventions are cool and useful like the spray paint from smurf vs smurf.

The only useful smurf. All the other smurfs would have died within a month if not for him.

Handy is the best, who else can you call when you need something built, fixed, invented...

5 Grouchy Smurf

Although I'm similar to Grouchy in terms of personality, I don't think that he's funny. And I can't stand anyone claiming that he is. I mean, how would anyone like it if he or she listens to that Smurf complain all the time?

The people who claim that Grouchy's humorous are liars. If I'm him and I notice one or more other beings deem me as funny (which I treat as an insult), I'd beat the tar out of him or her.

When you watch the show that they used to make Grouchy Smurf said that he likes something for once! He is hilarious!

Grouchy Smurf is my hero: "I hate this... I hate that! " Laugh!

I like him when he is smiling

6 Vanity Smurf

Well vanity was funny in the smurfs 2 especially when he saw the mans weener.

I ain't fond of him because o' his vanity.

7 Hefty Smurf

Well, Hefty is my 2nd favourite. Sometimes he is so funny, active, cute, muscled, that heart tattoo suits him so good I Love hefty

I think he is quite normal and isn't a jerk to everyone.P. S I don't like the movie version of hefty

Even though Hefty means well, I favor Brainy over him because relate to nerds and not jocks.

I just love him because his strong he is just cool and awesome brilliant fantastic

8 Smurfette

Smurfette Is just so awesome! She is more unique than any other smurf! Why? Because she is the only flipping girl!

She is the best smurf in the village when papa smurf remade her to look and be so totally awesome

If I'd be a Smurf. My goal would be to win Smurfettes or vexy smurfs ( The smurfs 2 ) heart, if I wont get her. I would be the Most unhappiest smurf in the world

Smurfette is, like, SO cute! My favorite smurf is Smurfette! She is the BEST smurf ever!

9 Gutsy Smurf

Awesome Personality.
He is part scottish like me.
His super punch in the smurfs 2 video game is extremely useful against the bosses! (Especially against the Naughties)

I love gutsy because I love his design his personality and his similarities to hefty.

We love Gutsy and Hefty smurfs the best!

He's a cool guy!

10 Painter Smurf

I don't think he should be in the top ten because he doesn't DO anything. We don't know anything about him

My favorite smurf and I'm a painter and he rocks

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11 Grandpa Smurf
12 Vexy Smurf

I like gothic characters haha

She is a female smurf very good

She is a very good female smurf

It's "Vexy" Smurf or "Sexy" Smurf? ~ hehe

13 Baker Smurf
14 Papa Smurf

Oh my gosh, why is this not higher on the list?! Anyway, papa smurf is a good dad and he risks his life to save his kids. It's really cute! And lol about the painter smurf thing you said

How does papa not have #1?

Papa is the best ever!

HOW THE HECK IS PAINTER BEATING PAPA IN THIS!? It is madness! Papa is the best! Smurfette is cool too, but Papa should win this by a landslide! Besides, it was PAPA (! ) who made Smurfette awesome. So Papa should win this thing hands-tied!

15 Seasutte

Actually its sassette
Smurfette is not the only girl
There are 5 others
Smurfette knows she has a 2 sisters 1 granny 1 cousin and a neice but smurfette is being a smurf stabbing peice of smurf and saying she is the only girl. so anyone voting for smurfette is smurfpid. smurfette deserves to be on number 100 on this list!

The other vote here is offensive so give it thumbs down I did!

Who is Smurfettes cousin and Neice?

Sassette is so cool! I ❤️ All her sayings like snapping snapodoos! And I love her hair! And her overalls are so cute with her little freckles! I think her and Nat should get together!

16 Dreamy Smurf
17 Sassette

Sassette is already here but it is spelled wrong

18 Narrator Smurf

He is funny and good at his job

he is so so funny and he just puts a smile on my face every time I watch smurfs

19 Passive Aggressive Smurf

There's no Passive Aggressive Smurf. Whoever put him or her here just made him or her up in his or her head.

How is he in this! I think over half the people who watch it don't know who Passive Aggressive smurf is!

20 Farmer Smurf
21 Sloppy Smurf

Hey, guys! Yesterday, I read that there is a competition. The first who finds five smurfs episodes in which Sloppy Smurf appears, he will earn an iPad 2. Do you know any episode?

There's no Sloppy Smurf.

22 Scaredy Smurf

he is like me when I get scared so is one of my all time favs

23 Snappy Smurf

I'm like him for the same reason that I'm like Grouchy. And that reason is my temper.

But I don't think that Snappy's cute. In fact, I practically gave up on cuteness.

he is like me when I am in a mood and don't want to be bother with people

Snappy is só cute ^. ^

24 Baby Smurf
25 Smurfwillow
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