Top Ten Favorite SpongeBob Season 2 and 3 Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Band Geeks

One of the funniest episodes in SpongeBob history. Complete with SpongeBob's eager dance, Patrick getting stuffed into a trombone, and we can't forget the bubble bowl scene.

Is maynaise an insrtument? - Connor360

2 Chocolate with Nuts
3 Survival of the Idiots
4 Life of Crime
5 Snowball Effect

One of my faves - Curti2594

6 Big Pink Loser
7 Patty Hype
8 Gary Takes a Bath
9 Squidville
10 Wormy

The Contenders

11 Pressure
12 The Bully

Out of my way! Out of my way! Can't you see he's gonna kick my butt?! Is the best line of this episodes - JandS3000

13 Frankendoodle
14 Dying for Pie

Best three Line's. Forget the book!, GARY! YOU ARE GONNA FINISH YOUR DESSERT AND YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT! And That's not What I meant, you barnaclehead! - JandS3000

15 The Camping Episode
16 Sailor Mouth
17 Dumped
18 Shanghaied
19 Something Smells
20 I Had an Accident
21 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

Hilo Rag is Used as the Title Card - JandS3000

22 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
23 Krusty Krab Training Video
24 Squid's Day Off
25 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
26 Procrastination
27 Squirrel Jokes
28 Your Shoe's Untied
29 Graveyard Shift
30 Krusty Love
31 The Fry Cook Games
32 Bubble Buddy
33 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
34 Grandma's Kisses
35 One Krab's Trash
36 Squid on Strike
37 Christmas Who?
38 The Secret Box
39 No Weenies Allowed
40 Jellyfish Hunter
41 No Free Rides
42 Club SpongeBob

Hilo March used as the title card and the ending - JandS3000

43 As Seen on TV
44 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
45 Krab Borg
46 Plankton's Army
47 SpongeGuard on Duty
48 Idiot Box
49 Born Again Krabs
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