Favorite Super Junior Couples

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1 Yewook

Love them n their performance in mini drama... They are so natural...

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2 EunHae

Sweetest couple ever! They're sweeter than sugar

The main difference between eunhae and other couples is that they are natural! Have you ever seen them holding hands, hugging, staring at each other, talking bout each other? And how they care bout each other? Everyone have different fan service at different shows but Eunhae remains Constant :D They are natural! Love them together! They are perfect for each other! <3 Eunhae is real

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3 KyuMin

, I simply love kyu.. although they're on temporary hiatus now, teehee

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4 hanchul

The best couple ever!

5 kangTeuk
6 SiBum
7 KyuWook
8 Kyuteuk V 1 Comment
9 WonKyu
10 Kyuhae

They are so sweet cause they loving each other.. For our prince fish and prince evil.. I am kyuhae shipper.. Kyuhae, ELF and Suju hwaiting.. !

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11 KyuHyuk V 2 Comments
12 Kyusung

Adorable together as brothers

13 WonHae
14 WonHyuk
15 HyukChul
16 eunshihae V 1 Comment
17 KiHae
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