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Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.


OPpa you are very cute, handsome,
You voice is very Perfect
Saranghae oppa yesung,

LIKE YEAH! Have you even heard a voice as high and as cute as his? Even if he's the shy and not-so-talkative type in interviews and stuff, he lets his singing do the talking, and all he other members know that. Plus, he's the best OST singer ever!

All of them are cool guys but Yesung was the 1st I liked. I think, I'll vote for others other days. Good wishes from Russia. Good music fighting! ~

Ahh, that voice! That voice that melts me and makes me feel the song even when I don't understand the words. I shiver from head to toe whenever I listen to him, no other male singer can do that to me.

Yeah I mean he didn't catch my attention at first either but he just grows on you! I'm so enamoured these days! By the way I really think he sings best in Super Junior!

Art of Voice! I also love his odd personality. It's things like collecting bugs, buying turtles out of jealousy, or wearing a helmet to school and saying you can't take it off because your heads too big that make me love him )-(.
Also his octopus dance laugh out loud

Yesung is so gorgeous!
Love his husky voice, cute expression, dorky action, voice imitation, small face! Oh... Damn! Love this member very much!

I must say that Yesung is my favorite member because he is very talented in so many ways... He makes our heart happy and laugh always...

Although Yeye started as one of the least popular member, he won all through this years. He's not the typical bias, the one with the abs, the one with the perfect charisma for T.V., he is unique and that's what makes him the best bias ever. He has the best voice, in my opinion, in al k-pop and My favorite male voice in all the world. He knows how to make me smile ven though he¿s just being himself, he doesn't need to pretend in order to like people, he's the way he is. And for his looking, what can I say? He has this dark aura around him, his hair, his eyes, his rarely smile is an all win. I just love him.

No word can describe how talented and lovely this person..He is super voice, amazing, stunning among super junior group's members...the SUJU without him (2 years ahead) just like drinking soup without a salt..:(

His voice is powerful, soothing n melt my heart.

Yesung oppa you have the best voice among all member super junior..
I'll always be your fans

Fighting oppa! - adindasabrinasuli

No need to ask. He has it all to be loved. First, he is the art-like voice who bring out great emotion to song he sing with pro technique indeed. Besides, he is a good son and big bro. And I love it when he said that thing he did for family is not something to be asked. It's a nature, what one should do to his family. Stay humble as he always does. Next, he has the face, stunning looks. He is not perfect as Siwon, but he has charms. He has one eyelid eyes, chubby cheeks, v-line, and his black messy hair just make him perfect in my eyes. (Still I don't understand why he did some "work" to his nose? _? )
Then, he is a loyal and good hyung and hoobae. He treats members well, that his dongsaeng said, "he is too friendly that I felt uncomfortable". Kekeke... I find him a good hoobae because he usually comes to the sunbae (on variety show) if the others make fun of them overboard. The last, don't forget that he is an outstanding entertainer. He can be a cool singer, a stunning musical ...more

He has one of the most amazing voices out of all the members and his personality is really nice, too. It also helps that he is super cute. :p There would be no Super Junior without out Yesung!
Saranghae oppa YESUNG!

He is the stable force in Super junior...Irreplaceable.

Yesung oppa is the best! <3 he have the sweetest voice ever he is super cute, super sweet, super funny and of course super handsome... He is just perfect!

His voice can reflect every song that he sing. And also make everyone that hear his song can feel how does the song. I love you, I'll wait for U.Keep yor fight!

He is my favorite in suju. That voice is awesome and his personality is adorablly weird. I like his aura. He seems to be an warm hearted person too.

I love him. His voise is so beautiful and I never heard more beaitiful. He is quite good dancer and very very handsome.

You're one and only my ultimate bays yesung oppa your voice your smile everything about you is precious! love you

Yesung was the first person I noticed haha ^_^;

When my friends and I didn't know any of the members' names, we made up nicknames for all of them, and our nickname for Yesung was "the round voiced guy".
I mean come on.
It's true.

And even though all of the suju members are knockout-handsome, I feel that Yesung seems particularly mature, and, like, charming.

So yay.

Good luck Yesung.

Don't know why but the first time I saw him on a show he just grabbed my attention,
He is my ultimate bias in suju and while he is singing we can clearly see the emotion, passion and the amount of hard work he puts into it. Aside from all of this his caring personality towards his family and members is just great, how can we not love this person :D :P

Amazing voice, warm person, wise person, filial son, fashionable, manly, sexy, cute, sweet, beautiful, attractive, charming, good looking, his sense of humor another level sometime awkward because he is an introvert :D

He's the most awesome member of Suju... he has that heart warming voice that touches my heart every time I hear his voice... and I love his killer eyes... Saranghae Yesung Oppa... I will forever be E.L.F. Cloud...

-His personality just makes my days ^^ lool
-Really talented too. My favorite vocalist. He puts emotion to his singing- If he sings about pain, you feel the pain by listening to him)
-Oh my gosh his laugh X-X
-Usually sucks at variety games but in a funny fail way laugh out loud
-laugh out loud also considered sort of weird
-also very filial and really loves his family