Favorite Team Fortress 2 Classes

The Top Ten Favorite Team Fortress 2 Classes

1 The Spy

Spy is not op

spy #OP

Invisibility, Backstabbing what more? - Wunked

2 The Sniper

The fact of an instakill with a headshot is a staple and this comes to life through the sniper - Wunked

3 The Scout

Fast, Heavy Damage with meatshots - Wunked

4 The Pyro

Fixed flame particles, more balanced, average class - Wunked

5 The Engineer

Sentries, Teleporters and dispenser, this man is stacked - Wunked

6 The Soldier

Slow, but can rocket jump, and does lots of damage. - Wunked

7 The Medic

Only because support isn't my huge thing and the medic is often targeted by spies, snipers and scouts. - Wunked

8 The Demoman

Not too accurate but does deal a hefty amount of damage and can sticky trap - Wunked

9 The Heavy

He is an easy backstab and headshot target, can get meatshot by scouts, dead by sentry unless he has a medic. And his slow rev time and the noise can be hear a mile away - Wunked

10 Random

You don't care you just smack that random button all the time - Wunked

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