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1 Stiles/Lydia

My first couple in Teen Wolf was Scott and Allison. I always felt that Lydia just didn't deserve Stiles. But then things started changing. She developed in so many beautiful ways and so did Stiles. They got to know one another truly. They share this connection that just draws me in whenever I see the two of them. What I love the most, is that although Stiles obviously knows how hot she is, it isn't lust. There's so much more. Relationships based off lust first most of the time don't last. And this way you can see that Lydia's love isn't based off lust. As things progressed she slowly fell in love with him. Step by step. And he? His love for her matured. And I see the connection now. I rewatched Teen Wolf and although Lydia is quite mean, I feel a connection for their part. They're just so well developed. Yes it was slow but a relationship shouldn't be rushed into. The roots need to be strong, for the plant to bloom. And it's the same for them. I believe they would be a marvelous ...more

Let's see here. A relationships based off an emotional connection. Not lust and sex. They actually know each other, understand each other and are emotionally connected. It wasn't love at first sight. Or some perfect little thing, where they meet, hook up and have an amazing relationship. There was actually hiccups and trials and things they went through that made them fall for each other. They were with other people yes but they always had this connection and I'm sure Stydia fans can relate that you can actually feel it. I just think a relationship that has both lust and love will last longer. Because they knew each other before, and were really good friends. So they know what the other person wants and don't wants and also how to get under the others skin and all that stuff. They're just so perfect. For one another. Their physic also looks good together and their personality also. They're so different from each other and yet so the same. I hope one day I can find something as ...more

I honestly don't understand why some people hate Stydia. They have had the most development out of any relationship in teen wolf. Yes it took Lydia forever to realize that she loved Stiles cause she didn't fall for him over night. It wasn't love at first sight. It was slow progress, it was a string of moments pulled together, it took time but she fell for him. And that is very realistic. People don't fall inlove over night. Sometimes you don't know you love someone until you lose them. Everyone wants to say Lydia doesn't deserve him, or that she took too long and all that. But I think that's what makes Stiles and Lydia so beautiful. Throughout the series she sees him as a friend, someone she can trust. She doesn't know the depth of their friendship. And throughout the series he always loved her, he tried to move on what Malia but it didn't work. Because his always loved Lydia. They have a strong connection. And its different from when he just had a crush on her. He got to truly know ...more

Stydia isn't just about chemistry. everything stiles did for lydia was nice. and he never stop having feels for her.

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2 Stiles/Malia

The thing that stydia shippers don't get is that stalia is not just based of lust and sex, and it isn't rushed. Stalia happened fast but the reason so many people like them is because they're relationship wasn't the cliche of a boy in love with a girl who doesn't notice him, it they're relationship was based off both of them being in tough place and they found comfort in each other in a dark situation. Then when lydia whispered malias name stiles separated from the nogitsune showing that hearing her name is enough for him to break apart from the mental torture he's been through. When they started dating they found even more comfort in each when stiles became malias anchor. Even though they never said "i love you" to each other you can still tell that they did love each other so much. You can also tell that they needed each other at the time - stiles needed to stop waiting around for lydia and malia needed someone to guide her back in to human life - the proof is when stiles said to ...more - Wolf09

I think if they are endgame it would be for the rest of their lives. They are meant to be. Malia loves him and I know Stiles loves Malia. If you want proof ask I'll send you a picture on my phone. People say they are JUST friends. But friends don't look at each each other the way they do. Friends also don't have sex. Stiles and Malia have sex.(Not that their relationship needs it but hey it is a fun activity so if they both feel like it yeah it is fine and awesome.)

Malia cares for Stiles and Stiles cares for Malia. They are together and are helpful together. - Moonheart

Honestly I don't know how anyone ships stydia. They didn't even happen till season 6 part 2. All the other seasons it was just a crush. Then all of of a sudden Lydia loves him too? Really you want me to believe that. Stiles and Malia helped each other in a tuff situation. Not to mention Malia and Stiles were each other's first time and first boyfriend and girlfriend. Malia's name snapped Stiles out of being the Nogitsune. Stiles was Malia's anchor. The had and still do have so much love for one another. In my opinion the are the best couple on the show

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3 Scott/Allison

Even when they weren't together Scott still cared for Allison. Scott respected Allison when she broke up with him, he always loved her and so did Allison. Allison admitted that she still loved him when she was dying. Scott still loves Allison, even though she is dead. I believe there is still hope for their relationship, I know Allison will come back one day, and I have a feeling they are the endgame!

I loved them, because they always lived and cared for one another when they weren't together. I think she should come back and be with him again.

This is my favorite couple, I wish they were higher on the list. - fangirl1967

They are MADE for each other

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4 Stiles/Scott

They are childhood friends. They know each other and care for one another. They are cute together and they know how to handle each other. - Moonheart

They are a perfect image of perfect friendship. - SkylarDawn

I think they are such amazing best friends. Every pair of friends should be like them

Best bromance ever, just as Liam as their child lol

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5 Aidan/Lydia

It's so nice how Lydia has managed to change Aiden from being an aggressive alpha to someone who cares. Even if they started as a hookup, they are connected because she still sees him in her dreams in season 5 episode 1 after his death in season 3.

Aidan actually cares for Lydia. He takes care of her. Lydia enjoys Aidan. He treats her with respect and Lydia cars for Aidan. They are cute together. - Moonheart

I think they are the best and cutest couple ever in teenwolf

Best couple

6 Allison/Isaac

They're good together I mea they're didn't rush. Scott and Allison took it too fast that might be the reason they're not together ( beside her death ). Even if Allison was alive she would be with Isaac. Isaac cared about her gave her a chance didn't judge and let Allison take her time in there relationship. Allison and Isaac were in love but just to be fair Scott and Allison fell in love first I wouldn't blame her if she still had some feelings, lucky Isaac helped her get over him. They trust each other not mention but Allison died protecting Isaac from the Oni. That was Isaac's first love. Allison seemed more happy and alive in the show with Isaac.

They are good for each other. They care for Scott and they love each other. Allison is able to get Isaac to know what he wants and Isaac helps Allison get over Scott. - Moonheart

I love this couple at first Isaac was in the blue with Allison then they grew close to each other he was always there for her, even though Allison was trying to hide her feelings she relized that she like Isaac and knew Isaac liked her back.

Best Couple Ever. - JemmaCoutts

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7 Derek/Stiles

The cutest couple on and off screen. So much sexual tension. Make them a couple already

Derek do if he hate Stiles but deep in him he loves Stiles, and Stiles don't hide his feelings for Derek but he don't show it to much.

They make a cute couple

Sterek! Pinterest and Deviantart... Take me home!

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8 Scott/Malia

Because they are growing closer and Scott cares and looks out for her. He also would not let anything happen to her. They seem just right for each other in my opinion.

They are two of my favorite characters and they would look so cute together - Wolf09

They are my favourite characters and they would be so cute together. Also they are getting a lot closer.

They have more chemistry than any of his other girl friends

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9 Danny/Ethan

Ethan cares for Danny. He did not want to break Danny's heart. Danny wants to help Ethan out and cares for Ethan. Once the twins came out of the Alpha pack, they are more loved. - Moonheart

They're so cute together

10 Scott/Kira

They are cute and awkward...

They Are The Boom

They are cute

I ship scira! They are so cute togetherrr ♥

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11 Derek/Scott

Derek watches out for Scott. He takes care of him and Scott takes care of Derek. They help each other out. Derek wants whats best for Scott. Scott just wants to help people. Derek could be Scott's older brother by adoption. - Moonheart

12 Lydia/Parrish

It's obvious that they like each. You can tell by the way they look at each other and care about each other.

They are way too cute.

13 Chris/Melissa

They are so cute together

They look good together

14 Theo/Liam

Perfect together

Chemistry bby

15 Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall

Made for each other. I also think it would be amazing to see since they both lost their loved one, I also think it would make stiles and scott happy to see their parents move on with such wonderful people

They are cute. They have to be together. They love their sons and the other son. Mr. Stilinski helps Scott out and Melissa helps Stiles out. They are close to each other. - Moonheart

If they get together that would make Stiles and Scott kind of like brothers (stepbrothers)

They need to go on a date

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16 Scott/Isaac

The way Scott takes him under his wing and forgives Isaac for past mistakes. You can't say they don't love each other #cutegaylittlebeans

17 Malia/Kira

I don't ship them the way I do Stiles and Malia. But, I mean did you see them dancing. They had chemistry.

They know how to be together. They help each other and fight together. - Moonheart

They are like the most fun BFFs ever. They have a really nice friendship that I think could become up to Sciles level friendship

Way better than Allison and Lydia. Allydia were weak and boring and Malira are funny and badass. MALIRA ALL THE WAY

18 Derek/Braeden

Is there any hope that these two will come back on the show?

I loved these two together!

These two and Malia and stiles are the best couple on the entire series

19 Peter/Malia

It is most interesting parent-child relationship. Peter cares about Malia and she cares about him. And it is cute when she calls him dad

20 Liam/Theo
21 Boyd/Erica

They were together since day one. They were never truly together, but they went through the same pain together. They care for each other. - Moonheart

They were so cute

They're bad ass together.They may have not of kissed but the way they held there hands was beautiful.

22 Allison/Lydia

They are amazing as friends. They always have each others backs and I miss there relationship sm! They have so many great memories and scenes in the show. They represent a perfect friendship. They never leave each others sides and never let someone take advantage of them. I love them so much and I miss Alison I wish she would come back for season 6.

23 Liam/Hayden

They have this love-hate relationship and I think it is great. I love how Liam is so protective over Hayden and would do anything for her.

They are the cutest couple on the show I love how protective they are of each other

They are the best couple and they should at least be number 3.

They should be number 1!

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24 Theo/Malia

Even if Theo was a sociopath his feelings for Malia are real and I think they would have gotten together if he wasn't so... evil!

25 Lydia/Scott

If they had like an actual romantic lovey dove scene people would see how beautiful they would be together

Remover that... I puked.

26 Stiles/Cora

I love this ship so much!

I wish this would have happened

27 Mason/Corey

They are the cutest couple ever, they care about each other and are really happy together

28 Allison/Jackson
29 Lydia/Jordan

Why is this last?! These two are so cute together

I mean their chemistry is no joke!


30 Theo/Tracy

Why is this even on here

31 Theo/Hayden
32 Danny/Stiles

They are a cute together

33 Derek/Jennifer
34 Scott/Liam
35 Peter/Stiles

They are in front of Allison and Scott. Now this is sad

36 Jackson/Lydia

They had a bond and cute relationship, but I don't think it was meant to be. Jackson is always ignoring her feelings which she doesn't deserve. Although the end of Season 2 when she thought he died, that was a tissue needing scene :(

I don't think my otp definitely not. but there story line was truly great. they would fight a lot and he wasn't the nicest. but they used to love each other a lot and she was the one with the strongest connection towards him it was truly heart warming.

37 Derek/Jackson
38 Parrish/Lydia

They have a special kind of relationship, you see Parrish always seem to be there for Lydia. Plus Lydia kept helping Parrish don't forget hwnshe said she was done with teenage boys and Parrish is not a teenager.

39 Lydia/Malia
40 Derek/Allison
41 Scott/Liam

Such a cute father/son relationship

42 Scott/Hayden

They would be a great couple

43 Stiles/Theo
44 Danny/Jackson
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