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21 Lydia/Scott

If they had like an actual romantic lovey dove scene people would see how beautiful they would be together

Remover that... I puked.

22 Stiles/Cora

I wish this would have happened

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23 Mason/Corey

They are the cutest couple ever, they care about each other and are really happy together

24 Jackson/Lydia

They had a bond and cute relationship, but I don't think it was meant to be. Jackson is always ignoring her feelings which she doesn't deserve. Although the end of Season 2 when she thought he died, that was a tissue needing scene :(

I don't think my otp definitely not. but there story line was truly great. they would fight a lot and he wasn't the nicest. but they used to love each other a lot and she was the one with the strongest connection towards him it was truly heart warming.

25 Allison/Jackson
26 Scott/Isaac

The way Scott takes him under his wing and forgives Isaac for past mistakes. You can't say they don't love each other #cutegaylittlebeans

27 Malia/Kira

I don't ship them the way I do Stiles and Malia. But, I mean did you see them dancing. They had chemistry.

They know how to be together. They help each other and fight together. - Moonheart

They are like the most fun BFFs ever. They have a really nice friendship that I think could become up to Sciles level friendship

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28 Lydia/Jordan

Why is this last?! These two are so cute together

I mean their chemistry is no joke!

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29 Theo/Hayden
30 Allison/Lydia

They are amazing as friends. They always have each others backs and I miss there relationship sm! They have so many great memories and scenes in the show. They represent a perfect friendship. They never leave each others sides and never let someone take advantage of them. I love them so much and I miss Alison I wish she would come back for season 6.

31 Derek/Jennifer
32 Scott/Liam
33 Peter/Stiles

They are in front of Allison and Scott. Now this is sad

34 Theo/Tracy

Why is this even on here

35 Derek/Jackson
36 Parrish/Lydia

They have a special kind of relationship, you see Parrish always seem to be there for Lydia. Plus Lydia kept helping Parrish don't forget hwnshe said she was done with teenage boys and Parrish is not a teenager.

37 Danny/Stiles

They are a cute together

38 Lydia/Malia
39 Derek/Allison
40 Scott/Liam

Such a cute father/son relationship

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