Favorite Things About Pokemon Sun

I haven't played Moon yet, but I'll assume the games are pretty similar.

The Top Ten

1 Z-Moves

The Z-Moves are really fun to pull off. And the little poses your avatar strikes to activate it. Also, the starter exclusives. - Wereweegee

2 The Starters

I love the Alolan starters! Especially Poppolio! It has pretty good stats and is adorable. - Wereweegee

3 The Story

I loved the ending. I honestly didn't see a lot of it coming. - Wereweegee

4 Guzma Guzma Guzma is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He is the leader of Team Skull. He specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

Guzma is really cool. I love him more than any villain in XY. - Wereweegee

5 The Alolan Redesigns

Raichu's Alolan design. I think it is really cool how he looks like he's riding on a surf board with his tail. - Wereweegee

6 The Music

I love the Malie City theme so much. It's amazingly done. - Wereweegee

7 The Rotom Dex

I think the Rotom PokeDex is much better than the normal one. Seriously. I love its random jokes. - Wereweegee

8 The Island Challenges

I like these better than Gyms. Despite none of them taking a lot of effort, I enjoyed how different one was from the next. - Wereweegee

9 The Ultra Beasts

I really liked the UB's depth to the story. And I liked have to complete an entire quest just to get them. - Wereweegee

10 The Legendaries

I really liked getting the parts of Zygarde throughout the game, and getting the Tapus. My favorite, Tapu Lele, was the hardest for me to get. - Wereweegee

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