Favorite Things to Create In Minecraft

This is a list of some of the most commonly made things in Minecraft. I have watched many minecraft videos and these seem to be the most commonly created masterpieces in minecraft.

The Top Ten

1 Mansion

Many people are building mansions like nonstop such as Dan Lags.

2 Vehicle

Many Crafters are adding vehicles to there Minecraft worlds.

3 Rocket

Lots of lp's have been made of just people going to moon in there rockets that there are a plenty of versions from fat ones to skinny ones.

4 Restaurant

There is no realistic view of Minecraft unless there is a great resturant there wich there are a plenty of.

5 Road

Of course there have to be roads to make a complete city, That is why there ranked 5 on this list.

Yep! This is an obvious one. You can make them out of stone for the concrete and yellow carpet for the lines. But I use black wool just because it looks a bit more realistic than gray for the streets. Then you just put your houses and stuff to the side.

6 Store

There are plenty of stores or tiny shpos in Minecraft survival other wise it would be a PvP humble jumble.

7 Shack

I see nlots of Minecrafters including me that just for fun messing around build dirt shacks. ,

8 Mall

Lots of Minecraft citys have these Minecraft malls to supply the people with all there needs.

9 Pool

Pools are a classic touch to any Minecraft home. And comonly used every where.

10 Mob Spawner

To get lots of xp and become succsessful people have mob spawners to help them along the way.

The Contenders

11 City
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