Top Ten Favorite Things to Do in the Snow

The Top Ten
1 Make snowmen

Who makes Snow Angels!? All my friends & I make SNOWMEN!

I love making snowmen but sadly I can never do it I live in Alabama;(

Reminds me of a song from Frozen.
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Do you wanna Build a Snowman?

2 Have a snowball fight

I always loved a great snowball fight with my dad and my dog Lizzy when I was younger also when I had these snow ball fights Lizzy would catch the snow balls in mouth !Now this year me and Lilly will be having first snowball fight together . I still love snow ball fights and I always will.

"what was that?"
"oh, just me throwing a snowball at you"
*looks down*
*sees hole in body*
"calm down bro just put the flesh back"
the end

Chuck snowballs at people's heads. What could possibly be better?!

I always wanted to have a snow ball fight I will hopefully soon

3 Make snow angels

Making Snow Angels is a lot of fun to do in the snow I always loved making Snow Angels when I was younger then I got cold I would go inside for Hot Chocolate then go back outside to make more.

4 Make snow forts

I love making snow forts!

one time I made it 15 feet tall and it fell on me and my friends (it took about an hour to get everybody out and dried)

5 Lay down in it and relax
6 Sled

Sledging is really fun and very enjoyable for the whole family. You can make your own sledge or just buy one for a cheap price.

I LOVE sledding. As soon as school ends I'm gonna go outside and sled, because there's about 6 inches of snow outside

There is a really huge hill by my grandparents house that I sled on and it's super fun

On the back of 4-wheelers

7 Eat it

I am addicted eating snow

8 Snow mobile
9 Ski

skirt skirt

10 Tube

snow tubing is so much fun when you are with your family or friends . I always loved Snow tubing in Granger hollow with Lizzy all the time . I still love snow tubing and I never grew out loving it

The first time I went tubing it seemed even faster than a roller coaster I was probably going 30mph!

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11 Snowboard

I love snowboarding I have since I was six I could go faster than grown men

12 Pee in it

What that's gross

Yellow snow!

13 "Snoob"

I do it a lot. Just be a noob to people in the snow. Knock them over, toss a snowball at them for no reason, do anything like a noob would!

14 Walk in it

I love walking in the snow, epecially to the duck pond near my house, its surrounded by trees and they looks so magical covered in frost and snow! Its an absolutely breathtaking scene!

I love to walk in the snow! I love seeing all the other things going on walks weather dogs or people. I also like to eat snow.

15 Make an igloo

harder than youd think but still worth the time

16 Throw snowballs

I really love to throw snow and snowballs with my friends and I even love throwing snow at my father and my cousins too pretty soon me and my cousins would have a big snow ball fight , sometimes I would get snow down my shirt or down my jacket ! When I am with my cousins I always have lots of fun

17 Go for a run
18 Draw in it
19 Bury someone

Awesome they will be freezing! 😬😬

20 Make sculptures
21 Shovel it
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