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Probably one of their most unique songs, Left Eye's audio at the end of the track is a genius idea. The song was produced by Dallas Austin

One of the best album intros.

Love it

I just love this song.R.I. P LEFT EYE WE LOVE YOU. TLC 4EVA BABY.

22 Lovesick

These young girls are amazingly talented and so powerful with their song lyrics. Rest In Peace Left Eye, god bless your soul.

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23 If I Was Your Girlfriend V 2 Comments
24 So So Dumb

Love it

25 I Bet
26 Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes

Its meaning is very powerful I love it! I love TLC in the words of an inspired artist ~ Aalia "lyric"

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27 In Your Arms Tonight

This song makes me wanna cry because it's so beautiful.R.I. P LEFT EYE WE LOVE YOU. TLC FOR 4EVA.

I just love this song R.I. P LEFT EYE TLC FOREVER.

Love it

28 Give It to Me While It's Hot
29 Take Our Time
30 Dear Lie
31 His Story


I love

Love it

32 Quickie V 1 Comment
33 Over Me
34 Crooked Smile (J. Cole Feat. TLC)
35 All That Theme Song
36 Hands Up V 3 Comments
37 Switch
38 Automatic
39 Shock Dat Monkey V 4 Comments
40 Get Away
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