Top Ten Favorite Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Teams

Everybody from total drama the ridionulous race in there team.

The Top Ten

1 Emma and Kitty

The sister's are my favorite and I loved how kitty is the fun one, I also like how Emma and Noah liked each other.

In the promo of ridonculous race, it shows Emma and kitty, Geoff and brody, Sanders and MacArthur, and crimson and ennui in Africa. They could be the final four.

Along with the Cadets, Dwayne and Junior, and Ice Dancers, they are awesome! Lol...and I so ship Noah with Emma

So cute and hilarious.

2 Owen and Noah

Noah and Owen were the most savage team ever.

My favorite character with another good character. I love these two. - AliciaMae

The #1 reason why I watched this spin-off series in the first place! - Macy_Buehner

So glad Noah and Owen came back! They are my absolute favorite!

3 Crimson and Ennui

This was a team that surprised a lot of people. A lot though these two would be filler, but they became some of the most developed characters on the show. I knew there was something I liked about them from the start.

Plus Loki the bunny is cool too.

I personally choose these two over Gwen. They turned out to be power houses. But the Ice Dancers stole their bunny Loki and that made them lose the race and get eliminated. - spodermanfan1000

They both look like Sia and Marilyn Manson.

My 5 least favorites are the top 5... These guys should have won, it would have been hilarious...

4 Carrie and Devin

They are the BEST TEAM EVER! Carrie and Devin are so perfect together because they have the most amazing connection! They both bring amazing skills to the team and work extremely well together. They are truly an amazing couple and worked so hard. They deserved to win the show but unfortunately were unfairly eliminated. It was such a shame because everyone loved them and thought they were gonna win for sure. They need to come back in the next season and make it to the finale!

My favourite team in this season by far, Carrie is such an adorable character and her writing was flawless, I love how realistic she is, her jelaousy towards Shelley, her patience, her support towards Devin when he broke up with his girlfriend and the way she tried to get over him after a while but failed are traits most of the people would have.

Devin is a good character as well even if he started to be more annoying since episode 19 but he had various hilarious moment to back up with that. - DaisyandRosalina

They are perfect together! They should've made it to the finale because they were awesome at the challenges and had an awesome connection together! They are the cutest couple! They deserved to win and it was unfair how they got eliminated due to the injury.

This team will make it to the finale. The depth going into these characters is tremendous. How can you not like them? They' have amazing personalities and are nice

5 Dwayne and Dwayne Jr.

How are they not number 1? This is by far the best team of the whole season. How could you place Emma and Kitty at number 1? No offense but they were just Emma being mean and Kitty taking selfies until Noah and Emma had the affair, which made them more popular. After Noah and Owen got eliminated in Indonesia, Emma and Kitty were basically Sadie without Katie in Total Drama Island. They meant absolutely nothing. I can agree with Noah and Owen being number 2, but Dwayne and Jr. are still a better team with more development and comedy. Carrie and Devin were on and off with being a good team, and they were pretty sucky for a majority of the season. But Tom and Jen over Dwayne and Jr.? The only funny thing with them inVOLVED Dwayne and Jr., with the whole hit by a carpet thing in Morocco.

Father-Son team is great, especially since the dad is trying his hardest not to fail (but still somewhat is)

Junior should really compete in an actual Total Drama series where Chris and Chef are the hosts, and he should compete with the original cast members from seasons 1-6

A rather entertaining team with a great concept and amusing character development, and they made it quite far in the game.

6 Brody and Geoff

Congratulations for Geoff and Brody for winning the ridiculous race

They decided to be nice, got eliminated in 6th place, but thanks to a stupid injury, they got to return to win it all and split the money with Carrie and Devin, who had to quit due to injury.

Geoff and Brody will come back in episode 24! I found out at total drama spoilers wiki.

Why did they return? An episode away from the finale? - Puga

7 Sanders and MacArthur

"I've got a theory that MacArthur is related to Brick." Sorry to disapprove, but MacArthur is her FAKE name! Her real name is Valentina Escobar. Also, sorry for the spoilers, everyone.

Sanders and MacArthur win the season! The show's origin is Canada and they win in Canada so they officially win.

I absolutely LOVE this team! Glad they made it to the finale! - Macy_Buehner

How the hell they are only in seven?

8 Tom and Jen

Most awesome team in my opinion! They made it on this list just underneath contestants in the show the hole time and they only were in for eight episodes! It's amazing how awesome these two are! If they made it further there's no doubting these two would have made the top three! For now I can only pray that my favorite team ever, Tom and Jen, will return to the show soon

I LOVE THEM! I think what happened was the producers made them as credits to themselves and didn't realize everyone would love them until it was too late and they already had made the first chunk of the season. All we can do is hope they return and make it far! U want them to be friends with carrie and devin

Best Team Ever! They are so Beautiful and Are Hilarious! It's a Shame they Got Out So Early! They Deserve to get Further!

THE BEST TEAM EVER! Producers please make them return, they didn't deserve to get cut so early,

9 Jacques and Josee

I love love love Jacques, but I absolutely HATE Josee! For pete sake MacArthur saved her from drowning in Episode 25 and what does she do in return? HIT HER IN THE HEAD WITH A COCONUT! At least Jacques stood up to her! That will show her! - Macy_Buehner

I liked Jacques. But Josee was way too crazy! If Jacques had a new, hot, sexy, sane partner, then I'd allow them in for season 2 if one was happening

The ice dancers were great! I don't usually like villains, but these two were an exception! They were amazing!

They balance each other out so well and are each hilarious in their own unique way. Also, the accents.

10 Jay and Mickey

They're the sweetest thing! Even though all the crap happens to them, they still treat everyone with kindness! That's a sign of true strength, and they don't deserve all the bullying they get from the other teams. Whenever they're happy, you want to give them a hug because they deserve happiness. When they're sad, you want to hug them to make them feel better. You just want to hug them all the time.

Jay and Mickey are the BEST TEAM! With all they go through, they honestly deserve it. They can also be funny sometimes, like when Jay hit the tennis ball on accident, and was sweating like crazy before he did it.

These guys should be higher. They are not fill in characters they have a lot of character. Almost as much as Kitty and Emma.

I wish they stayed on the show longer because I ship Mickey and Kitty! - Macy_Buehner

The Contenders

11 Rock and Spud

They were awesome! Rock was a quite charismatic character with even his personal gag of making sound efects, while Spud was the funny counterpart. Wish I could have seen more of them.

Their elimination was completely unfair. They were underdogs, and they were some of the most hilarious underdogs I've ever seen on Total Drama or Ridonculous Race.

Rock is pretty cool but Spud sucks and is useless

Deserve to be higher on this list. They were so funny!

12 Laurie and Miles

They were actually going to use the money for a good cause!

ADORABLE! AWESOME! Did not deserve to loose so quickly

I love their designs!

Second favorite - blackflower

13 Stephanie and Ryan

As long as they keep hating each other, they'll go far

The daters made a funny love hate couple! They were my favorites.

The daters are really strong and cool. - Pokemon4ever

I hate the daters/haters

14 Chet and Lorenzo

I always loved these two numbskulls from the start. And the fact that they're numbskulls is why they're so lovable. These two were awesome and everyone knew it!

I'm this team's biggest fan and number 1 supporter! I wish they would have won, it would have brought them closer!

They never showed them until they became friends

I loved watching these two bicker.

15 Pete and Gerry

To be honest you guys would have liked Gerry and Pete more if they stayed longer on the show

These guys are so underrated

Why are they last?

Pete reminds me of chris father

16 Taylor and Kelly

These guys are awesome they need to be higher there humor is beautiful! Hate the fact that around that time all the fan favorites go...

Best team ever!

Ya they are da best

they are

17 Mary and Ellody

Mary and Ellody are the best team on Ridonculous race! Mary is my favorite character on the show, this team is very smart and great contestants. I would love to see more of Mary, hopefully in a new total drama season? She's really a fun smart nerd.

I don't know why but Ellody is sexy for a nerd

They are like complete geniuses of course! Along with Cameron and stuff like that

Ellody is so pretty!

18 Leshawna and Harold

Cuteness overload!


19 Alejandro and Heather

That would be my dream come true - Rathernotbenamed

Aleheather is why TDWT is my all time favorite! I would love to see Jacque, Josee, Alejandro, and Heather all together. Plus I ship them so hard. They would be a great addition to Redonculous Race!

I wish they compete together and win the Million Dollars :(

20 Amy and Samey

I love opposite twins

If they were friends, I agree. Guess they'll be the new Lorenzo and Chet

Team twins!

21 Liz and Abby

Iconic queens yes

Yes my fave s



22 Katie and Sadie

Yes! With new designs

I like it

Team BFF!

The BFF's

23 Shawn and Jasmine

This team is the best! Their survivalist skills will take them far.

Go Survivalists! Imagine if they were a team and made it to the finals with Amy and Samey, the Twin Enemies. Who would win? Jasmine wants to win, but she also wants her good friend Samey to win. Amy and Samey are now friends, and their new friendship helped them make it quite far. Jasmine helped the Twin Enemies every once and a while, but when they were very close to the final chill zone, Shawn convinced Jasmine to stop helping the Twin Enemies. So Shawn and Jasmine ran right past Amy and Samey, and won! If there is a second season, that should happen. But then again Shawn made it to the finals of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island and won where I live.

Newcomer? It should be 26, right under Cody and Sierra.

LOL someone suggested to make it #26 and that happened

24 Gwen and Courtney
25 Courtney and Ella

They should both be The Singers.

Team Princess! (Not Team Singers lol)

26 Cody and Sierra

These two have very good chemistry when Sierra drops the stalker attitude. With Cody's brains and Sierra's motivation (when Cody is injured, when Cody is in danger, etc.), they can make it far!

27 Leonard and Tammy

Two above and the rest bellow aren't EVEN ON RIDONCULOUS RACE

Leonard and Tammy are my favorite! I hope they are both on a new season!

Look everyone says that they are weird but I think they are kind happy and funny and most of all I like there spells and tammys instrament they are both talented and should have made it to the end

I like larpers and they are larpers. - Pokemon4ever

28 Sam and Dakota

I was thinking Dakota and her father, but Sam and Dakota world too! *gasp* Make Dakota able to control her mutation but still be tall and have green hair when normal

They both love Dakota!

29 Mike and Zoey

In one of those videos where someone makes The Ridonculous Race their way, Mike and Zoey were a team. In the end, the Adversity Twins won, because everyone loves them, especially the creator of the video. But I was hoping Mike and Zoey would win, because they made it far. If there's a second season of the Ridonculous Race, I hope Mike and Zoey are a team, a YouTuber says they can make it far, so they just might be able to!

Mike and Zoey would be the best couple team in Ridonculous Race. They haven't appeared on the show yet, but fingers crossed that they do. They would for sure be the funnest team to watch, and the cutest. I don't know what they would be labeled yet, but I love the idea. I hope they Tom Mcgillis considers these two!

Like Sam and Dakota, Mike and Zoey do not appear in The Ridonculous Race. Not yet. - Yona_db

There not a team! - Dragonj37

30 Beardo and Trent

Team music!

Ugh I’m glad they weren’t a team they shouldn’t even make the list

31 Blaineley and Chris McLean

I don't really care for who will win as long as it is not Alejandro,Josee,Leonard,Tammy.maybe I can let heather in,now Jacque yes 1000xinfinity of yes, but these people. I rather be grounded for 3 years than to let those guys in.

P.S everyone else is okay with me

32 Jo and Eva

The jockettes

33 Sierra and Cody
34 Jules and Vincent


35 Gwen and Duncan
36 Trent and Ella

Both beings of music. Ella sings, Trent plays guitar. The musical duo who should definitely play in the game

Think they should be a couple?

37 Dawn and Scott

I would love to see a plot where Scott was secretly in love with Dawn, but kept mucking it up, by being rude to her

38 Alexa and Briana


We would be the girlfriends 😍😍

39 Jevon and Caitlin

They are OTP! I love how Caitlin is always feeling Jevon's arms and saying how smooth they are while Jevon is being villainous

40 Josh and Gab
41 Eva and Izzy

#EscopeLoveY'all. Noah was in here so Izzy and ever need that redemption to fire tean escope.

42 Duncan and Gwen

Their good at tdrr

43 Lindsay, Dakota, and Ella

BEST TEAM EVER Team Triple Princess

44 B and Beardo

This would be a good team because they don't speak and use sound effects to communicate.

45 Cody and Ella

In the finale of TDAS, Sierra floated away, so no one could find her. But, Cody finds Ella, who he falls in love with. Ella knows that Cody only sang 8 songs in TDWT, and told him he had a great singing voice and should sing more. He did, and they became a team in The Ridonculous Race.

46 Brick and Jo

The jocks

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