Top Ten Favorite Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Teams


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21 Leshawna and Harold V 2 Comments
22 Katie and Sadie

Yes! With new designs

I like it

Team BFF!


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23 Courtney and Ella

They should both be The Singers.

Team Princess! (Not Team Singers lol)

24 Cody and Sierra

These two have very good chemistry when Sierra drops the stalker attitude. With Cody's brains and Sierra's motivation (when Cody is injured, when Cody is in danger, etc.), they can make it far!

25 Sam and Dakota

I was thinking Dakota and her father, but Sam and Dakota world too! *gasp* Make Dakota able to control her mutation but still be tall and have green hair when normal

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26 Alejandro and Heather

Aleheather is why TDWT is my all time favorite! I would love to see Jacque, Josee, Alejandro, and Heather all together. Plus I ship them so hard. They would be a great addition to Redonculous Race!

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27 Jo and Eva

The jockettes

28 Sierra and Cody
29 Jules and Vincent V 1 Comment
30 Gwen and Duncan
31 Trent and Ella

Both beings of music. Ella sings, Trent plays guitar. The musical duo who should definitely play in the game

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32 Dawn and Scott

I would love to see a plot where Scott was secretly in love with Dawn, but kept mucking it up, by being rude to her

33 Alexa and Briana

We would be the girlfriends 😍😍

34 Mike and Zoey

Mike and Zoey would be the best couple team in Ridonculous Race. They haven't appeared on the show yet, but fingers crossed that they do. They would for sure be the funnest team to watch, and the cutest. I don't know what they would be labeled yet, but I love the idea. I hope they Tom Mcgillis considers these two!

Like Sam and Dakota, Mike and Zoey do not appear in The Ridonculous Race. Not yet. - Yona_db

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35 Blaineley and Chris McLean V 1 Comment
36 Beardo and Trent
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