Favorite Tower of God Season 1 Characters

Who is the most favorite character introduced in Tower of God's First Season?

The Top Ten

1 Twenty-Fifth Baam

A Memorable Moment: A half-dead, mindbroken Baam realizing he just got betrayed - Wangnan

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2 Ha Yuri Zahard

A Memorable Moment: Finger-Flick - Wangnan

3 Androssi Zahard

A Memorable Moment: Dirty antics to outplay Quaint - Wangnan

4 Koon Aguero Agnis

Reminded me of Akise from Future Diary...but yeh he's cool.

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5 Rak Wraithraiser V 2 Comments
6 Lero-ro

A Memorable Moment: Quits working as a Ranker - Wangnan

7 Hatsu

A Memorable Moment: Arguments with Koon - Wangnan

8 Eurasia Phonsenkal Laure

A Memorable Moment: When he kicks ass to get his sleepy blanky back - Wangnan

9 Ship Lee-soo

A Memorable Moment: When he was forced to stick with Anak and Hatsu - Wangnan

10 Anak Zahard, Jr.

A Memorable Moment: Kicked ass in Crown Game - Wangnan

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