Top Ten Favorite Video Games and Series


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1 Fry Cry 3 Fry Cry 3
2 Borderlands Series
3 Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's
4 Half-Life Series
5 Grand Theft Auto Series
6 Call of Duty Series
7 Cave Story
8 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 3 V 1 Comment
9 Halo Halo
10 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Contenders

11 Epic Mickey Epic Mickey
12 Fire Emblem

Ever since 1990, Fire Emblem has smitten gamers across the world, and it's easy to see why. Its tactical turn-based gameplay with a rock-paper-scissors based weapons triangle and varied maps keeps the player on guard, but not as much as the permanent death mechanic which, as the name suggests, leaves playable units that fall in battle gone for the rest of the game. This adds another layer of strategy other than just throwing your units at the enemy, as in order to get the best results, the player will have to try their best in each chapter to keep every single one of their units alive to see another day.

Not only are players motivated to keep their units alive because of their usefulness, but also because of their emotional attachment to them. These aren't just faceless soldiers you're commanding, they're characters with likeable personalities. The Support mechanic introduced in later games allows the characters to shine outside of the main story, giving insight to their ...more - Frostsamurai

13 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy

The soundtrack brought me to tears it sounded so beautiful. The game is a bit hard but the creativity of the game itself is astonishing

14 Minecraft Minecraft
15 Undertale

One of my favorite games of all time!

16 Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
17 Dragon Age Dragon Age
18 Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third
19 Pokemon
20 Skate 3 Skate 3
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1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2. Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
3. Saints Row: The Third
1. Epic Mickey
2. Mass Effect 3
3. Super Mario Galaxy
1. Fry Cry 3
2. Borderlands Series
3. Half-Life Series

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