Favorite Warrior Cat Books

There are so many warrior cat books and so many more to come . People always ask me what my favorite book is and I truly can't decide

The Top Ten

1 Into the Wild

I love this book, it never grows old. - Camaro6

Oh yeah! This books an awesome introduction! - TheGrayDude55

2 Fire and Ice

I don't actually like Fire and Ice that much... It feels like a boring plot line with few action sequences. - TheGrayDude55

3 Bluestar's Prophecy

Its pretty cool to know more about family trees and origins of cats! - TheGrayDude55

4 Firestar's Quest

It's so action packed and interesting! I loved the final battle! - TheGrayDude55

5 Ravenpaw's Farewell

So sad! - Camaro6

Sad but good D: (how is Barley still alive in vision of shadows) - TheGrayDude55

6 The Darkest Hour

My second favorite - Camaro6

Um... why the heck did scourge have to die... I loved him... ); - TheGrayDude55

7 The Rise of Scourge

Its both cool and terrible to know the origins of scourge... It was nice though. - TheGrayDude55

Such a sad story - WarriorLover

8 Forest of Secrets

Thank you! I love this book! Its cool... just full of surprises and deaths. It also had what we were waiting for for 2 books! - TheGrayDude55

I love how Tigerclaw’s treachery was revealed. Great book! - Camaro6

9 Rising Storm

Not my favorite but has an interesting plot twist at the end. - TheGrayDude55

10 A Dangerous Path

I actually really like this one... Its smart, but sad. - TheGrayDude55

The Contenders

11 Tigerclaw's Fury

Cool! - TheGrayDude55

12 Dovewing's Silence

Anything about Dovewing is going to be terrible. Also, this is up here twice... - Camaro6

I just think its kinda boring. - TheGrayDude55

13 Dovewing's Silence

Love the book - WarriorLover

14 The Sight the Power of Three Book One
15 Mapleshade’s Vengeance
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