Top Ten Favorite Wars In History

My favorite Wars. I don't approve of wars, I just like to study them.

The Top Ten

World War II

For sitcoms?
Dad's Army.
Allo Allo.
Goodnight Sweetheart.
Other than that war its just death.
War is death.

The sheer impact and scale of it is amazing. It is one of the closest to fiction wars out there; last dictators vs democracy. The Pacific theatre is probably my favourite due to the naval warfare there.

Probably the deadliest war on earth. I hope we won't have a WWI anytime soon! - Alpha101

This war made the United States and Soviet Russia into world powers enough said.

Vietnam War

A really dangerous war! - Alpha101

World War I

It's ok. Not really interesting. - Alpha101

Over 900,000,000 soldiers died in WW1

Civil War

Really cool to study. My favorite president is A Lincoln. - Alpha101

The BEST WAR. Revolutionary is second, world wars are third.

It made the US a world superpower.

The south should have have won this war

War on Terror

Been going on for too long. Need to get our troops back home. - Alpha101

We're still in it right now. I hope every terrist gets what he deserves! - Alpha101

Revolutionary War

Considering that the U.S. is the only country to win it's independence from Britain by war. This in my mind would be the biggest upset in world history. Just the fact that they won is an entity in it self. - westofohio

It made us free an helped Peale with more than a mill

There was a lot of things going on in this war. I loved studying this way. Very interesting. - funnyuser

If it weren't for us winning that war, we would be slaves to China right now. Be thankfull for what you have. - Alpha101

North Korean War

I have a game on this. - Alpha101

Persian Gulf War

A classic moment of history. - Alpha101

The Cold War

At the edge of World War 3, the Cuban missile crisis, and hundreds of nukes... Scary as heck

This one was cool because it was a war fought with words and not weapons


Gosh, not really nth: it was meant to be and yet a WW3...!
It happens to be the greatest,...that's not fair at all!

Napoleonic Wars

Just awesome. Napoleon got what was coming to him. - Bturlik

The Contenders

Seven Years' War
Catalan War for Independence
Mexican War
Kargil War
Franco Vietnamese War

Nobody knows but me and Vietnam about this war lol :D

Thirty Years' War
The Great Emu War

Australia lost to a bunch of emus. - Whywhat

Hundred Years' War

End of the armoured knight and revolution in combat

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