Henry and Yewon


They are very cute and natural. I also love their weirdness. Accepting each other's flaws and learning to understand. I love them because they made me feel so much emotion, I cried, I smiled, and most of all I feel happy; watching them makes me happy.

The mature kind of relationship that everybody wants to have. A relationship will enlightened you and forget everything just by being with one another. The most natural couple I've ever seen there is no space of awkwardness with this two. You will fall in love with. I love how they support each other and be the strength of each other. They have a lot of differences but you will see this too enjoy each other inspite of their difference. They will teach that there is no difference when it comes to love. I wish they are real not now but maybe someday... - angel1986

Their interaction are so natural, which always make me want to think they are really together! Of course I know it's difficult to date someone openly in Korea, but at least I can see they both have good feelings towards each other! No matter Yewon and Henry are together in real life or not, I believe they can be good friends even after the show.

No dead air and dull moments since both compliment each other. Watching them could stir out the fun in you because they're extremely funny and at the same time they give you tingling sensation on your spine. Hence, this couple is a must watch.

They are very cute! I love them too much

From the first episode until now not even a single moment when I found it dull or I got bored. They look so natural and genuine with their feeling. Their action doesn't seem fabricated. I love how they are not perfect but still complete each other. They are like high school lovers who looks fresh and cute. Who cannot love this couple. They are match made in heaven lots of love...

This couple makes you realize what a true and genuine relationship is, no matter what situation they are both facing. The fact that Yewon still stood up and Henry still supporting his wife makes my heart melt. Watching their relationship blossoms makes me cry every episode. Love them so much. Please last for a long time.

I love to watch henry yewon cause they really having good time and enjoy it... It seems so natural compare to jong hyun & seung yon, they so boring and full of drama it seems that they really doing it by the script and not natural

They are the most natural and sweet couple, I like them cause never a dull moment with this two... I'm always excited watching every episode of this couple. Henry and Yewon fighting! We're always here for you... love both of you

They are the most natural couple and in the short span of time together, you can see how close they are, like a true couple, the tenderness he shows her and the comfortable silence they can have with one another. Out of all the couples I have watched, they both have such strong feelings for one another and now after WGM, they have been seen many times together... No other couple have confidently taken pictures together with friends and having posted online on instagram etc.. Regardless of whoever say what about Yewon, I trust Henry, he has good judgement of people and is a person of integrity, and if he likes Yewon, then she must be a great gal... What I see on screen tells me the same... Aja-aja & saranghe Yewon and Henry - may god keep you both together always... Ask your horoscope says by fortune teller, you both are so incredibly suited to one another even if you hate each other you will never break up... Now how many people in this world would have such a match... One in a ...more

This is cute and fighting couple. Henry is a good husband for Yewon. He take care his wife anytime anywhere.

I really enjoy seeing their chemistry together.. They complete each other.. Even there is slightly a controversy, but I really support this couple.. Hope to see them dating in real life even after the show is end.. Even though this is a virtual marriage, but the feeling between both of them is sincere and natural.. Fighting Bom Bom Couples.. Spend the day together with joy and happiness.. Hope god always bless both of you.. Just ignored the negative thought from the haters..

The cutest and sweetest couple of all! Henry and Yewon complement each other to the extent that I feel like they are really dating..

They match each other's personality.. can be a real couple also.. they CLICK.

Henry and yewon were the cutest couple I've ever seen in we got married, they were so natural and perfect for each other. I love how yewon treat henry, she's now being like him little by little.

Love this couple, every episode is full of love and sweetness, so real and natural, they support each other thru thick and thin... If all couples in real life is liked this, I think life of married life will be everlasting. Thanks MBC cause we love this couple very much, we're from international fans

Henry yewon match from heaven, watching both of them made me smile like crazy haha..

I love every episode couple, henry and Yewon always make laugh with henry behavior and Yewon funny, totally natural. they always do what they want without artificial. what to do and say also henry, Yewon always obey what Henry wanted. I hope they really love each other and so the life partner forever.

They are the most exciting and loving couple. I love them so much cause they are real and not fake, so natural and talented...

Love this couple so much as it feels real... Being married means to complete each other and you could see that in this couple... Plus, the way they look at each other shows that they truly adore their other half... Looking forward for this couple's future ���"

Hey are awesome couple fun, care to each other. They look natural and not a fate couple everything they do looks real like a real couple. I love every minute of the of show because they made me come back to that age and believe that the innocent love still exist. Love them

I really love them so much, they r the destiny each other, wish them for real life, Henry❤Yewon!

I really love them! They are the most entertaining and sweetest couple of all. Most of the cp in WGM that I watched are really boring but Henwon couple is the best. They are so natural and real. I think they are the most compatible couple I have seen so far. Their characters suit each other so well. Henry is so sweet and gentle towards Yewon and makes people want a boyfriend just like him. I hope this couple will date in real life as well.

Henry and Yewon understand each other pretty well. Hope their relationship will go up to the next level.. Love you both!

They really were very good together. I was so excited to see them having fun and their shinkip spent together I have looked forward to seeing the information on them every day. The way both together exceed the true scandal as a couple really. I believe in their affection for each other is real. Henry and Yewon as if born for each other. I love them both forever.