KhunToria, The Samgyeopsal Couple (Nichkhun & Victoria)


They both having good chemistry and through the show I felt like they are real couple. Also they confronted each other. And the funny things is Victoria got jealous easily when Nichkhun are w/ other girls. It's like couple fighting and forgiving each other. (cute part)

They were really cute together. They're both foreigners but they still endured, and you have to admit, they were both always making events for each other. man, I really miss seeing them on screen. Wish them both the best on their careers.

Nichkhun and Victoria portrayed real feelings as if everything they did wasn't for the show at all. Every episode is exciting and Nichkhun treats Victoria like she's a precious gem.

I hope they will not to stop meet each other and I hope they become true couple and then married. I want to see nichkhun and victoria happy together because they fit each other.

They're really the best couple ever, they took care of each other as a real couple, and they're matching so well together!
They're the perfect couple. KhunToria forever!

I would use my shooting star wish to make them become a real couple. I just think that Khuntoria is a match made in heaven! They are so cute together like haha I really hope they get married together in the future like for reals!

Khuntoria has many fans not only in Korea but internationally. I am a fan from the Philippines and I know so many people here that loves them too! Khuntoria Forever! I'll never gonna stop loving them.

Cried so hard the last episode. Watching the journey of this couple was truly amazing! I hope in the future they will really fall in love.

Their ending was too sad...
They should've at least kissed...
I hope they dated and got married in real life

The first international couple that are able to show viewers with their playful and romantic sides. It was really enjoyable to watch this couple.

They are the best! I really like them :D they are just too perfect to be real :/ I'm totally fond of them!

They really are sweet to each other.. I love the way they stares at each other and take good care. I wish they will become a real couple in the future. It would be amazing

Nichkhun Made it a success with his gentleman and extrovert personality! He gave the couple chemistry!

If they were faking, they should be awarded as the best actor and actress in the whole universe. Legends.

I REALLY LOVE THEM. Every night I spend most of my time watching their WGM episodes OVER AND OVER AGAIN until 3am ohh I really miss them. I'm hoping that someday somehow they'll meet again and of course get married again FOR REAL

Khuntoria Always and Forever... no matter what will happen, Khuntoria is The Best couple and can't wait to see them in real life.

Nichkhun and victoria just like a real couple, it's not weird if nichkhun confused it's a virtual mariage or the real one. I think they're the sweetest. they didn't act but they just show how the really want! I hope they can be a real couple cause they're such a sweet couple. I love the way nichkhun treat victoria and the way victoria treat him. they still can be together no matter what! Even when 2pm come to their house victoria still can accept it. I think they're the most natural couple among all couple in wgm (: I hope we got married pd can make a new season then add khuntoria as a couple so they can make a new story even it can be sweeter than this

My absolute favourite couple I cried when they ended and still can't watch any other couple without thinking of khuntoria. I really hope they'd date in real life!

Nichkhun and Victoria is loved Forever. Khuntoria Fighting!

They are really a the great couple and cutest among all the couple in we got married

I'm Khuntoria's fan in Vietnam, Vietnam has a lot of fans Khuntoria. When I watch WGM of Khuntoria, I felt their love is so real. they are come from 2 different countries, Victoria is very very beautiful and Nichkhun is very handsome. they are very nice couple. I like the way they take care of each other. I like his eyes when he looked at her :D it so sweet. So anyway, I love them and I wish they would be together - thanhxuanls

When watching them, I completely forgot that this was only a show. They make me believe that true love does exist in this complicated world because I see love in their eyesand the feelings they have for each other. If they are not real then fate wastes a beautiful love story

They really look good together. Nichkun really shows a lot of interest with Victoria. Both are just shy to show their feelings but they really grew fond of each other. I just love their sweet moments together. Knowing that they are both idols & foreigners made them a match made in heaven. Khuntoria forever! Fighting!

I was never able to get into watching We Got Married at first cause of lack of interest, but that all changed when I saw Nickhun Oppa and Victoria Noona on the series. If someone were to tell me now that their relationship was fake and scripted I wouldn't be able to believe it, their relationship in the whole series was just so natural and cute that they really looked like a very in love newlywed couple. Victoria is basically what kind of wife I hope to be like in the future, reliable, pretty, a good cook and more, while Nickhun Oppa is basically what kind of husband I hope to have in the future, kind, handsome, talented, funny, a true gentleman. I had high hopes for these two as a couple, although I know that the show was only make believe couples, I still honestly hoped these two would be dating after they finished We Got Married. Fighting~! Khuntoria Forever~!

Nichkhun very handsome and cute victoria is pretty or beautiful victoria cooking good nichkhun take a good care of victoria