Lee Jonghyun from CNBlue and Actress Gong Seung Yeon


If other couples' feelings, emotions, reactions and interactions seem natural... Their's would be real, perhaps the most genuine! I always believe that your eyes reveal your heart's deepest desire... and when they look at each other, the way they look at each other... I see love! Watching them makes me laugh like crazy, dream like a child, and fall in love all over again. Their relationship is not too comfortable to confine within the zone of friendship, and not too awkward to define the wall of strangers... just the perfect balance of comfortably romantic and awkwardly shy. Their's is the 'real thing' in the reel world. Regardless whether they date outside and after the show, they have already given so much, shown too much... of themselves, of how they love and be in love. So blessed to have watched such a lovely, gentle, wonderful couple. I'm so loving them! I can't believe I am saying this, and am writing this... this has never happened to me ever. I never liked a couple this much, ...more

I'm so glad that all those who watched this couple have the same thoughts as mine. It only means that we are all witnessing their true feelings for each other. As viewers, we can really tell what is genuine from fake as we all have watched others who were seem to have been together just for the sake of the show. I love how Lee Jonghyun fulfills his promises and I love how Gong Seungyeon appreciates his efforts for her.

So many couples I've watched, one partner is really invested in making the relationship work, and the other not so much. This couple is equally invested in this relationship, one gives one takes, then the one who took reciprocates, and the relationship just keeps getting better and better. Best couple I've seen on WGM for a long time... They put a huge smile on my face with every new episode!

Handsome and pretty, honest and humble, these 2 seem to fit with each other like a hand and glove. The give and take between them seems effortless, one gives the other takes, then the other one reciprocates in kind. Like watching 2 beautiful people (inside and out) fall in love.

They looked so natural and comfortable with each other. Understanding and caring couple. Both knows how to play pranks as well... haha! They are so sweet... ! What a perfect match! I sincerely hope they would become an item in real life.

Their gaze into each other just melts away any doubt of this couple being into each other. I was not a fan of Jonghyun and have no idea who Seungyeon is! Now, I watched their part religiously every Sat live without fail! Gosh what have they done to me! Lol, love them!

They look good together. I really hope they date together in real life.

Love love this couple! Jonghyun is a stand up man who stays true to his heart while having a sharp mind! He's so sweet and treats Seung Yeon so well! And Seung Yeon is a smart and beautiful lady who knows how to keep the sweetness going on. They are the other half that each needs. Perfect!

Both of them seems that they very like each other. The movements they do really make me want to find a boyfriend. What's more, when Jonghyun looks at Seung Yeon, the love in his eyes seems to fill out. I really love this couple very much. Hoped that they can be together in the real world too.

They're the most sincere of all the WGM couples I've seen (watched since Adam & KhunToria couple days), the way they look at each other is simply something no other couple has had. These two have the chemistry department overflowing with all the similarities they share.

This couple is just pure sweetness! It doesn't feel like watching a variety show but it's like peeking thru a real life couple's activities. They're the most genuine couple I have seen on this show.

For me the natural couple. If this is really acting they deserve an Oscar for their performance! I hope they continue to bring out the best in each other.

I love the way they look and talk each other. "Aa! " I always scream like that with smile when watched them. Matched Couple ever!

I love them a lot and a lot and a lot. They are really nice and make me think they really fall for each other. It's has been a long time since the last time I watch We got married but because of them, I will watch it again. Seung Yeon unnie is a nice and polite girl while Jong Hyun oppa is a good husband. I wish they will have a day in real.

I've been watching WGM for years and always took the show with a pinch of salt because most couples despite sincerely caring for one another always kept a professional distance with each other. However, this couple came along and totally messes with the taboos of the show. They're not even blurring the line between reality and variety anymore but completely erasing the line as if it shouldn't have been there in the first place. Also since I've been a fan of Jong Hyun since his debut, I cannot fathom him faking it for the sake of ratings. I will seriously lose faith in this show if they don't end up together after the thing ends.

Weather your a fan or not it doesn't really matter because no one can deny or cover up what the whole world already knows their in LOVE.

I smile brightly every time I watch their show. He's handsome and manly, she's so beautiful with great personality. I can see them falling for each other more and more.

Gorgeous couple who naturally bring out the best in one another.

This couple is a match made in heaven. Their chemistry is perfect. Everything seems so REAL. The way they stare at each other really gives out the vibe that they are really falling for each other. I swoon every time they hold hands and stares at each other. Nothing but love for this couple.

Love this couple so much. They are sincere, so sweet when see them together. They make me excited every day especially saturday

They are being so true to each other, prepared every present with heart. The way they look at each other are so sweet and sincere. Love that they cherish every single moment being with each other and how they enjoy each other's companion.

They're so cute together and suit each other really well

Not only Seung Yeon who feels in love but also me. Haha.
The way Jonghyun takes care of her, his stare, his gesture, his expression show everything. It is hard to deny that he is not in love with SeungYeon. furthermore, they are also cute in instagram. ♥

They're too hot! To look at and to watch... Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a very private romance unfold in front of my eyes!

They're true in love. Always success making the viewers melted.