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41 Jung Eunji and Kim Seokjin

I want them because they are likable couple, I swear when they will be selected I will always watch them

Please vote them! I really like them to be a couple

They will be a cute couple

"Jin and Eunji really seems like they would fit well together! Jin is so gentle and because I'm an army, I feel like I can entrust him to her ㅋㅋ

42 Jungkook and Iu (Kookieu Couple)

Sweet both of them

43 Joy and Sungjae

They are rather new but they are just so cute!

They are so amazing and I love them so much

They are really cute.I hope they will be a couple in the real life

I vote it just because they so cute

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44 LUYOON (Luhan+Yoona)

Best couple of Kpop
Deers,Fawns,Prettiest member
LuHan and YoonA is a pairing that complete each other. They are so different yet so similar. LuHan is always calm and composed while YoonA is always cheerfull and happy, but they have alligator laugh and both are the deers. They are Perfect for each other. LuYoon For The Live! Fawns For The Win!

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45 Lee Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo (Lettuce Couple)

This is by far my favorite out of all the others. Even if they started off a bit awkward, they gradually intertwined with each other and learned what it meant to be married.

I only happen to see this just now. Among all, this couple is my favorite. Newly couples do have a certain 'awkwardness' moment. When you start living under one roof, only then you will be comfortable with each other. I appreciate how hard they try to do and be the best to each other. My dream marriage is similar to them where they make their married life happy..playing..xooking together! They make it so much fun!

They are hilarious! One of the first few, still before the show got way too famous, more genuine

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46 Jeon Jungkook and Iu (Kookieu Couple)

I like this couple kookieu forever

47 Cho Sae Ho & Cao lu (CaouCaou Couple)

One of the most realistic couples on the show. Did things a real married couple would d5.

Realistic couple ever

One of the few couples who ACTUALLY had conversations.. deep ones.

I wish they take that realtionship more seriusly

48 Agnetha Faltskog & Bjorn Ulvaeus (ABBA)

The couple loved each other although they divorced. But still, they showed affection and cared for each while they were married. I saw lots of photos of them in love. I love both of them and wished they never divorced.

I think they were a great couple! It's sad they did divorced. I seen videos and photos in love and happiness. I wish their marriage wasn't a failure and that they are still together! - ivylee

They loved each other deeply. There photos together are filled with joy, happiness and love. It's so sad it didn't last forever. I wish they never divorced! - ivylee

49 Oh Minsuk and Kang Yewon

They are just so cute together...though yewon is childish at times minsuk's manliness and understanding makes them a cute couple...i also like how respectful he is towards her that though they more mature he didn't make the progressions with the both of them fast making it more real...and most importantly I like this couple because though at some point you will say it's scripted I feel that sometimes through their interaction I can see that there feelings are genuine...

50 Cho Sae Ho & Cao lu (CaoCao Couple)
51 Drake & Quentin Miller
52 Onision and LaineyBot
53 Andy Biersack and Juliet Simms
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