SoRim, LTE Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun)


This couple brought me back to WGM after 2 seasons of not watching. I've never seen a couple look so real before. I don't mean just real as in the way they act or respond to each other (though there is that), but something that actually mimics a true relationship. Watching movies at home, eating out and joking around. The two acting more and more like each other, reading each others thoughts, and just really acting like a true couple does.

Both of them have some of the best personalities I've ever seen. I seriously hope this romance, unlike most, will carry on outside WGM.

They are the best couple in we got married. They feel comfortable to each other. They are like a real couple, they take care of each other so well, they tease each other and had a lot of fun. They're being honest to each other, they make a lot of surprise, they're showing their love for each other sweetness and cuteness but the best of all Jae Rim treat So Eun so well and they're skinship is so smooth. I was really surprise when Jae rim protects So eun in Turkey, they ride air balloon and when the air balloon going down the air balloon was shaking then Jae rim hug So eun tightly so that she will not get hurt, they look so real. They never make me bored, they're so fun to watch. I have a lot to say about them but it will be too long so I will stop right here. Anyway they both are so cute and funny, best couple.

I love Jae Rim's cheesy and sneaky personality and how so eun reacts! It's so cute

I love Jae Rims sense of humor, and how he's witty with his declarations of love. I don't think that his comments are cheesy at all. It makes me smile and laugh! He' such a handsome and considerate husband towards Kim So Eun. You can tell he's fallen for her by his smile and the sparkle in his eyes. So Eun is very gorgeous and I know she is tickled pink to be with Jae Rim. They make such a nice looking couple! They truly match.

Kim So Eun brought me to WGM but both Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim and their extraordinary chemistry caught me and kept me on board. I had some reserves about the show's concept, but actually, watching them brings a feeling of happiness and a wish for longer segments with them. Being a Kdrama addict for years now, they are part of the 4 couples I've followed so faithfully. Of course, I know the (maybe delusional) idea of virtual to become real popped to not only one's mind, but I'd rather have them take the more benefits possible out from that show wether for these benefits to be personal or professional.

I think all couples have their own quirks and cute and everyone can argue that their actions and words are REAL. But for me who has not watched any other couples besides adam couple and snippets of the global wgm, I find that jae rim and so eun appeals to an older audience with his antics and unreserved actions and her response to them. And who can forget all those cheese sprouting from his mouth.

So far the Best couple of We got Married are Song Jae Rim and Kim so Eun. Song is even better than his supposed wife in the series. The character he portrays gives one so much love, affection and care that his wife in the series is very lucky. There is no husband who can be better than him in real life also. Truly enjoyed the show and must congratulate Song Jae Rim so his acting. Hope to see more of him in Korean dramas in the future and All my Best to Him

This couple has a little bit of everything that we adore from every couple. Their personalities match so well that their chemistry on screen can be felt strongly by those who watch them. I believe this is also the secret to their fast-paced ship.

This is the first couple that actually feels like a couple. All the other couples that I like only have that feeling on their last two or three episodes and the rest of the time they look like good friends. I like that Song Jaerim is always trying to find ways to have skinship with Kim Soeun, and that she gives some resistance, because she thinks he is moving to fast and will easily take control of the relationship, not because she doesn't like it. I also like that he is careful not to cross any lines and he immediately back off if it's something she doesn't like. This is a little more normal and not as frustrating as the couples who should be on a show called "We Became Friends" not "We Got Married"

Never liked any WGM couples enough for me to follow them on a weekly basis until Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. The two of them constantly surprise us with smart comments and skinship as though the two just cannot keep their hands or eyes off each other (esp. Jae Rim). They make me laugh and smile every episode; never a dull moment. A simple couple chore or activity appears so fun when they're involved. There's no need for the PDs to schedule some super out there recreational activities to make it entertaining for the viewers and I think the simplicity of their 'missions' really bring out their personalities and highlight just how comfortable they feel around each other. Their conversations are already sufficiently entertaining. This couple truly brought something different to WGM and took it to a whole new level. They make me believe that they want to be there and are not forced to be with each other just for the sake of the show. Can't wait to see more of this /LTE couple!

I love how they started and slowly becoming more similar to each other. Other couples might feel awkward on the first month or week together but Solim couple just acted naturally and they are getting along very well. Their chemistry is strong and I just love the way they treated each other. Jae Rim is such a gentleman and even make coffee for So Eun every time. They are true to themselves and they are not like other couple who tried to act sweety just because they're in front of the camera. They are so REAL like they say what they want to say and do what they want to do.. I just hope they will be couple in real life nit just in WGM.

I really love how Jae Rim + So Eun couple naturally act. Funny + caring character of Jae Rim makes So Eun feel comfortable to be with him all the times. Both are cheering one another and this is what marriage suppose to be

Yongseo couple is the best (in my opinion)... But now I'm already like to watch jae rim & so eun couple... This couple totally different type with yongseo couple.. But I like it and enjoy to watching it... For some reason I think yonghwa and jae rim can't stop falling in love with their virtual wife... you can see into their eyes when their looking the virtual wife... (Ah... my English so bad, but I hope you can understand what I mean)

The chemical reaction between them just like the real couple, like they already build their own love castle which hide secret of themselves only, but we still can see the sweetness surround them. The first couple I so care about and so crazy for the detail in every episode.

One of the things that I love in this couple is their honesty towards each other. They basically ruined their acceptable-image on the show - I mean, will you actually let the whole nation know you're pooping at the moment or who in their right mind, especially an actress, would swallow a paper that came from your shoe? But they did all that because they'd rather be hated for being honest than be loved for being a liar.

And the progress of their skinship is actually not that bad. They are both consenting adults who can make their own decisions and face whatever consequences it would entail. Sometimes, especially in a show that doesn't really give you much time, if you like a person then you should be forward about it. Their skinship is a great way to make them both be closer and comfortable towards each other.

I was never interested in watching WGM before although I've heard about the show. One of my friends introduced me to SoLim couple a few weeks ago. I watched the first episode and I was hooked! I love the way they interact with each other-very natural and it doesn't look staged (at least for me). Their chemistry is undeniable and they are so much fun to watch! Jae Rim's lines might be cheesy but the way he delivers them.. So adorable!

Exceptional Actors in their chosen field. No pretensions between them. Genuine camaraderie, respect, care and LOVE. Reminds viewers what it should be like in the first years of courting and marital bliss. A rush of passion, longing and excitement.

The way he showed his love for his wife in everything he does felt so ideal. We always dream for this kind of husband that will make us feel loved and secured as a wife..

It's my first time to watch Korean shows. These lovely couple catch my attention. All of their episodes are really nice, I never get bored in watching their episodes. They look perfect to each other. Right now, they are my bias. So Eun and Jae Rim are the best couple in WGM. They both do well.

THEIR CHEMISTRY IS EXPLODING, beyond your expectations. The couple that doesn't want to hhide their own feelings not just because of the show. Their words has sincerity and honesty, hoping to be true in real life. A good example to watch over.

They are one of a kind. It's my first time watching We Got Married but I'm totally hooked because of them. This couple will really make you confused of what is reel and real. Their compatibility is really the best! What the other party lacks, the other fulfill. It's a give and take in their relationship. It's fun, it's sweet, it's everything you can see in a real marriage. Solim, fighting! Please stay for a long long time in We Got Married.

I watched almost every couple in wgm. Every each couple got their own charms and their own beautiful story when they are together. I learned so many things about relationships when I watched wgm. In wgm, I learned, to measure relationship between man an women as a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend even friend and friend, is two things : either they look good together or the chemistry. And for this couple, song jae rim and kim so eun, none of these two things can measure their relationship. But the right word to describe aND value them, is FATED!

This couple is great and I love them so much because they are so cute together, they show a lot of love towards each other which makes me very envious and makes me want to continue and watch them together forever

There's a genuine attraction between the two that's quite palpable. That they allow themselves to show it to each other, to show it to us, and to show it with utmost sincerity, makes for compelling television. Yet watching them doesn't feel like you're watching a show. They don't filter themselves nor inhibit their reactions to each other -- whether it be cracking jokes, flirting, threatening punishment, or hugging. It's a level of chemistry KDrama OTPs aspire to have.

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