TeukSo, The Dimples Couple (Leeteuk & Kang Sora)


I actually started watching WGM because of this couple; I saw their wedding pictures while searching for Kang Sora, and thought they were adorable. Turns out, they were the cutest, sweetest, most heartwarming, breath-taking, truest, and purest couple in the universe! You could tell how much they actually felt for each other, ever since they first time they locked eyes.
Unlike most couples on WGM, they took things slow, showing their true respect towards each other's feelings- I loved that.
You could simply tell that they truly fell for each other more and more as the time passed... Unfortunately they both are really big starts and have busy schedules, so they didn't get the chance to meet up as much as other couples, but that just made the relationship stronger, they yearned to see each other more and more. It's sad that their real relationship couldn't really start since Leeteuk had to go on military leave, but I'm hoping so badly that they get the chance to finally become a ...more

Chemistry, compatibility, and visuals, although undeniably present in these two, are not the reasons why I picked them as the best. I think the reason why I loved the two is how the show and their relationship were really integrated amidst their busy schedules. Both are famous personalities. They would go on dates like how idols and actors would actually do -- short, simple yet memorable. Knowing their busy schedules, their actions and dates really felt real. Back then, Lee Teuk seemed to really want to be in a relationship. But So Ra was young back then. Although she's mature for her age, she's still just about to rise as a star. It felt like a perfect love in a bad timing. If they actually get together in the near future, I wouldn't be surprised. And I really really hope they do get married for real. - angeeeeel

They represent a genuine couple. They meet and they go through the awkward phase. Then when they get closer, bam! Everything just connects and flows. You see the jealous sides, the cute sides, the lovey-dovey side, and the works. It even pulled my heartstrings to see their bittersweet kiss and it seemed so real that it had me in tears. The chemistry was there and since it felt like a natural couple, I loved them the most.

One strong reason that proved them to be REAL life couple were... When the prize ticket got announced by the MC's.. They said the couple can use the vacation ticket only after 10 years from the date... Which comes around 2019... and the only person who confidently said YES was Lee Teuk... and I see them in touch even now... Even after his military service... Sora was there for teuk as a moral support he needed her as a family... apart from their appearance from WGM I think Teukso are the most REAL couple who are much in touch with... Teuk's fairy tale proposal with couple rings... I think the future will tell us the story of them... I would definitely not be surprised if they end up together... TeukSo Fighting!

I really love and miss this couple so much... It made me cry when they had to be parted already... It was too short.. I really want them to be together in the future.. They seem like real couple.. This is the first time I cry badly because of the separation... This is really my 1st time... I love them n hope the time they went to tarot is gonna come true after leeteuk is back from army... No matter what happens I vote teukso couple.. I miss them badly and want them again...

This ending really did make me cry. the other partings made me a little sad, or didn't even affect me, but this one made the tears shed. I think they should actually be a real couple

I hope they can be a real couple.. leeteuk treasure her very much, protect her from other guy touching her, worries about her been getting injured..
He was a great guy who could control himself of kissing her until they were apart in the final episode...
A good leadership show in dealing with her brothers (super junior) and making decision

I really love and miss this couple so much... This couple really felt so real like they had true feelings for each other. I believe they'll get married in real life. They are a couple shows the most chemistry.

Oh my god I miss them so much I wish they were real because they had so much chemistry and whether it was love or just a strong friendship it didn't feel fake at all

It's like a short novel.. About first love... But definitely worth reading! I only watched this because I was tracing back Sora's career since I've watched her on Ugly Alert. But this show is now my de-stressing pill... Watching for the nth time specially their first meeting, schooldate, the concert's proposal and the wedding shoot. It will always give you the "butterflies in the stomach" feels. Like meeting your first love every time. Sad that it was cut short and looked like a bit rushed perhaps due to their personal circumstances... But it's never too late to get married again, right? ^_^

Courtship at the BEST!... The missing you parts, the special secret signs for each other, the shy but full of admiration for each other smiles. I love watching their interactions. Kang Sora's earnest and doing her best attitude. Teukie shy but sincere show of affections.

How can I not love the Dimple Couple?!?

I really admire this couple, it made me cry when they need to be separated. I wish they could be a real coupe, hope kang sora could wait for leeteuk

They were so cute with each other, and acted very natural. Even if they were shy, it was so cute to watch!

Wah! This the first time I look this show... This show touch my feel.. Were the hardwork this couple give me inspiration about what meaning of love... So... So... Lovely this movie... I hope that is reality show... I so hope its REALITY!... I so sad when this relitionship is broke... I hope they back to continue the story love in next season... Gomawo..

I love this couple since the beginning... I don't watch WGM but when I saw theirs I start to watch too the others couples.. but this match was the best I've ever seen..and I miss them so much...i think their story should have a second part.. there is still a lot to see from them.. especially now that Sora changes so much and becomes a real Lady.. Leeteuk and Sora was still both single I think... just hope they will be together real in the near future...

Woaa! That's the word I can say after watching this couple. they're cute, warm-hearted, and really care for each other. they think for their partner's feeling as well as thinking. I watch this T.V. show because of them... :( it's really sad when seeing them say good-bye. :((
Hope that in the future I can see this couple is in relationship, not only in film but in real life! :3 really looking forward it!

Their so sweet and you could feel it's real and they completely fallen on it... Love watching them and it makes your fantasy real.

TeukSo is the best couple for me.. they are of opposite personalities but they showcase a very lovely and adorable chemistry. They were so natural in all aspects of their feelings for each other. Though, they were only on screen couple, they portrait like they were in real-life relationship. I really really love TeukSo. I can feel their true feelings for each other while watching WGM and I want them to continue what they feel without any limitations. I miss them so much and I want to see them more again.. I ♡ TeukSo!

I love and miss this couple. They look very harmonious and compatible with one another. I always wondered how their relationship outside of WGM. I really want to see them together again because it seems they have not met since Teuk oppa back from army. I want them to get married in real life.

Both of them are so genuine.. When they were too busy to meet, they became awkward too which is very natural and real.. I love it when they try to prepare events for each other. I also liked the fact that they are a very wholesome couple despite Leeteuk's age... I just hope and pray that they would date in real life ^_^

I just love them. They are so cute. I love the times that they are so shy to one another and just look at each others eyes and smile. I love it when leeteuk turns red, it's so real. I wish they are dating in real life

They were very sweet I wish after leeteuk come out they will be a real couple

They truly loved each other! I cried at the end so much! They kissed each other on the lips at the end which showed they loved each other more than anything! Their events were absolutely adorable! x

I have faith in dimple couple. The genuine smiles and gaze they exchange said it all. It is love.

Best couple ever! I just wanna see the couple together in future!