YongSeo, The Goguma Couple (Yonghwa & Seohyun)


Yongseo/goguma couple is the best! Their relationship is so real.. They showed us how a true relationship must grow as your feelings became deeper for one another.. It feels like they've shown their real personalities and I was very happy that they've become close and seohyun opened up for the first time to a guy.. And that's yonghwa! I hope someday they will become a real couple and yonghwa will wait for seohyun! I LOVE YONGSEO COUPLE FOREVER!

It's already been four years since this couple started but their effect just seems to last forever. They are the only couple who never tried hard to make it like a variety. Everyone saw the progression of their relationship based on how genuinely they feel on each other. This couple proved that relationship grows not only through skinship but through real emotions... I've been hoping and praying that they date for real... or get married for real.. :) They just bring out the best in each other... and that is priceless! YongSeo to infinity and beyond!

They say that WGM is scripted. Yes it is, scripted to do missions and stuffs, but yongseo's feelings are not played by script and it is not an act that they put on because no one can ever smile that wide or blush so pink. Yong wrote a song for hyun knowing that the song will be played forever and the possibility to reminisce on the past is highly strong also Love Light... The special song he still sing on concerts.. There's no way he can forget those memories he shared with seohyun I talked too much bye. YONGSEO FOREVER

If you're looking for instantaneous chemistry and skinship, YongSeo is not the couple for you. Their relationship progresses slowly and steadily, more like first loves rather than a married couple. That's what made them stand out. Their awkward and patchy relationship made them more realistic. Watching them put in so much effort just to make trivial things for each other is so much more heart felt than seeing skinship that will make your heart flutter momentarily. Two seemingly different people, that are essentially the same at heart, complementing each other and making each a whole.

I love the slow transition of their whole relationship. You can really see that they were both fighting the awkwardness from the first few episodes. I love how Yonghwa laughs/smiles at the very uniqueness of Seohyun (love for books, UN ambassador as life mentor, blood donation on 22 day). It is like it is his way of expressing his amazement towards Hyun. How he steal casual glances and smile when she would make him food, how he would lend her his jacket when they play pool, how he would show his playful side, how he made her comfortable when they were with the other CNBlue brothers. Everything is so natural because they don't try too hard. They are not mushy like the kind of mushy that would make you cringe like the other couples. Yonghwa is so manly and yet playful at the same time and Seohyun is so innocent and pure which is a really good mix. I really wish for my future oppa to be like Yonghwa too. Haha.

Love them so much, especially the support of their group members, love how CN Blue and SNSD become a big part of their relationship... How much effort they gave to each other like Japan guide books, their love story book, all the songs, the scarf and so much more... Can't get enough of them even it was a long show with more than 50 episodes... The only regrets is we don't get to see how SeoHyun parents look like

This is the best wgm couple, in my opinion. They have clearly expressed their thoughts and connection even though there wasn't any physical contact in the first 40 episodes or so._. But what I got out of yonghwa and seohyun was a real bond, as if it was actually real hopefully :). As you watch their entire journey, you'll feel empathy along their side, I won't spoil the ending for those who have watched it but it nearly made me cry, and you'll feel their feelings as we'll

I just love how they started off as engaged couple. They look more natural unlike other couples who would instantly act like married couple as soon as they see each other. I like the way they became close with each other, Yonghwa putting off a lot of effort and Seohyun growing to be more open to his husband breaking her barriers.

I watched their WGM like a thousand times already. They are indeed my best couple. It made me enter the world of Kpop which was really out of my league before. Is remarriage available in WGM? There is a saying LOVE IS SWEETER THE SECOND TIME AROUND. Besides, they are already grown ups. They should be given a chance to explore what really love means.

I love The Goguma Couple so much, so sweet they are. I wish my future husband like Jung Yong Hwa, he make me touched with all his actions. I really like his personality

The most sincere couple, they learn a lot together, you can see the changes of Seohyun towards the end, and which guy will knit a scarf for you in the midst of a very tight schedule. He didn't even had time to sleep then. And after four years they left the show, we are still here.

They complete each other. Seohyun is the type that is shy and yonghwa on the other hand is talkative and playful. That makes them sweet. And this couple always makes us wait for skinship to happen while others just do that lots of time. And also their unique and touching gifts and surprises for each other makes me feel like yaah they started to like each other and I didn't felt like it was just a show. Love them and their great personality

Half a decade later and a lot of people are still rooting for them and everyone grew a very big heart also loving the whole SNSD and CNBLUE. That must count for something right? The warmth of first love? The expressive eyes? Shy smile? Part of it yes but mostly I think it's the sincerity that they showed towards each other. They are like a love story that all of us are hooked on reading and this is one story I'm happy that is not ending. YongSeo just so you know.. You took my heart! I love you both!

They took their relationship to a whole new level! While other couples bored me with their immediate affections, YongSeo treated their relationship as if it were an actual marriage. They showed respect, and how love is not just skinship and teasing each other and proving to each other what they are, but rather showing each's true colors by kind words of encouragements, watching each other backs, and heartfelt gifts and apologies. They planted their seed, and tried their best to cultivate their plant well, leaving many gogumas out there today.

They looked really a couple. And their feelings were really true. Even if they said it was just acting, I never believed it. Because their eyes sparkled with enthusiasm every time they meet and every time they talk. The couple really blew "sparks" all over.

They never bore me... They never irritate me... They never give impression of force relationship.. They slowly but surely grows together.. They create pure, innocent and stronger impression of love that goes through the lenses of the camera.. Audience get hook of how an innocent and pure young lady slowly opens up to a adorable, bubbly, playful but charismatic, charming, lovable and a gentle young lad.. You know what they say? One completes the other.. Their the perfect example of the mantra "opposites that attracts"...

I love them to bits and they are so cute together and I never wanted it to end. When they had to end their relationship, I cried so much that I cried myself to sleep the next five nights because I was thinking of them and how Seohyun cried because of them parting.

I'll always support them! YongSeo! - k_pop23

Even though some people might think they are not as entertaining as other couples, but they are the only couple that actually shows real feelings. You can see that they are not simply pretending to be close and have more skinship to gain more audiences, but they are truly expressing their feelings.

It's a story about first love; what can be better than that?

They show us the innocence and purity of love and the journey a person takes to developing into a better person when you fall in love.

They really respect each other as well as we respect them as idols and even though they did not end with a happy ending they became so close friends but not couple

Even though this is my second time to watch WGM, I think YongSeo Couple is the best. It's the little effort that counts. They are more into playful moments than serious. That's why I just love them :( From awkward situations to tears falling goodbyes. Hoping they will become a real couple someday. YongSeo Fighting!

Every time I watch a new couple... I cry after they separate then after that I watch yongseo again cause at the end of the day they are always the best couple and even if I've seen it a hundred times, I'd still cry cause they really are a perfect match

They fit each other well. One didn't even have a single male friend before the show and the other knew exactly what was to be done to make it right. And even better, they cared about each other, not for the sake of the show, but because they actually did.

So natural. I watched this bec of yonghwa. I'm a fan of cnblue. And later on mesmerized by their virtual marriage. I was really hooked but later on got sad when its just scripted. But throughout the show I felt it was real. I was really hoping for a reunion or drama for them!

Though were asking for more episode, and we wish that they were dating in real life, hmm, I think that's very selfish, I just want to say that they were really a great couple among the other starred, and they were really ideal couple, and I think they just act and behave naturally, and not scripted.