Yura and Hong Jong Hyun (JjongAh Couple)


If you ever want to watch a couple with NO pretense... Watch this two interact. They really go through the steps of getting to know each other little by little.

Hong Jong Hyun is your typical "ice prince" and Yura with her bubbly, innocent and sweet personality melts his heart. Although, he seems distant from the start he always takes care of her because she is so clumsy. They describe their relationship as "dating" and yet their commitment with each other even outside the show almost makes your question what is behind their secret glances, touch and whispers. WATCH THEM and relive being in love!

I really love JjongAh couple, in my opinion the love relationship and the true one must be slowly for to stay strong until the end, the love is how to understand each other without words, how to take care of each other without ask, how to try be perfect for each other, including Jealousy... more than talking about skin chip (hugs or kisses) those things are to easy to do when you are just acting, but if you are really in love it's a little bite difficult front of cameras... in my opinion I think for this reason JjoongAh couple are shy to do skin ship. they are a couple made from HEAVEN.

I love this couple so much. Their progress is just the most realistic one. The feeling when you watched them on this show, is just the feeling when you fall in love in real life. Feel shy and awkward and what to protect and take care the one you love but it's not so obvious. The moment when Jonghyun look at Yura was just so real. Their progress which slower than other couple, but it's okay to take forever in skin ship as long as it's not your feeling with each other. For me, they are just perfect and real example how to fall in love and become friend at the same time.

Their progress is hard to believe just for the sake of the show. Really feel like reality when two human being can't help fall in love to each other and hold back for something.

For one of the audience who watched them, every episode I have to take a deep breath and told myself don't forget that all the show before watch every new episode air but can't help fall for them. Why? Just simply we all are human being who had felt for love at least once in our life time and can feel other person love. And Whenever I watch them my memory and feeling call back to the past when I was fall in love. At that moment I'm really happy. It is Okay for them to slow in skin ship. sorry for my English

I think this couple is playing the "real deal". Neither of them bought into the fact that they were virtually married from day one and just became friends first. HJH is all about honesty... He never says things just for the camera. Yura is a "smart innocent" that is just trying to figure out how to hang out with guys comfortably. It's been cute to see their awkwardness (yes they have been awkward for a long time because they really never thought of themselves as a couple). I think their honesty is what makes me like them the best! They are different, but personality wise they are a perfect circle... One completing the other.

JjongAh couple speak to each other the way real couples speak to each other: through their eyes and their actions. The progression of their relationship can be tracked through their conversation topics. They don't have the same personality, but their personalities complement each other perfectly. I love to see them at home. They look so much more comfortable now than when they started. As in real relationships, friendship is essential. This couple has that. I find that I have to convince myself that it's not real, rather than the other way around!

I love Jjongah couple for the what they are. At first, they are not my favorite and I ship for another couple. I watched them only on the surface. But once I did watch their show attentively without skipping, I realized this couple is so adorable. I've fallen for them since then. I rewatched their eps started from Jeungdo trip then I fell for them even more and it makes me want to know them even more. So I downloaded and watched started from the first episode until the latest episode in a day. And after watching all, I know I love this couple so deeplyThey make every single thing so precious when everybody doesn't see it. I learn many good things from them and it influences on my life. They teach me about taking care other people, how to respect and think about other people with different personality, and how to be honest to myself. So much lessons. I love the way Jjonghyun takes care of Yura and so does Yura, it's indeed thoughtful. Their eyeship is priceless. I see they communicate ...more

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura are the best! Although they had an awkward start with long stilted moments of silence, their story ( love-line) has really developed and blossomed into a great romance. They might not be the most lovey-Dovey couple when compared to all of the others WGM couples, but their quiet, subtle and heartwarming romance outshines all the rest. I love how Hong Jong Huyn has changed and progressed through his relationship with Yura. He's changed from the 'cold city' player into this impossibly cute, caring, thoughtful, and considerate gentleman. He might not physically show that he cares for Yura, but anyone can tell just by looking at the way he looks at her. Overall, I think this couple is the most sincere and genuine in their development of feelings for each other. They really do care for each other. I love The Jjongah couple!

For me, this couple is a classic. They're like characters in a cold guy-meets-bubbly-gal drama. It is amazing to see people with seemingly opposite personalities match well without compromising each others character. They behave just the way they are and they naturally compliment each other. Although they are relatively "slow" in the skinship department, they connect in a very unique manner. The stare they gave each other speaks a lot, they are like an old couple. Although they tend to be awkward around each other, they actions are always sincere. I am happy to have shipped them. I hope they'll end up together in real life. They have the makings of a great couple.

It is undeniable that their progress is slow compared to other couples on the show. However, I felt that their are the most real & sincere couple ever been on the show. They studio people also adore both of them & are always squealing watching them. They felt more like a dating couple than a married couple. I hope they at least remains friend after the show ended. JjongAh

I love how they overcome their awkwardness with laughter.. This couple always make me smile while watching them, so natural and heartwarming. I can see how sincere they're and how they care to each other is totally not an act, I bet they're saying the truth. I definitely hope they will stay close even after the show. Wish them all the best!

Even though their progress is kinda slow, but I think they are the real one in we got married. Hong jong hyun have just met ah young for less than 6 months, how can they be so close and intimate with each other for that short amount of time. Even in the real life, relationship need some progresses, start with knowing each other, becoming friends, falling in love, growing feelings dor each other, and becoming a couple. I believe that becoming a couple is the process of growing feeling to each other. And jjongah couple is having that process now. We can't be close to the point having an extreme skinship with someone we just met, right? By watching every episode of them, I feel that their interaction is real and I hope they will become a real couple, or maybe best friends after their time in wgm is over.

Jjongah couple is the reason why I watched We Got Married again after Khuntoria couple. To be truth, I accidentantly watch the first episode and from that I'm officially ship them together. I'm not a fan of Girls Day but after I watch Yura I realised that she is cheerful girl haha. I've seem some people said that they were bored watching jjongah because their bored of the slow skinship progress. Well people have their own perspectives. As I watched them, I kinda wanna have a relationship like them #relationshipgoal. Why I said so? Jonghyun is really queit he does not speak a lot but as time goes on he change to become someone who pranks a lot haha Yura is spreading the virus of happiness. Other than that, the way they look at each other is unexplainable okay you can feel that love is in the air. She is perfect for him and he is perfect for her. I hope they can be at each other sides forever.

This couple is the cutest couple ever they have a lots of aegyo. I love how yura's personality have influence hong jonghyun from introvert and cold guy to cheerful and playful jjong. I don't know why but I always giggle every time he teases yura. They are indeed "elementary couple".. They are fun to watch to the extent that you will realize that you are automatically smiling from the beging till the end of the show.

I enjoy their slow progress, in that way they have known each other even better and have adjust from each others world (yura as idol and jonghyun as actor).. I also like when one of them are jealous, they always try to be cool about it but you can feel that they are jelly inside haha.. As my last count I have watch this couple about 10x and still I can't get over their cute and lovable relationship.. Every time I'm watching it, it always reminds me of my high school and early college days.. When you have your ultimate crush but you can't tell that you have a ...more

Picture this: A cheerful, bright girl pairs up with a cool, stoic kind-of-guy. Sound familiar? How about this: Cool, stoic guy was initially indifferent to girls before cheerful, bright girl showed up in his life. As it happens, he gradually warms up to her because of her bright and sunny outlook in life, up to the point where he's the one inciting all sorts of cute, romantic stuff instead her. Interested?

Love to see their sweet interaction and their gaze to each other.. Feel like watching the K-drama that give you heart flutter and expectation what will happen after this? Their opposite character match very well and feel like they are the soulmate made from the heaven.. I like their slow skinship because it's feel like genuine and honest to each other.. They give me the vibe of the normal couple like everyone like us to start a new relationship and start to date! Whatever it is, I really enjoy and love this couple.. This couple make my life full of energy and cheering up my life! Thank you Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Ah Young to give me one of the happiness in my life...

They are True towards their feelings for each other and we could tell that it's the truth about how they feel without putting on a show for the viewers, yura and Jong Hyun genuinely have True feeling when in we got married and its not fake they support inside of the show and outside as well. Hope they actually get married or date in real life

I love them so much.. They match made from heaven.. Hong my way Jong and clumsy Yura such a cute couple.. But they complete each other.. They bring the best of them.. Just watching them make me smile ear to ear.. I never love a couple so much until I've watching them.. The feels is there and is REAL.. I'm hoping the best for both of them. sorry for my bad English.

Love their progress in every episode, they were not trying to please the viewers but they being true with their self.. That's the way it is.. And we can see how they develop their feeling for each other and it is getting bigger now. This is the first couple that I believe they can be Real in the future.. Love them so much.

Watching them is like re living the sweetness of love at its budding stage... Awkwardness, shyness, the thrill and anticipation, the warm inside your heart as you see the way they look at each other... This couple communicates through their eyes... Hope they will stay on wgm... Because it will be so hard for them to develop a relationship outside the show... Being celebrities. I really love Ah Young... Whoever marries her is a very lucky guy.

I am very excited to watch this couple. This couple's behavior is very cute and intimate. I think this couple is that they are more interesting than the other couple. I hope this program will continue for a long time and they will always be happy together. Because of all this I thought they were my favorite couple so vote for them.

This couple shows the truest feeling like we got in a real life. Shyness at first, then through all the activities, time they go through together, they were bond. I got warm feeling, smiley face with little things or action this couple did.
This couple, especially Hong Jong Hyun shows the true meaning that love doesn't always have to be showed by saying it that way. But by the way he always looked in Yura's eyes when they talk, the way he always took care of the clumsy Yura, the way he remembered trivial things Yura said, the way he let Yura knows about his past by bringing her to his high school and place he used to get work, the way he tied Yura's shoe laces, the way he concerned for Yura's habit and health, and the way he joked with Yura. Those simple actions, event and even he is not-a-skinship one type, he showed the genuine way of a truly couple.
Ah, I really love this couple. You know, I even still watch their video, like this afternoon. Haha. So much love for them.

I feel like I'm really watching 2 people fall in love over a course of time. They are so sweet together and watching them makes me really happy! They seem to read each other really well and the changes in Jong Hyun is pretty amazing. Yura is like sunshine, her unaffectedness and sincerity is infectious.

This couple is like a match made in heaven! They have opposite personalities but their personalities makes a puzzle complete. Their like each other's missing piece. Their similarities makes their bond stronger and their differences makes them respect and learn to love each other's hobbies. They have a big respect for each other that's why I really love this couple. They try to think of each other before doing any action like when doing skinship and talking. They try not to hurt or scare each other's feelings. I know that they don't do lots of skinships but you will know that they really are in to each other because of how they stare at each other. THIS COUPLE LOVES STARESHIP MORE THAN SKINSHIP and that is what makes them unique from other wgm couples I watched. Watching them makes me think that it is really true that "a man's love can't be solely measured through skinships" as said by Hong Jonghyun. I learned a lot from them so I can't wait for their next episodes. Hope to see more ...more

Just like the concept of Yin and Yang. They are like the characters in comic book. A hot and quiet guy who can't help but to fall in love with a girl who's totally opposite than him. They balance each other so, very, extremely well. Only a girl named Kim Ah Young/Yura can mell down this iron wall guy, Hong Jonghyun.