Favorite Weird Colors

Any color EVER can be on this list that is not a normal color.(e.g. red,green,blue) go to this website for other ideas.

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1 crimson

My favorite color

I love crimson it's my favourite shade of red it reminds me of the song I secretly like 8D

2 peach

I like it becuse its a food and a name (a really good food)

Peach is a really cool and pretty color

Makes me think of biting into a soft, summer peach under a shady willow tree..., feeling the graceful breezes dancing around in the dark, green leaves of the sun... ah.. breathtaking... :) Peach is definitely a beautiful, true, exquisite tint.

3 gold

<--That color isn't gold; it's yellow. I should know. - Miauzer

4 cerulean

Cerulean is amazing! It is so bright.

5 silver

Like the shiny tinsel on a Christmas tree

6 harlequin

So... Harlequin is a scariest baby disease and weird colors? o-o - LapisBob

7 fuchsia

It is a strange concept

8 jade

It's funny and weird because it is kind of like Jaded. Whenever I see or think of this color, I think, "wow, that's a stupid name for a color, what if a kid colored something in Jade and said " hey mommy, my picture just got Jaded"
Green Day is super sexy

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9 dandelion
10 turquoise

I love turquoise. Mixed with dandelion it will look like the sun that sets over the sea.

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The Contenders

11 ochre

what dis?

12 acid green
13 neon orange

Neon for the world!


14 blue violet
15 navy blue
16 Goldenrod V 1 Comment
17 periwinkle
18 copper
19 plum
20 wine red V 1 Comment
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