Favorite Weird Colors

Any color EVER can be on this list that is not a normal color.(e.g. red,green,blue) go to this website for other ideas.
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1 crimson

I love crimson it's my favourite shade of red it reminds me of the song I secretly like 8D

My favorite color

2 gold

Gold is the valuable version of yellow. Yellow is the best color ever of all time.

<--That color isn't gold; it's yellow. I should know.

3 peach

I imagine being in summer on a nice park bench, biting into a soft, juicy, delicious peach, peach is totally the best, both the food, and the color

I like it becuse its a food and a name (a really good food)

Peach is a really cool and pretty color

Makes me think of biting into a soft, summer peach under a shady willow tree..., feeling the graceful breezes dancing around in the dark, green leaves of the sun... ah.. breathtaking... :) Peach is definitely a beautiful, true, exquisite tint.

4 cerulean

Cerulean is amazing! It is so bright.

I like this color

5 silver

Like the shiny tinsel on a Christmas tree

Beautiful. Like a 'shinier' gray. ~Mistyrain

6 fuchsia

It is a strange concept

It's beautiful

It’s a beautiful colour.

7 harlequin

So... Harlequin is a scariest baby disease and weird colors? o-o

8 jade

It's funny and weird because it is kind of like Jaded. Whenever I see or think of this color, I think, "wow, that's a stupid name for a color, what if a kid colored something in Jade and said " hey mommy, my picture just got Jaded"
Green Day is super sexy

It 's name too

9 turquoise

I love turquoise. Mixed with dandelion it will look like the sun that sets over the sea.


Beautiful 11/10

10 dandelion
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11 ochre

It's a shade of brown

what dis?

12 acid green
13 neon orange

Neon for the world!

14 blue violet
15 navy blue
16 Goldenrod

Different shade of gold.

17 periwinkle
18 Magenta

Favorite on this list for sure.

19 copper
20 plum
21 wine red

Eh, it's close enough to velvet

22 Hot Pink
23 blood red
24 Han Purple
25 Chartreuse
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