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1 Tombstone Piledriver (Undertaker)

Undertaker is the best and his move is even best. It's a killer move. - Slashhead

If you compare this finisher with others, this is probably the best. It breaks your neck and head. If you use this finisher against your enemy, there is 89 percent of winning. I am not saying that RKO and all the other finishers suck, but this finisher is probably the best and most devastating finisher I have ever seen.

Always obey the amazing and intimidating Undertaker because if you don't he will give you the Tombstone piledriver and break your neck so good bye I say!

Best there ever was from the best wrestler. All I gotta say.

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2 RKO (Randy Orton)

It's not only something that'll take you out but it's super versatile, you can hit that from anywhere it's not something that takes a lot of time to prepare for either!

Can be performed anywhere anytime... and very Painful. It takes your opponent by surprise... and it looks really cool too :)!

Randy orton's RKO is the best move that I have seen in wwe. This move can damage your neck and your back at a superior level. We can give this move out of nowhere. All in all it's the best move in wwe universe

I like Randy so muc

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3 Stone Cold Stunner (Steve Austin)

One of the most effective moves of all times, even if, this is not true then you will surely agree that it is at least better than John Cena's fake & Stupid "ESHHTIEFFU"

It is bad they got jealous of RKO and did this it is nothing compared to the RKO

This finisher is double the pain it will first damage your mid section and then break your Neck it's like the rko but weakening your opponent first


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4 Sweet Chin Music (HBK)

A deadly shot to the chin that can mess you and your whole career up. I believe Michaels could be the greatest wrestler ever and Sweet Chin Music is my answer why.

He don't just break hearth, he break head with the sweet chin music


sweet chin music is the most stylish finisher that one could ever see

tune it up

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5 Attitude Adjustment (John Cena)

John Cena is the best than any other

Cena is the best damn wrestler ever

Nobody's finisher else tombstone can stand in front of AA


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6 Spear (Roman Reigns)

Man Roman is a boss when he spears someone, I think he spear better than Goldberg

Roman reigns is the best and his attacks are also the best

Remember when roman speared rusev @ clash of champion...he is unable to stand for 4 minutes. That's why he is most popular wrestler of 2016

See The Big Dog is the master of spear

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7 F-5 (Brock Lesnar)

You don't get up once been F-5'vd... plus it looks so awesome!

The beast is the ultimate winner

Three F5 and the streak is over 2 F5 and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. - subhashsahu

He is my thala

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8 Pedigree (Triple H)


Hi I like this move so much pedigree. Because of Seth Rollins. This move better for Seth Rollins. I like way we use this move.

pedigree can really mess you up the most


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9 Spear (Goldberg)

Fact Spear Goldberg is most painful finisher ever this move killed big show, Randy Orton, Kane, Batista, Triple Oh yeah the person who said why isn't Jackhammer on here I put it. Goldberg spear and Jackhammer Kill everyone.

are you kidding me, what the hell is edge's spere doing there. tell him to get speared by goldberg and he will never perform that finisher again - heramb25

What the hell is list goldberg 's spear is the strongest move it is the move which should be at 1st place. why jack hammer is not there?

This is best

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10 619 (Rey Mysterio)

Well, you guys never know the damage that can be formed when a 619 is performed

1. ) If it hits your head, you need a head surgery
2. ) If it hits your mouth, I don't know when you will be smiling
3. ) If it hits your eye, oh I don't know when you will ever see a 619 again
4. ) well if it hit all of these parts you can imagine the condition that the wrestler will be going through! :( - Tigerdrag40

who else can do 619?
randy may give someone a spear, batista may do pedigree, but no one except rey mysterio can do a 619 - sanketbhambhani

My friend gave me a six one nine I had a nose bleed and lost my tooth I gave him a padigree nothin hapend

It a great finisher

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11 The Rock Bottom (The Rock)

The rock is most electrifying WWE superstars

Rock bottom is more effective than aa

I love rock kill brock lesnar bye

Number 3

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12 Choke Slam (Kane/Undertaker/Big Show)

Kane chock slam is the smack that break anyone

Chokeslam is dangerous finishing move in the world

The choke slam should be called your death

When the big red machine [Kane] chokeslams anyone he goes to hell

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13 Batista Bomb (Batista)

Batista had executed Batista bomb on viper in wrestlemania 2014 and he was not able to stand and even do the RKO's action for the whole event. Scientifically pop up powerbomb needs acceleration then wrestler could be thrashed with greater force,but Batista bomb is executed on the principle of gravitational acceleration. That's why Batista bomb is better than any other

Blasts the crap out of you!

It is best bomb of all time

Bayista bomb SUCKS. It would be even effective if he just drops the opponent

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14 Sharpshooter (Bret Hart)

Only submissions are the most painful they keep the pain in longer an average finisher happens quickly

It's the most panfull sumbishoin in WWE

15 Hell's Gate (The Undertaker)

If someone get locked in then he have to tap out within 10 seconds

Hell's Gate is very dangerous move
I see the Great Khali, Big Show, Big Daddy, Mark Henry too bleeding from this move
My favourite superstar The Undertaker
I say East or West The Undertaker is the Best

Just about everyone taps out in this move, out cuts the blood circulation to your brain, easily the best submission move ever - FFDP


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16 Punt Kick (Randy Orton)

It have the power to hospitalize many great personalities.

Most pain full finisher in the world

It is an awesome move and it has the capability to hospitalize many great personalities. No one in WWE have power to kick out like Batista, Sheamus, Chris Jehrico, Big Show, etc...

In real Punt kick is only Single move which isn't been kick out yet...And no one will be able to kick it in future..Nor Undertaker nor cena nor Brock nor Rock nor Romen..Nor any wrestler on Earth.

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17 Jackhammer (Bill Goldberg)

Well lets see like 8 seconds of blood going to your brain being upside down + landing on your back with a pin with no one ever kicking out of it makes it real painful

Show some respect for him...oh seriously this is a joke...even the Rock is pinned with only 1 jackhammer..oh common man how can u imagine world's best slam in this position... But guys after survivor series your misunderstandings and doubts must be cleared.. And soon u will say 'I am sorry,this is best'

This is the strongest move it is very very painful Parker movies very West this is the best more in the world


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18 STFU (John Cena)

It is a great move it is awesome. It gives the opponents a great risk of being affected. You can strain muscles and tissues on your feet like someone said broken back or fractured hair line

this submission will kill. it could break your leg, knee or neck. never ever try this submission at home! it will make you scream like hell!

It could KILL you! I broke my brother's back with it... Only a hair line fracture.


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19 Swanton Bomb (Jeff Hardy)

Jeff Rulz. He kicks ass every time he does his combo, Twist of Fate, The Swanton Bomb. They don't get up. - Razor79

Twist-of-Fate and then this, perfect combination.

Jeff is my favourite wrestler and I like his every move

This is the best I don't know why it isn't number one it's so awesome and painful

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20 Brogue Kick (Sheamus)

The best move you ever want to see from an Irish man

Sheamus you are a bad wrestler

Sheamus is also stupid and his moves are also stupid

He's is a idiot scoundrel bitch player in wwe history

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