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21 Knock Out Punch (Big Show)

He can use it whenever he wants. how stupid

This move sucks

Big show is suck


22 Crippler Crossface (Chris Benoit)

it feels hell, I tell you n how chris benoit did it was too scary, no mercy types...

Ass hole

23 Codebreaker (Chris Jericho) V 3 Comments
24 Go to Sleep (CM Punk)

Knee strike to the face #scary, #hurt #hell yeah #best in the world

AMAZING finisher. It's an AA with a painful knee to the head.

It's the best WWE Finisher of all time.

It is dangerous

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25 Brogue Kick (Sheamus)

The best move you ever want to see from an Irish man

Sheamus you are a bad wrestler

Sheamus is also stupid and his moves are also stupid

He's is a idiot scoundrel bitch player in wwe history

V 8 Comments
26 Superman Punch (Roman Reigns)

Superman punch are very very very very very very very very awesome move

Roman Reigns not realises the power of superman punch

Super man punch like soft and smooth punch

This move is best

V 8 Comments
27 DDT (Dean Ambrose)

Dean Ambrose DDT can not only break your head on the floor but can almost shatter your spine

The DDT is so dangerous

It should be in 5

Dirty d's crushes,your skull and is much more painful than the spear

V 2 Comments
28 WMD (Big Show)
29 Shell Shocked (Ryback)

No one can stand up after it is done! Best move ever.

V 1 Comment
30 Coup de Grace (Finn Balor)

Finn balors finishing move it may even scatter your ribs

A finisher which gave finn his universal championship.so it is the best for me

This means killing blow in French and should definitely be on top. I'm imagining this move being delivered to Paul Heyman😂


31 Coast to Coast (Shane McMahon)

* No body can do this special power

I can only say one thing...Shane -O-Mac! Shane -O-Mac SHANE MCMAHON! >:o

32 Dirty Deeds (Dean Ambrose)

Very effective move spear is no good but duty deeds is like and it is a best type of DDT

Dirty deeds is one of best move ever in WWE

The lunatic, best finisher ever

This is Ausome

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33 Pop Up Powerbomb (Kevin Owens)

Kevin owens is best superstar in wwe and he give pop pawer bomb to big show and mark henry

Kevin owens sucks

It is like nuclear bomb

Popup roman...he will answer with a superrman punch!

V 2 Comments
34 Samoan Spike (Umaga) V 1 Comment
35 Curb Stomp (Seth Rollins)

A real curb stomp may kill you but seth's curb stomp it could injure you so it should be in top10

Awesome he bangs your face on mat with the kick

Your face can blood if seth this skill to you

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36 Five Knuckle Shuffle (John Cena)

WHY THE HELL IS THIS SO LOW?! it is one of the most iconic move in WWE history

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37 Twist Of Fate (Matt Hardy)

He may have done it better than Jeff, but Jeff had the Swanton follow up

38 Red Arrow (Adrian Neville)

One of the greatest and flashiest finishers, also perfect name for Neville super hero persona

Spectacular looking move and very painful

Great finisher... Future of pro wrestling

39 Lou Thesz Press (Steve Austin) V 1 Comment
40 Angle Lock (Kurt Angle)

It made superstars like John cena,brock lesner and stone cold Steve Austin tap

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