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41 Figure Four Leglock (Ric Flair)

Its very painful lock in history.ric flair use of this lock and become 16 time WWE champion he Batista and some other.
Use of this lock ric flair daughter become divas champion she defeat nikkiy bela the longest rening divas champion in WWE history.
It is pain full lock in pro wrestling history

42 People's Elbow (The Rock)

Get your ribs fixed after you get THE PEOPLES ELBOW

My favorite wrestlers favorite finisher

One of the greatest finishers of THE ROCK

Very painful and electrifying attack

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43 Leg Drop (John Cena)

It is an AWESOME move and it looks very COOL too.

44 Future Shock DDT (Drew McIntyre) V 1 Comment
45 Last Ride (Undertaker) V 1 Comment
46 Package Piledriver (Kevin Owens) V 1 Comment
47 Frog Splash (Eddie Guerrero)

Rip Eddie, one of the greatest finishers off the turn buckle

You are the best eddie, I always talk with m friend about you and the frog splash, #RIP eddie guerrero #viva la raza #latino heats #rest in a peace eddie #we will miss you

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48 Zig Zag (Dolph Ziggler)

Best like that

Dolph ziggler is a very athletic man a very nice hair but the zig zag is the most devastating and painfull it can break your neck back every thing you name it that is why I vote for it - future

49 Yes Lock (Daniel Bryan) V 1 Comment
50 Starship Pain (John Morrison)

Morrison was so awesome, great move for a guy like him who was all about being flashy

Very good move favorite wrestler

He should come back

51 Gore (Rhino)
52 Eye of the Hurricane (Hurricane)

The EDANEST finisher (edan in English means awesome *Indonesian*)

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53 Bubba Cutter (Bubba Ray Dudley)
54 Cross Rhodes (Cody Rhodes) V 3 Comments
55 Cobra (Santino Marella)

Not like this move so much

It's an anal devasting move

Just a punch

This move should known as baba ji ka thulu

56 DDT (Jake "The Snake" Roberts) V 1 Comment
57 Running Knee Strike (Daniel Bryan)

It will give your ko because this skill using the knee while running

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58 Spear (Edge/Roman Reigns)

No one is able to stand on his feet after getting an explosive spear by reigns.

Roman Reign's spear is the best and I gave it to my friend and he was dead

The best finisher in the world

The both are spear masters

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59 Triple German Suplex (Chavo Guerrero Jr., Eddie Guerrero)
60 Spear (Edge)

The spear will snap you like a twig
- razlo

I remember when Jeff hardy got speared off the 20 foot ladder... IT WAS AWESOME

All the junk will come out from your stomach

Edge's version of the RKO

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