Top 10 Best Young Justice Characters

The best members of the team from Young Justice and Young Justice Invasion.
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1 Robin / Nightwing

I am so excited to see Nightwing/Robin/Dick Grayson at the top of this list; he so deserves it. Young Justice season one is still my favorite season because we see Robin as a kid who is trying desperately to be the man he knows he can be, but he realizes later, he's trying to force himself to grow up too quickly. He's funny without being annoying, he's smart without being overly arrogant, and he has some fantastic lines that aren't dull or poorly written. Plus, his character's voice actor does a fabulous job - the multi-talented Jesse McCartney if you didn't know - and adds so much emotion and dimension to Robin/Nightwing. Richard Grayson is the reason I watch this show, period.

He is SO funny and awesome and such a great fighter! The way he plays with words is so cute and I love him as a young character! He was so adorkable! I don't see why they got us all attached to the original young justice, just so they could bring in a whole different cast in the next season! Robin is awesome as an adult, but he was the BEST as a kid! LOVE ROBIN!

I miss him as robin! It is kinda nice to see the person He grew up to be though. he was the first teen hero and was trained by the goddam Batman! He has incredible skills and a winning personality. I wish they showed more of his time as robin...Love his laugh!

I preferred him as Robin. I loved when he would laugh in battle! I like Nightwing too but I wish we could've seen more of him as Robin before he had to grow up and lose that childish side.

2 Artemis

I enjoyed learning about her family dynamic and watching her face those issues. Also, her and Kid Flash's relationship was one of the best to watch unfold.

I just love her! She made a really big effort to be in the team. She deserves it. I love her personality and her relationship with wally. She is an inspiration.

Artimes is the best really like her but they didn't bring much of her and wally in season 2 which made me really mad they definitely shoudnt of added a new tean of YJ because the original team is so much better and more full of life

Awesome character joining the good guys for a good cause and saving Kidflash's ass major kudos

3 Kid Flash

Kid Flash is my second favorite character and has been since the beginning. He's a well-written and well-rounded character that gets some serious character development and I always looked forward to episodes with him in them! Wally is how you correctly portray a humorous character.

#1: Kid Flash is by far, the best character in the group if you ask me.Although he's not that fast,he is still Cool and I like the costume. l wonder how his costume would be like in Season 3 If, He didn't die and retire with Artemis.
It might even be "The Rebirth"!

#3:Impulse is also one of my favorite charcters.It confuses me that he normally uses the word "crash" in almost every sentences he makes

A breath of fresh air for the show. Impulse adds a lighthearted element that the show started to lose. But he also adds a looming danger when you see why he's journeyed to the past. I really like his storyline and his interactions with Blue Beetle. Impulse's quirky attitude and cunning nature is great. He acts so innocent and fun loving but underneath he's got a serious side because his whole mission to the past is to prevent humanity's enslavement. And he is so loyal to Blue too when he could have ratted him out he didn't. Bart gave him a chance to try and fix what goes wrong and they end up with a very strong friendship when they could've easily been enemies instead.

4 Miss Martian

Miss Martian is definitely my favorite of the Young Justice T.V. show, her relationship and romance with Superboy is my favorite part of the show, and I hope Miss Martian will be in Young Justice Outsiders.

The only female character I like from the team, she's hot, smart, funny and has a sexy accent. It doesn't matter if she's green because alien girls are meant to be pretty.

She's is my favorite in young justice. I hope she and super boy have great moments in season 3.

Shes funny and just clumsy at times her and superboy are a match made in heaven and I can't believe they broke up
Her lagoon boy don't suit at all

5 Superboy

I enjoy how his character is so different from Superman. They gave him his own personality and identity even though he was created to replace Superman should the need arise. His gruff and moody nature balance the other characters' quirky and calm personalities.

Superboy is awesome, though he's a bit underpowered. No flight, no heat vision, not even that strong.
Worst of all though, no tactile telekinesis.
I like him & m'gann. SuperMartian. (for the most part)

Superboy is one of my favourite along with nightwing

Favorite character, liked him since he was rescued from Cadmus

6 Aqualad

I really like how non stereotypical he is as a hero. Few other heroes could be so cool, powerful, charismatic, intelligent, et al, and on top of that humble! Some people call him bland but I totally disagree. His calm demeanor is a necessary one for the show, team, and even himself. He is not flawless as he was unconfident in season 1 and in season 2 he was conflicted with his dad. The fact that he is also an original character for the show amazes me. He is handsome too, but I liked his personality immediately/faster. He is a perfectly imperfect character to me

It amazes me that after two months he was able to become a good leader for a big crime fighting team. I know in the comic books they say he went to the military and stuff but I only count the show for the show.

From even the first few episodes you can tell Kaldur is mature, wise, caring, tough, and a good leader. Not to mention cool. He showed good depth in character and balanced out the high strung teenaged friends of his

Even as the "villain" he's the best leader. His command is absolutely absolute.

7 Batman

Batman is always the best on every show he is on. No one could ever be better than batman


8 Zatanna

Zatanna from young justice season1 was the best she is definitely the prettiest girl there. She is so sweet. She and robin is, hands down, the best couple.

I wish she would've been on the show more. They definitely needed more female heroes and I would've liked to see more magic from her.

She is more powerful than you realize! Come on if you read the comics and watch the show then you will agree that she is wicked cool!

I can't believe she wasn't added she is so great and she and robin are the best

9 Blue Beetle

Blue beetle is definitely one of my favourite characters in young justice because, well he is way cooler than the first blue beetle!

I like his futuristic suit and he is the 3rd strongest on the team

He’s my child and I will fight you if you say otherwise.

10 Vandal Savage
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11 Lex Luthor
12 Wonder Girl

She's cute and tough

13 Red Arrow

Speedy was better than red arrow but still amazing

14 Oracle

She should be number 2, after Robin/Nightwing

The batgirl I like is Barbera

15 Beast Boy

After ruining this character in that joke of a show Teen Titans Go, they put him in Young Justice, and at least in this version he isn't some stupid 8 year old.

One of the best versions of Beast Boy to date! "Noted"

#4:It's so cool that Beast Boy can shape shift into a animal he thinks of.My Favorite animal is the Tiger!

16 Tim Drake
17 Dick Grayson
18 Arsenal / Roy Harper
19 Joker

The Joker is undeniably the most complex character. The Joker has been amazingly interpreted in many shows and movies and his appearance in young justice is one of his best. The connection he has to batman, nightwing, and robin makes him a vital part of the series. The fact that him killing Jason Todd is canon can open up the red hood arc to the new third season. This will again reintegrate the Joker as a major part of the show. The Joker may not have powers but he still manages to create a lasting impact on the season. I love the Joker and I love him on this show."

20 Jason Todd

Red Hood is not on the show yet but he will be in the new season three. This is hinted by the death of Jason Todd. I love Red Hood

21 Lagoon Boy
22 Black Manta
23 Aquaman
24 Mera
25 Cheshire

I love Cheshire! She’s just so cool and I love her relationship with Artemis. They balance each other out but deep down, they still love each other. Unlike sports master, Jade genuinely was distraught when she thought Artemis was dead and wanted to avenge her. And lol I’ve been shipping her and red arrow forever! Love this anti-hero

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