Favourite Big Lez Show Characters

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The Top Ten

1 Sassy The Sasquatch

Everybody loves that pot puffing, bong smoking sasquatch! - Curc1c

I love him so much like ermagawd I love it in the bummm

2 Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan is the best character on this show. I'll tell you that much. - zombefied115

The un-exhaling cigar smoker. - Curc1c

3 Leslie Mackerel

The short-tempered star of the show. - Curc1c

4 Clarence


The mailman with the potato-head. - Curc1c

Good shot lez

Lord please help me no

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5 Ellis Warnington

The lighthouse guard, also known as Warning Guy. - Curc1c

6 Donny the Sasquatch

Part of Sassy's Sasquatch group, owns a pawn shop. - Curc1c

7 Quinton Mackerel

The orphaned son of Big Lez - Curc1c

8 Owly
9 Choomahs

The crazy yellow things. - Curc1c

10 Norton Sparkles

The brother and enemy of Big Lez. - Curc1c

The Contenders

11 Wayne-O
12 Crazy Steve
13 Taipan Pete

A new character who Lez meets in a bar at the start of season 4. - TheMaelstromKing

14 Police Man of Brown Town
15 Sergio Warnington
16 Daednu

A recurring character in the show that dies in each of his appearances. - TheMaelstromKing

17 King Laranox

Lez and Norton's father who banished them from Kingdom. - TheMaelstromKing

18 Scruffy the Sasquatch
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