Favourite Couples From the Harry Potter Series

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1 Ron Weasley & Hermione Grainger

One of the best ships ever. People who are against this ship tell me that I should respect thier opinion, but how it is an opinion if you are telling lies? Ron is a great character. He's fun, brave, kind, loyal and intelligent. Yes, he is intelligent and there is enough proof of that in the books! Hermione is intelligent, smart, logical, brave, loyal, kind and sometimes sarcastic. Ron can get Hermione out of overloading herself and make her take things in a lighter way while Hermione can keep ron in control if he goes offtrack. They compliment each other perfectly. They belong together and if an 7 year old me who had just read The philosopher's stone can predict that then I am sure thye belong together. My guesses, like Dumbledore's, are generally right. PERIOD.

Okay, Potterheads, the reason Ron and Hermione were meant to be eternally forever is because in the books it was MEANT to be! I mean, come on people! Ever though Ron don't loke ker on the first book because of her know-it-all personality, he still saw goodness in her after the troll attack, I mean he was devastated to see her petrified in the chamber of secrets, they remained good friends in PoA, she being worried over his broken leg, in GoF, he was awestruck when she arrived in the periwinkle dress and immediately despised the fact she was with Krum, it was at this moment Ron realised that he had fallen for Hermione, their bickering ruined Hermione emotionally (she realising he secretly loved her despite his low esteemed blunder of not asking her out first), I bet that was the sparkong start of their chemistry

Romione for the win! This was honestly probably the second couple I ever shipped. I read the books when I was 7, so the first ship was Harry and Ginny after reading because. Anyway, this is probably my favorite ship out of all fandoms! It's beautiful how it ends up. I love that Ron makes fun of Hermione's efforts with SPEW, and house elves, but really he supports her, and when he says they need to protect the house elves, that's when she kisses him. I love the way that they went through the whole series arguing and disagreeing, while they really care about each other. Notice how often she turns to Ron before Harry. Ron and Hermione deserve this number one spot!

OK, to everybody who says Hermione and Harry would have been a better couple... THEY WOULDN'T! Especially if you've read the books you will know that there has never been anything romantic between Harry and Hermione, and there were feelings between Ron and Hermione from the 4th book at least! In the later books you really see how much they mean to each other. Harry is to busy saving the world, and that's why Ginny who is so independent is perfect for him. I'm not saying that Hermione is weak, but Ron comforts her. As for people who like Draco and Hermione just like J.K Rowling said he's not concealing a Heart of gold, he doesn't like Hermione, and she would never fall for a guy who treated her like he did!

2 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

Okay, weasley bashers, get out! Ginny and Harry belong. Yes, hinny might not be a very good name but last time I checked the name dosen't matter. They both are great characters who belong together. Ginny is sassy, sporty, badass, fun, kind, motherly, loyal, strong, powerful and intelligent. She is a born leader. Harry is sassy, sporty, badass, fun, secretive, kind, loyal, powerful and intelligent. He too is a born leader. Yes, they have an almost same personality. They compliment each other. And yes, it's not very well written, but it hits every single box why it is FANTASTIC. And how do I know that? Seven-no, eight books. yes, 9f you don't like Harry as a character and if you don't like ginny as a character and if you don't like them together, the news flash-

They could work out great. For those still doubting their relationship, I agree JKR didn't write much on their chemistry, but for the sake of canon( I love happy endings), Harry must have healed slowly with ginny post the war.
Harry had fallen in love with her. She had what he needed, a fiery personality with quidditch skills and understanding mind. He was perfect for Ginny. Hey remind me of James and Lily. Stop bashing Ginny. Read the books and then bash her. In the books, they had great chemistry. They loved each other even though it took a tumultuous time to finally admit it. S
Post war, she played for Holyhead Harpies, while Harry joined the Aurora and worked hard. They eventually dated, married and had three beautiful children with each other. And they loved happily ever after. Harry was a lonely abused child who came from a place with no love, Ginny was what he needed, she understood him in a way no other girl would. Stop saying Ginny married him out of fangirling. They ...more

Harry and Ginny forever! Although I do fell a bit sorry for Harry that his two best friends ended up getting married, and am not the happiest about that because I feel a little bad for Harry. Hermione and Harry would make an amazing truly powerful couple. But I do think that Ginny and Harry were better off for each other because they have so much in common, such as they are both strong, love and play Quidditch, they understand each other, and so much more! You can tell from the beginning that Harry and Ginny have a spark in them and finally show it near the end of the series. I hate how in the Half-blood Prince book it doesn't really explain Harry and Ginny feelings, like over Christmas break Harry and Ginny were about to kiss but then Bellatrix set the house on fire. It didn't include that in the book. And also like when Hermione sees Ron and Lavender kissing she leaves and Harry goes after her, they talk about who they like and that their jealous, but that also doesn't happen in the ...more

Harry and Ginny forever! Anyone, who thinks Harry and Hermione should be a couple, have obviously only seen the movies, and not read the books. Hence, they can't appreciate what a truly awesome character Ginny is, and what great chemistry these two have. I'll bet the directors themselves were Harmonie fans, which is why they focused on Harry and Hermione so much, without developing Harry and Ginny's relationship. Ginny's funny! People always miss the point that Harry likes funny people. He trusts Hermione, and admires her brains, but in the fourth book, Harry himself feels he prefers Ron's company to Hermione's, because he's more fun. Hermione was just too serious for him. Harry and Hermione have a perfectly platonic relationship. There's no spark between them, like there is between Ron and Hermione. Hermione fits the role of Harry's big sister, way more than that of a lover. Ginny is just like Harry is, she's adventurous, brave, funny, smart, she loves Quidditch. She's his perfect ...more

3 James & Lilly Potter

Like I said, they belong. We don't get much info about them, but whatever we have we know that they are great individuals who are strong, kind, brave and selfless and they belong together from the start till the end and even more.
Love, james and Lilly!

Perfect for each other. Their physical appearance matches Harry and Ginny with bits of their personalities reminding me of Ron and Hermione. Seriously, if tbey hadn't met, the Harry Potter books would never had been published. Hahahah
So sad they had to die.

This couple is absolutely Beautiful. Sure he was an arrogant little boy and a prideful teen at times, lots of little boys are. But he became an amazing, caring, kind man! Obviously, because Lily fell in love with him. And I think his humorous and prankster side is what makes him the best! Him and Sirius were the earlier Fred and George of Hogwarts! James and Lily’s relationship of going from almost enemy’s to deeply in love is the cutest and most romantic story ever! There needs to be a Marauders show so everyone can see how beautiful it is! And I love how they got married right after Hogwarts, it’s so sweet! So NO THEY WERE NOT LIKE 40 YEARS OLD AS SEEN IN THE MOVIE THAT IS RUBBISH THEY WERE LITERALLY 18! They were so in love and immediately started a family ♥️they will be my OTP FOREVER!

Lily and James really loved each other. They're seriously perfect for each other. James was really arrogant and immature as a teenager, but he really grew up and changed for Lily. He sacrificed so much for her and Harry, and he really became one of the noblest characters in the series. He completed Lily, and she completed him.

As for Snape, yes, he did do the right thing at the end, and he loved her too. But he shouldn't have turned on Lily in his fifth year. He seriously hurt her, and he joined a group that was bent on destroying people like her. That's not how people should treat their best friends. And before her death, he was fine with Voldemort killing James and Harry if Lily got to survive. At that point, he didn't care about who Lily loved. He only cared about the idea of him being together with her. Ultimately, he did protect Harry and fix his mistakes, but James is just a better person for Lily.

4 Sirius Black & Remus Lupin

Sirius and Remus are both broken, Sirius being abused and Remus being a werewolf, both boys can bring out the good in each other. I believe that Remus loved two people, first Sirius and then Tonks, but both in different ways. Remus believed that Sirius was the one who killed James but still didn't want him to die or lose his soul, but when he found out it was Peter he wanted Peter to die! Sirius was probably with many girls but never felt anything with them, both men could have been bisexual. The second Remus looked down at his poor, malnourished friend who he hadn't seen in twelve years, Remus was driven with emotion, embracing Sirius and giving him such a meaningful hug. They kept staring at each other during OOTP meetings, (hence the forty line stare, Remus and Tonks never shared a stare like that, did they? ) Remus being the only one who can make Sirius sit down during the fight with Molly Weasley, and the most painful expression known to man when Sirius died. He had just finally ...more

This ship is probably the best ship in all the series. They are literally opposites, that's why they're so perfect for each other. Remus Lupin brings out the good in Sirius Black and vice versa. He was there for him when Sirius's parents abused him and Sirius accepted that Remus was a werewolf. They bring out the best in each other which is why they're so perfect for each other.

I love the idea of Remus and Sirius ting together. This is my reason, Sirius was always chasing girls and always breaking up with them. I always thought Sirius was doing this to impress Remus. Plus Remus is always so calm and collected. But I think around Sirius he would always hate the next girl he dated and tried repeatedly to get Sirius' attention.

Honestly I couldn't not ship it. My first HP ship and honestly my last. I always like to think of Wolfstar before the first wizarding war and Remdora for the rest of their life. Remus and Sirius are just amazing. Remus, the book loving nerd and Sirius the punk with a little to much attuide. Remus reminding Sirius to be serious (No regrets) while Sirius reminds Lupin that life isn't all death and pain. The realist and the dreamer.

5 Fred Weasley & Angelina Johnson

Fred and Angelina for life!

Think about the characteristics of the twins - well, Fred, anyway - Fred is definitely the more confident of the twins, hence 'Fred and George' and never referred as 'George and Fred', (also, in the books, Fred is mentioned with more speech that George and over a hundred more times than George). Seeing as Fred is shown to be the one with more confidence, it'd be more obvious for him to simply admit who he likes.

Take the Yule Ball for example!

'Yeah, who you taking then? ' - Ron
'Angelina,' Fred grinned with no hesitation or embarrassment.
'You've asked her then? '
'Good point.'

IN all honesty, J.K Rowling is an amazing author, but I would never recommend her to write a Romance Novel. Her match making skills are rather... yeah... The only good calls she made was Ginny & Harry and Ron & Hermione. In an interview, she said that George and Angelina married, and had two kids. Websites say that it was because he loved her, ...more

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Angelina with either twin, but then I'm just not a big fan of the way JK writes romance.
Yeah. Its bad and beyond creepy. Worse, people support it.
I didn't even know which twin Angelina was with. Fred went with Angelina to the ball, but I don't remember them being officially together. Am I just unobservant or was the mention too obscure and too buried under other stuff?

They would be a great couple if Fred wouldn't have died

She was his first and only love!

6 Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood

Are they seriously behind Hermione and Draco? Neville and Luna are cute together. They balance each other and actually like each other whilst Hermione and Draco hate each other.

Even though this couple was not canon in the books, I always looked forward to them being together whilst reading them. I hadn't seen any of the movies, yet I still liked the idea of the two weirdos falling in love. They are a very cute couple, and I wish they would have gotten married.

The best couple in the world! (Falls over laughing) I really loved the idea of them and it was a little weird for them to be together, but I love the little idea of weirdos together!

Literally this would have been the ben couple. I was honestly really sad that this wasn't cannon as it would have been the CUTEST pairing ever

7 Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy

Why? Why?
Majorly incompatible. They hate each other. And if anyone says that Harry getting obsessed with Draco was a sign of attraction,I must say this- don't make me puke. First of all, that part shows how great a character Harry is that he cares more about others than his favorite hobby, sport, talent- quidditch. And he knew that Draco was up to something. That's why he was following him. Not to forget that his friends or anybody didn't believe him so he had no help except two house elves. Secondly, obession is not love or attraction rr even

YEEESS! DRARRY FOREVER! I really do like Hinny (worst ship name on Earth by the way) and I think they make a nice couple, but I do feel like Ginny is more like a sister to Harry. Ginny and Harry do bring out the good sides of each other, but COME ON PEOPLE. It's so obvious that Harry and Draco are, like, meant for each other. The whole enemy thing is just to hide the fact that they have huge crushes and that they are confused about their sexuality. I mean, in the sixth book, Harry basically stalked Draco for the whole year. And in the seventh book, Draco saved his life and in return, Harry saved his! And then they became friends afterwards (in Cursed Child) At least, they no longer hated each other.

The way I see it, Harry fell in love with Ginny in an instant without any developement in their relationship from friends to lovers unlike Hermione and Ron which makes me believe that their love was in a way only there to make Harry marry someone in the end. But if there would be a romantic relationship between Harry and Draco, we would've seen the strugles they would've gone through on their way to be together because we had already seen them interact and develope an intense relations with one another, which would've made both of their lives and stories way more interesting and realistic.

For those who have read the books and seen the movies (otherwise, just leave now), it is clear that there is already a very strong bond between Harry and Draco, even if it's not romantic. They know each other extremely well and notice if the other is acting strangely. Harry even saves Draco from death and there was a deleted scene of Harry coming back to life in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and the first thing that happens is Draco running from the death eaters to Harry and throwing him a wand screaming 'Potter! ' In the movies, I mean, Draco and Harry are basically always staring at each other or arguing. If you're not convinced, um,

'But Harry could not have been less interested in quidditch - he was becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.' ACTUAL CANON LINE

8 Arthur & Molly Weasley

The best and one of the healthiest relationships!
Arthur and molly belong together and compliment each other. They are different and yet they work so well together. They are even great role models and I must say- if they were incompatible even in the slightest- the weasleys wouldn't be as great and fantastic as the ones we know.
Like molly said: "we were made for each other, what's the point in waiting?"

They had the most unconditional love of a y ship. I'm glad they started a family which later became a OBHWF. I feel terribly bad Fred never made it to the end

This is a really great ship better than Dramione, Krum/Hermione, Nuna, and others, even though they're higher on my OTP scale than Molly and Arthur. I really love it because it shows something that you don't see in entertainment these days, a couple who love each other, and have been married for years without the female cheating or feeling "caged". You just can't get away with something like that now. As a side note, Molly is probably the best stay at home mom in literature.

They make the absolute best couple in the universe. They balance each other so perfectly and are both incredibly kind and loving people.

9 Bill Weasley & Fleur Delacour

Another of my favorite ships! At first, even I must say, I sided with ginny. I hate it if someone treats me like a 5 year old. Plus, fleur did act all looks and no brains. But when I got to know her I fell in love with her. She is now one of my favorite characters and I can see why she and bill fit together so well. Proof? Go read the best Harry Potter book and my favorite: the half blood Prince.

Fleur initially came to Hogwarts, from Beauxbatons Academy in France, to compete for the Triwizard Tournament. When her sister was being used as the prize during the second task of the tournament, she fails during the task, thus leaving it to Harry to rescue her little sister. Fleur is extremely grateful to Harry. Fleur meets Ron & Ginny's brother Bill at Gringotts, & the 2 fall in love & get married. They give their place as refuge to the trio during their hunt for the Deathly Hallows, especially after Hermione was attacked by Bellatrix at the Malfoys' lair.

Even in the darkest of times they managed to stay together and when many thought that fleur wouldn't love him because of his scar she saw past his appearance and always has. Bill also stayed with Fleur after Molly disapproved of their relationship.

I love how Fleur stands by Bill at the end of the Half Blood Prince even though a lot of the other characters thought she was shallow and only liked Bill for his looks. They are a background couple in the series but my personal favorite.

10 Hagrid & Madam Maxime

This is so meant to be such a shame that they didn't get married and have a baby

It was very cute seeing Hagrid so flustered and in love

So sad that JKR did not have these two end up getting married.

They were super cute together!

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11 Draco Malfoy & Astoria Greengrass

The only reason Draco even shipped with every character that was ever in the series is because people couldn't get enough of Draco and desperately wanted to know more about his character, to be privy to his inner world and emotions. if only just a glimps. And one way to achieve this is trough romance with one of the main characters,but it doesn't have to be.. we (the reader) just needed more one on one time with Draco. Rowling really dropped the ball here. so much untapped potential with Draco that she just didn't use. She did eventually make him human in HBP, but perhaps a little too late? If she wrote a book about Draco and Astoria and tragic loss of his beloved. I would read it SO HARD! even though I am kind of mad at JK for giving Draco the hairy end of the stick yet again by deniying him a long and happy marriage to someone he loved. Come on JK give Draco a break already Forget Dramione and especially Drarry. Who even came up with that? Loneliness seems to be a reocurring theme ...more

What a fool J.K. rowling is for not giving so much information about Astoria Green-grass!

I would have loved to see how they met and fell in love. And they gave us Scorpius the good hearted Slytherin hero!

Only ship Draco is deserving of. Rest can be an apple or Azkaban.

12 Cedric Diggory & Cho Chang

They seem like a perfect couple! Ravenpuffs 4 lyfe!

I prefer Cedric with an OC.

13 Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks

Why do I even need to say why this ship is great?
Tonks and lupin loved each other fiercely, fearlessly and lovingly. They didn't care about each others faults, they broughtput the best in each other. Yes, they had a bumpy ride. Yes, they didn't get to spend much time with each other as a couple. But they are one of the best couples and characters ever and I'll never forget that.

I love this couple! It is really my favourite couple of the whole story. I like a few things on it ( it will probably be a bit longer). The way their relationship is complicated proves that their love is so strong that it overcame all the obstacles. Try to imagine how Remus had to be strong when he tried voluntarily to keep Tonks away, though he loved her so much. Imagine how Tonks had to be sad when she was without him. She was always so energetic and cheerful. Only the broken heart made her a serious woman. Moreover, she loved him so much that she did not run away from any complications in their relationship. He's a werewolf, he's a lot older than she, and he's going to have to suffer a lot of company prejudice for him. And what does she say? She does not care. It's perfect in itself. Rowling actually created the new Romeo and Juliet, with the difference that their families are not the problem, but they themselves.

I love this couple! It's really my favorite couple of the whole story. I like a few things on it (it will probably be a bit longer). The way their relationship is complicated proves that their love is so strong that it overcame all the obstacles. Try to imagine how Remus had to be strong when he tried voluntarily to keep Tonks away, though he loved her so much. Imagine how Tonks had to be sad when she was without him. She was always so energetic and cheerful. Only the broken heart made her a serious woman. Moreover, she loved him so much that she did not run away from any complications in their relationship. He's a werewolf, he's a lot older than she, and he's going to have to suffer a lot of company prejudice for him. And what does she say? She does not care. It's perfect in itself. Rowling actually created the new Romeo and Juliet, with the difference that their families are not the problem, but they themselves.

Remus Lupin ignored Nymphadora Tonks at first, but Nymphadora Tonks' love defeated Remus Lupin. Hope they had more times together.

14 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

This is sad how it’s not number 1 and why Ron and her Milne first of all Hermione is more affectionate towards Harry and Ron and Hermione always fight. I loved that scene when they were in the graveyard together and Hermione puts her head on Harry’s shoulder it was my favorite scene in the series. Also think about it a strong smart girl with a strong mature (unlike Ron) and cool guy. I mean I would love this couple.

What part of I LOVE HER LIKE A SISTER do you cliched shallow HARMONIANS don't understand!
I only prefer this ship as long as people don't bash Ron or Ginny or anyone else
There are two types of such shippers
The normal cool fanfic AU it could have happened this way Harmony shippers and the soulless bash addictive good for nothing aggresive HARMONIANS!
The reason we Romione fans hate this more then dramione fremione and anymione because HARMONIANS make this ship so sick and shallow
I only prefer good AU fanfics not bashy ones
This is the reason I hate this ship!😤

Hi guys, something I want to share.
I have to apologise to the people who ship Harry and Hermione. You see, I worked out something just now. So a few months ago, I was reading a book, and there were these two people, and I thought that they should be together.

They never were and no one seemed to understand that I thought these two people should be together.

After a few weeks I suddenly realised that how I was feeling was exactly how Harmony shippers feel! They thought Harry and Hermione were perfect for each other. So, sorry guys, because now I finally understand what you went through.

Now with this ship, I can totally relate to.

I was really attentive at school and I loved books. Over the years, I grew a very close friendship with a boy. He and I started out as normal friends, but then we started to grow closer until he was probably my best friend.

I always felt like we were brother and sister in a way. And then things got a little weird when my childhood friend started to have a crush on him.

I had never seen this guy as well, a love object. They ended up together and I was really happy for them.

As you can see, this is starting to sound a bit like the Harry Potter series. Both Hermione and I were quite similar as people, (though perhaps I was a bit less bossy! ) And the friendship she and Harry had reminded me quite a lot of the friendship I had with this guy.

Reading the series as I grew up was brilliant.

But then, the next chapter of our friendships reflected more of the movies.

My two friends were still going ...more

15 Severus Snape & Lily Evans

I feel at least they should be couple and break up when Snape called her Mudblood or when Lily discovered he will be a Death Eater.
I understand that Harry would never existed if James and Lily didn't hang out. That means Voldemort's rule. And Severus was a great spy and Harry's protector. So YES, James and Lily were meant to be together. But it would be wonderful if Snape had the opportunity to felt loved by Lily.

Wish he could have had her for a little while. He really loves her and they where always friends. But she really belonged with James or there would be no Harry Potter. So sad in the end. He really died loving her. If only, for even a day, it could have happened

I've always thought of James as an arrogant prat who doesn't deserve Lily. I can see Lily and Snape getting together way better than Lily and James. Another thing, if Harry weren't alive, Neville would defeat Voldemort.

The literary quality Lily and Snape's tragic romance is strong enough to surpass Romeo and Juliet's. I can't think about their relationship for more than a minute without crying.

16 Lucious Malfoy & Narcissa Black

Their perfect narcissa would forgive any of Lucius mistakes and let's be honest without that war going on the story would have revolved around them.

The parents of Draco Malfoy. Narcissa's one redeeming trait is her love for her husband & their only child.

Lucius's spellings
My father will hear about this

17 Ron Weasley & Lavender Brown

She was just a plot device to deepen the hidden sexual tension Ron and Hermione had for each other. Rowling wrote the romances quite lazily in my opinion.

No Lavender is so annoying if I had to read another "Won-Won" I would have been sick.

I just need someone to take Ron away from my Hermione, so I ship this!

Hermione belongs with Fred. Ron and Lavender were a cute couple.

18 Luna Lovegood & Rolf Scamander

Hello this is the grandson of Newt Scamander!
Not every book character has to go with someone not in the books, even though he was originally going to be in the story, he was originally going to tell the story of the three brothers.
Luna and Rolf went on to be magical zoologists with children twin sons.
Neville/Luna is a movie ship.

OK NOBODY LIKES THIS bc Neville but that's not even cannon AND it's too cliche and also rolf is a magizooligist like his grandpa and luna is so in love with magical creatures and omg they're so perfect

I will still forever ship Neville and Luna.

Luna and neville rocks, but this works too

19 Seamus Finnigan & Dean Thomas

why why? is tis number 24. you know, I hear some where that J.K.Rowling was close too make them an accele couple, but did'nt, so I conseder them canon. I meen de are so cute. I really love this two, so sad it did't happen.

They are always together even though you don’t really meet the characters that much they are a good ship (there might be a lot of gay or lesbian ships here)

Is it wrong that I, as a straight girl, only ever ship gay guys?

So surprised this isn't hight they seem perfect

20 Harry Potter & Nymphadora Tonks

This is just wrong. Harry is The Godfather of their kid like umm... no.

I just really like the fanfcs and think they just work somehow. I'm weird

I don't know but no

Rephrase Tonks and Lupin’s kid

21 Draco Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson

Yes, Pansy is a VERY minor character, and very cruel. But it hinted in the fourth book that she likes unicorns, and she's probably a really sweet girl, but she covers it up. I think that Draco would be the sunshine in her life.

I think their cruelty would work well together

They would of been the best couple

I think YES! not #1 but still great. I thought they were gonna end up together. SAD but not as sad as I am about luna/neville :(

22 Harry Potter & Ron Weasley

What? This is what I don't understand about shipping...why would you force to straight characters (whom, might I add have already found their perfect matches) to develop and sexual interest in each other? Harry and Ron are just friends, and I'm pretty sure they prefer it this way. There has been no signs of Harry or Ron having feeling for each other, and there never will be. That's just the way it is. And imagine how Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint will feel once they find out you've been shipping them? If someone shipped me with my friends, I'd instantly report the shippers to the police for violating my privacy and creeping the crap out of me.

These two would be the perfect couple! Think about it! They're best friends and they know each other's secrets and they are always with each other, there's bound to be some feelings between them soon.

I can only see them as friends. Ron and Harry always seemed to be staring at Hermione.

They work better as friends

23 Fred Weasley & Hermione Granger

Come on you know this would have been an adorable couple. Fred the kid who just wants to live life and pokes fun at Hermione, the girl who stresses about everything and could probably use a break, (not that she needs it of course! ). Considering he's not mean or a wad of a person, I think he would have respected her studies and I don't believe he would have tried to change Hermione in any way. I think he would have appreciated how independent and strong-willed she was, I mean after all he did like Angelina at some point and she was a tough girl. Who knows it might have kept him in school after the era of Umbridge. And I mean, the story leading up to their first date probably would have been pretty kooky and entertaining to be quite honest.

Fremione needs so much more attention. They're so compatible. They're both intelligent and their personalities balance each other out. He could help her relax and she'd be someone who helps bring him down to earth when he needs it. I never felt Ron was intellectually compatible with Hermione but Fred is. While not in the same way, they're a lot closer on each other's level than Ron is.

I love Fremione though. I don't like Ron but I love Fred and I wish he didn't die! :''( But Fremione makes so much sense to me. The know-it-all and bookworm with a prankster! And their personalities to me, make so much sense in this ship. Fremione deserves more attention.

I think he would make her fun side come out more and she would mellow him out. I really think they should've had a shot at it instead of Ron and Hermione

24 Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley

I can only see James Sirius Potter trying to blow holes to this ship. Rest assured they would work beautifully. Teddy would really have a family then.

Aww, a cute couple for the second generation. Teddy, (son of Remus & Tonks), and Victorie (daughter of Bill and Fleur).

Cute but not #1

This is cute, not the best but then we don’t really get know much

25 Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom
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