Favourite Couples From the Harry Potter Series

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1 Ron Weasley & Hermione Grainger

Hermione granger & draco malfoy

To everyone who thinks that hermione deserved better than Ron or that Ron is not good enough for hermione - read the books! She is the one who was always in love with him. She was the one who made the first move. And to those of you who think that he is jealous of everyone, try to remember the books. Hermione went with Connor McLaggen to make Ron jealous! I mean, who does that? You might not have noticed, but Ron is a amazing guy! Hermione did. She is the brightest witch of her age. That is probably for a reason. I think she is a better judge of who she wants to be with, and she chose Ron, not Harry and not Draco. JK Rowling may have said that they will need marriage counseling but then she made Cursed Child an official sequel. So, I guess the decision has been made. Ron and Hermione get married and live happily ever after.

I prefer dramione

You aren't a real Harry Potter fan if you say Ron and Hermione aren't perfect together.

2 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

Harry and Ginny forever! Anyone, who thinks Harry and Hermione should be a couple, have obviously only seen the movies, and not read the books. Hence, they can't appreciate what a truly awesome character Ginny is, and what great chemistry these two have. I'll bet the directors themselves were Harmonie fans, which is why they focused on Harry and Hermione so much, without developing Harry and Ginny's relationship. Ginny's funny! People always miss the point that Harry likes funny people. He trusts Hermione, and admires her brains, but in the fourth book, Harry himself feels he prefers Ron's company to Hermione's, because he's more fun. Hermione was just too serious for him. Harry and Hermione have a perfectly platonic relationship. There's no spark between them, like there is between Ron and Hermione. Hermione fits the role of Harry's big sister, way more than that of a lover. Ginny is just like Harry is, she's adventurous, brave, funny, smart, she loves Quidditch. She's his perfect ...more

I love this one! They are so perfect! - Margarida

I love Harry and Ginny

Its just the best ship EVER! Their adorable together

3 Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger

Why do every one loves this one? I hate it!
Hermione is a kind, brave and loyal friend and Draco is just a guy who is cruel even for his sun - Margarida

If people can't use their imagination in seeing Hermione and Draco together.Then imagine them as Emma and Tom. Boom! That's where the spark happens.

They're the best sorry

I really hate this one hermione doesn't deserve him

4 James & Lilly Potter

Lily and James really loved each other. They're seriously perfect for each other. James was really arrogant and immature as a teenager, but he really grew up and changed for Lily. He sacrificed so much for her and Harry, and he really became one of the noblest characters in the series. He completed Lily, and she completed him.

As for Snape, yes, he did do the right thing at the end, and he loved her too. But he shouldn't have turned on Lily in his fifth year. He seriously hurt her, and he joined a group that was bent on destroying people like her. That's not how people should treat their best friends. And before her death, he was fine with Voldemort killing James and Harry if Lily got to survive. At that point, he didn't care about who Lily loved. He only cared about the idea of him being together with her. Ultimately, he did protect Harry and fix his mistakes, but James is just a better person for Lily.

James died in hopes that Lily and Harry would live. Snape didn't care about Harry or James, he just wanted Lily. James may have been a little bit silly and arrogant as a teenager, but he grew up to be a brave young man who died protecting his loving family. Lily obviously didn't just marry him because he made her, she's strong and independent enough to make her own choice, and her choice was to marry James. Lily loved James and James loved Lily. They loved Harry and Harry loved them back.

Harry's parents died while protecting him from Voldemort. While James may have started out as a jerk in high school, his true colours eventually came through, thus causing Lilly to fall in love with him.

I just started getting really into Harry Potter, and simply because, James and Lily HAVE to be my favourite couple. Yes, he was a bit of a jerk, but he never gave up on her, and did manage to win her heart in the end. I love them.

5 Sirius Black & Remus Lupin

Oh yeah they hugged like brothers. (Prisoner of Azkaban book)
Stop using the movies.
Remus/Tonks is better and if Sirius was gay he would've liked James more than Remus, they were never apart.

This ship is the best and totally makes sense.

Sirius and Remus are both broken, Sirius being abused and Remus being a werewolf, both boys can bring out the good in each other. I believe that Remus loved two people, first Sirius and then Tonks, but both in different ways. Remus believed that Sirius was the one who killed James but still didn't want him to die or lose his soul, but when he found out it was Peter he wanted Peter to die! Sirius was probably with many girls but never felt anything with them, both men could have been bisexual. The second Remus looked down at his poor, malnourished friend who he hadn't seen in twelve years, Remus was driven with emotion, embracing Sirius and giving him such a meaningful hug. They kept staring at each other during OOTP meetings, (hence the forty line stare, Remus and Tonks never shared a stare like that, did they? ) Remus being the only one who can make Sirius sit down during the fight with Molly Weasley, and the most painful expression known to man when Sirius died. He had just finally ...more

This ship is probably the best ship in all the series. They are literally opposites, that's why they're so perfect for each other. Remus Lupin brings out the good in Sirius Black and vice versa. He was there for him when Sirius's parents abused him and Sirius accepted that Remus was a werewolf. They bring out the best in each other which is why they're so perfect for each other.

6 Fred Weasley & Angelina Johnson

Fred and Angelina for life!

Think about the characteristics of the twins - well, Fred, anyway - Fred is definitely the more confident of the twins, hence 'Fred and George' and never referred as 'George and Fred', (also, in the books, Fred is mentioned with more speech that George and over a hundred more times than George). Seeing as Fred is shown to be the one with more confidence, it'd be more obvious for him to simply admit who he likes.

Take the Yule Ball for example!

'Yeah, who you taking then? ' - Ron
'Angelina,' Fred grinned with no hesitation or embarrassment.
'You've asked her then? '
'Good point.'

IN all honesty, J.K Rowling is an amazing author, but I would never recommend her to write a Romance Novel. Her match making skills are rather... yeah... The only good calls she made was Ginny & Harry and Ron & Hermione. In an interview, she said that George and Angelina married, and had two kids. Websites say that it was because he loved her, ...more

I love this ship!

I ship it for life, and death

She was his first and only love!

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7 Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy


It's probably not possible, but it is the bad boy and the good one. Everyone loves it.

And if this doesn't work, we have the 'forbidden love'


It's just so real. I think that Draco wanted to be Harry's friend and when Harry rejected him, Draco was sad.
Search in Google : Draco Malfoy's deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 and you will see. I think that Draco was in love with Harry but he doesn't want to admit that to himself. That's my option.
(sorry for my bad english. english is not my first language)

I believe that Harry should have gotten with Malfoy instead of Ginny. It seems like Ginny could be pushy at times when Harry needed sympathy but she was there when he needed a friend to get him on his back again. Who can do both? Draco Malfoy. Harry needs a challenge, so basically Malfoy. They could bring out the best in each other.

I think that this ship really would have worked, there was always an intensity between the two of them and at points they became completely obsessed with each other. I also think that the fact that Malfoy was really one of the only people that didn't bow down to Harry's reputation 'the boy who lived' would have been refreshing for Harry and something he really needed in comparison to Ginny who did admittedly have a huge crush on him throughout the books just because of his rep.

8 Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood

No, no, no, NO! They never showed nothing about it, NO! - Margarida

Even though this couple was not canon in the books, I always looked forward to them being together whilst reading them. I hadn't seen any of the movies, yet I still liked the idea of the two weirdos falling in love. They are a very cute couple, and I wish they would have gotten married.

Ah the life

I always thought they liked each other.

9 Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks

Their relationship is not just cute but inspirational. What Lupin says is true - Tonks could get a young, fit, rich man that isn't shunned from society out of prejudice, only she doesn't. She wants him and doesn't give up until he sees why she loves him so much. In the Deathly Hallows, Tonks goes to protect Remus instead of staying home safely. When they die, they die together.

It's so sad that the both die... definitely the best ship

I love this couple! It is really my favourite couple of the whole story. I like a few things on it ( it will probably be a bit longer). The way their relationship is complicated proves that their love is so strong that it overcame all the obstacles. Try to imagine how Remus had to be strong when he tried voluntarily to keep Tonks away, though he loved her so much. Imagine how Tonks had to be sad when she was without him. She was always so energetic and cheerful. Only the broken heart made her a serious woman. Moreover, she loved him so much that she did not run away from any complications in their relationship. He's a werewolf, he's a lot older than she, and he's going to have to suffer a lot of company prejudice for him. And what does she say? She does not care. It's perfect in itself. Rowling actually created the new Romeo and Juliet, with the difference that their families are not the problem, but they themselves. - dobbydostalponozku

I love this couple! It's really my favorite couple of the whole story. I like a few things on it (it will probably be a bit longer). The way their relationship is complicated proves that their love is so strong that it overcame all the obstacles. Try to imagine how Remus had to be strong when he tried voluntarily to keep Tonks away, though he loved her so much. Imagine how Tonks had to be sad when she was without him. She was always so energetic and cheerful. Only the broken heart made her a serious woman. Moreover, she loved him so much that she did not run away from any complications in their relationship. He's a werewolf, he's a lot older than she, and he's going to have to suffer a lot of company prejudice for him. And what does she say? She does not care. It's perfect in itself. Rowling actually created the new Romeo and Juliet, with the difference that their families are not the problem, but they themselves. - dobbydostalponozku

10 Draco Malfoy & Astoria Greengrass

No, they are not a great couple (in the book or movie) because we didn't even see them get together or any before they had a kid

What a fool J.K. rowling is for not giving so much information about Astoria Green-grass!

Barely anyone ships this, but I absolutley love it!

They're so cute. Forget Dramione


The Contenders

11 Arthur & Molly Weasley

Ron & Ginny's parents, were very kind to both Harry & Hermione, plus almost everyone else whom they knew.

They make the absolute best couple in the universe. They balance each other so perfectly and are both incredibly kind and loving people.

Don't make me cry best relationship ever

Not the sexiest couple, but the best one! - AlixM

12 Bill Weasley & Fleur Delacour

This should be higher up! This is better than snily and all that.. - Annabel154

I love how Fleur stands by Bill at the end of the Half Blood Prince even though a lot of the other characters thought she was shallow and only liked Bill for his looks. They are a background couple in the series but my personal favorite.

I love how even though Fleur is seemed to be this really shallow person who seems to only care about looks, and beauty, shows everyone that she really has a heart of gold and will love Bill no matter what.

Even in the darkest of times they managed to stay together and when many thought that fleur wouldn't love him because of his scar she saw past his appearance and always has. Bill also stayed with Fleur after Molly disapproved of their relationship.

13 Hagrid & Madam Maxime

They are the cutest thing ever. But I can’t decide between them and remadora - Annabel154

This is so meant to be such a shame that they didn't get married and have a baby

It was very cute seeing Hagrid so flustered and in love

They were super cute together!

14 Cedric Diggory & Cho Chang

I prefer Cedric with an OC.

They seem like a perfect couple! Ravenpuffs 4 lyfe!

15 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

Now with this ship, I can totally relate to.

I was really attentive at school and I loved books. Over the years, I grew a very close friendship with a boy. He and I started out as normal friends, but then we started to grow closer until he was probably my best friend.

I always felt like we were brother and sister in a way. And then things got a little weird when my childhood friend started to have a crush on him.

I had never seen this guy as well, a love object. They ended up together and I was really happy for them.

As you can see, this is starting to sound a bit like the Harry Potter series. Both Hermione and I were quite similar as people, (though perhaps I was a bit less bossy! ) And the friendship she and Harry had reminded me quite a lot of the friendship I had with this guy.

Reading the series as I grew up was brilliant.

But then, the next chapter of our friendships reflected more of the movies.

My two friends were still going ...more

I don't really know.

I, like most other people, always thought that Harry/Hermione would happen at first, not fully because of their characters, but because of that whole "Hero ends up with Heroione" thing.

But as I read on, I realised JK Rowling had other intentions.

By the end of the series, I was relatively happy about how everything had turned out.

Ron and Hermione seemed to be happy together in both the books and the movies, and the pairing itself was quite cute.

Harry and Ginny seemed very emotional and powerful together, and I liked how their characters had moulded together in the books. I was disappointed however with Ginny's portrayal in the movies. I do not criticise Bonnie Wright, but more the script writers themselves. I understand that they had a lot to put in the movie, and Harry's love life should certainly be in the background a bit. But they could at least do book Ginny the honour of putting a bit of flair into the movie ...more

This ship is so cliched. My gosh, how many romantic book plots have done this Hero ends up with Heroine thing? All of them. Except Harry Potter. That's what makes Harry Potter special. Shipping this is basically trying to make the romance like all those other books. If that's what you want, I won't stop you.

They are best

16 Severus Snape & Lily Evans

Wish he could have had her for a little while. He really loves her and they where always friends. But she really belonged with James or there would be no Harry Potter. So sad in the end. He really died loving her. If only, for even a day, it could have happened

The literary quality Lily and Snape's tragic romance is strong enough to surpass Romeo and Juliet's. I can't think about their relationship for more than a minute without crying.

This was more of an obsession.

I've always thought of James as an arrogant prat who doesn't deserve Lily. I can see Lily and Snape getting together way better than Lily and James. Another thing, if Harry weren't alive, Neville would defeat Voldemort.

17 Lucious Malfoy & Narcissa Black


The parents of Draco Malfoy. Narcissa's one redeeming trait is her love for her husband & their only child.

Their perfect narcissa would forgive any of Lucius mistakes and let's be honest without that war going on the story would have revolved around them.


18 Ron Weasley & Lavender Brown

Lavender: Won-Won is mine, not yours.
Ron stands their embarrassed.

No Lavender is so annoying if I had to read another "Won-Won" I would have been sick.

What people have actually voted for this lol - Potterhead

"That's my Won-won! "
"Excuse me I have to go vomit"

19 Luna Lovegood & Rolf Scamander

Hello this is the grandson of Newt Scamander!
Not every book character has to go with someone not in the books, even though he was originally going to be in the story, he was originally going to tell the story of the three brothers.
Luna and Rolf went on to be magical zoologists with children twin sons.
Neville/Luna is a movie ship.

It's cool, but Luna and Neville are better.

I will still forever ship Neville and Luna. - RisingMoon

Luna and neville rocks, but this works too

20 Harry Potter & Nymphadora Tonks

This is just wrong. Harry is The Godfather of their kid like umm... no. - Slytherrpuff

I just really like the fanfcs and think they just work somehow. I'm weird

Harry is mature for his age and tonks is like a less mature for her age, the just make a perfect couple

I don't know but no

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21 Draco Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson

Yes, Pansy is a VERY minor character, and very cruel. But it hinted in the fourth book that she likes unicorns, and she's probably a really sweet girl, but she covers it up. I think that Draco would be the sunshine in her life.

They would of been the best couple

I think their cruelty would work well together

I love this ship but, I looove Drapple even more

22 Harry Potter & Ron Weasley

What? This is what I don't understand about shipping...why would you force to straight characters (whom, might I add have already found their perfect matches) to develop and sexual interest in each other? Harry and Ron are just friends, and I'm pretty sure they prefer it this way. There has been no signs of Harry or Ron having feeling for each other, and there never will be. That's just the way it is. And imagine how Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint will feel once they find out you've been shipping them? If someone shipped me with my friends, I'd instantly report the shippers to the police for violating my privacy and creeping the crap out of me.

These two would be the perfect couple! Think about it! They're best friends and they know each other's secrets and they are always with each other, there's bound to be some feelings between them soon.

I can only see them as friends. Ron and Harry always seemed to be staring at Hermione. - RisingMoon

They work better as friends

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23 Fred Weasley & Hermione Granger

Fremione needs so much more attention. They're so compatible. They're both intelligent and their personalities balance each other out. He could help her relax and she'd be someone who helps bring him down to earth when he needs it. I never felt Ron was intellectually compatible with Hermione but Fred is. While not in the same way, they're a lot closer on each other's level than Ron is.

Come on you know this would have been an adorable couple. Fred the kid who just wants to live life and pokes fun at Hermione, the girl who stresses about everything and could probably use a break, (not that she needs it of course! ). Considering he's not mean or a wad of a person, I think he would have respected her studies and I don't believe he would have tried to change Hermione in any way. I think he would have appreciated how independent and strong-willed she was, I mean after all he did like Angelina at some point and she was a tough girl. Who knows it might have kept him in school after the era of Umbridge. And I mean, the story leading up to their first date probably would have been pretty kooky and entertaining to be quite honest.

I think he would make her fun side come out more and she would mellow him out. I really think they should've had a shot at it instead of Ron and Hermione

I ship Hermione with a few people, but I do love this particular ship. I always thought Hermione� - Fred would have worked out well in the books.

24 Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom


25 Seamus Finnigan & Gabrielle Delacour

I actually ship this so much it's not even funny. Ever since I saw that still of them dancing at the Yule Ball!

26 Seamus Finnigan & Dean Thomas

Dean and Luna. That's a real ship. - Pebblepaw

Yum :')

So surprised this isn't hight they seem perfect

This ship makes my heart happy

27 Severus Snape & Hermione Granger

Am I the only one who ship them?

What the heck, snape was a bully to hermione. Also about 20 years older. This ship is ridiculous - Potterhead

Umm... Age difference for starters? Just saying...

How can people not ship this? I'm surprised to see this pairing so low on the list.

Rowling was much too tough on Snape. It was heartbreaking, and at the same time made me melt, how dedicated Snape was to Lily.

I feel like he deserved a second shot at love, and who better than Hermione?

They're both intelligent, and overall compatible. This is definitely my OTP.

28 Albus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy

I ship this so much more than Rose Weasley and Scorpius. No offense to Rose but just no. - Slytherrpuff

! scorbus is awesome. The entire fandom had problems with Cursed Child, but the oe thing that coukd be derived from the book was that albus and scorpius were totally gay for each other. I mean, it was totally obvious.

There were so many hints in the Cursed Child. Despite J.K. Rowling saying they were straight, Scorpius seemed to like Albus more than Rose. - RisingMoon

But rose...

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29 Uncle Vernon & Aunt Petunia

Umm who would ship the couple that ruined Harry’s childhood - Potterhead

Who even voted for this?

I honestly don't know.

30 Petunia Evans & Snape

Petunia hates snape

31 Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

I think they were different from others, but they understand each other, I sawd the potential in these two, and I'm sad that Harry was shipped with Ginny

I think that they are really cute together. Luna seems to understand harry like nobody else and remember when Luna was the only human that Harry felt COMFORTABLE

I ship lily Luna potter / Lysander lovegood because harry/ Luna should be together ever it if through their kids

Man I love this ship so much! Wish they were together

32 Tom Riddle & Harry Potter

love it

I don't ship Tom riddle and Harry Potter because they are distant cousins but they have chemistry.

Cute yet makes 0% sense - RisingMoon

I would ship this only if they went to Hogwarts together. - RisingMoon

33 Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley

I ship them because I love the idea of FORBIDDEN LOVE

Draco and Ginny are better then then draco and Hermione, or harry and ginny. I think that they were made for each other

Okay ship but I still think Harry and Draco are the cutest. - RisingMoon

Ginny and Draco. I ship them because both know what it's like to be forced to do the wrong thing: Draco because of his parents, and Ginny from the Diary

34 Rose Weasley & Scorpius Malfoy

I used to ship Scorose before reading the cc. After reading the book, I hated Rose very much. She was HORRIBLE towards Scorpius and judged him.

I hope lily Luna Potter and Scorpius end up together

This ship is amazing.

This ship is just an outlet for whiny Dramiones to get what they want. "Ooh, maybe if Scorpius and Rose end up together, they'll bring the Weasleys and the Malfoys together and Draco and Hermione will realize their true feelings for each other! " Noo. Not Happening.

35 Tom Riddle & Bellatrix LeStrange

Putting two psychopathic lovebirds together - RisingMoon


36 Hermione Granger & Viktor Krum

Viktor was in many ways, a much better boyfriend than Ron. He treated Hermione like she was the only girl in the world, despite having dozens of fangirls. Ron, while still liking Hermione plays around with Lavender. Viktor, he was very kind and mature, even coming from Durmstrang.

Viktor loved Hermione more than anything in the world, he treated her better than Ron ever did and he's great at proclaiming his love to her.

He treated her like a queen from the start. I loved this couple very much,

This couple is amazing

37 Draco Malfoy & Luna Lovegood

Draco and Luna would be so perfect for each other. Luna is just so cheerful and forgiving while Draco has so many problems. He could learn so much from Luna. And just imagine Draco standing up for Luna whenever someone called her loony and Luna standing up for Draco whenever Harry talked bad about Draco. That would be so cute!

I think these two could balance each other out really well, and Luna seems to be so open and accepting of everything, who better to be with Malfoy? I think she could be there for him and sympathize with him on a number of levels.

Luna would drive Draco insane!

I knew it from the beginning that they are not gonna end up together. But still ttry were so cute and are complete opposite of each other. It from would have been awesome if they ended up together. The Slytherin prince and the Ravenclaw loony. Just imagine Luna talking about Nargles with Draco. Just epic!

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38 Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood

They're so cute together!

I think they are cute together, Ginny's all firey and reckless, Luna is dreamy and calm.

Just THINK about it for a moment.

I think that they're perfect for each other, they're best friends, and adorable for each other!

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39 Lord Voldemort & Bellatrix LaStrange

What is this crap

It’s Voldemort and quirrel not voldemort and bellatrix!, - Annabel154

Although Bellatrix married someone else, she really desired Voldemort, though he had no feelings for anyone, with the possible exception for his snake Nagini.

Come on you know Bellatrix love voldemort

40 Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald

I wish there was a man who was good enough to ship Dumbledore with!

They are both very bright, brilliant person, they absolutely suit each other.

41 Snape & Harry

I don't ship shape and Harry because Snape in love with Harry mother lily.


42 Tom Riddle & Hermione Granger

No, why would voldemort be with a muggle born when he planned to kill muggle borns at hogwarts. E.g. Mrytle was killed due to him - Potterhead

Tom is probably the only person who could keep up with Hermione, and Hermione is an incredibly smart and powerful muggleborn who could show Tom that his worldview is wrong. If they were born in the same time period, I think this ship would have happened.

This is just wrong!

They're perfect for each other! The muggle-born vs. A half-blood who despise a muggle-born. Slutherin vs. Gryffindor. But they're same know-it-alls and the teachers' favourites!

43 George Weasley & Angelina Johnson

To be honest, I don't like the way Angelina just forgot all about Fred and ignored his bravery after he died. She totally betrayed his love in her by marrying his IDENTICAL twin. That just tells me Angelina only liked Fred for his physical appearance not his many wonderful personality traits. If I had a boyfriend who died, I wouldn't go and marry his brother. I'd grieve over him for a while, then return to normal life whilst thinking about him and smiling at our many happy moments. I'd go on thinking that one day, maybe I'll get to see him again...

Well, Angelina dated George's twin Fred. Then Fred died. Then she married his identical twin George.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Angelina with either twin, but then I'm just not a big fan of the way JK writes romance.

George and Angelina are creepy together. There is nothing cute with dating and marring your dead brother's girl. There is nothing cute dating and marring you dead boyfriend's twin.
And nothing is cute about naming after the man.
I didn't even know which twin Angelina was with. Fred went with Angelina to the ball, but I don't remember them being officially together. Am I just unobservant or was the mention too obscure and too buried under other stuff?

Honestly this is the third worse pairing in Harry Potter right between Hermione and Ron and the implied Snape/Lily relationship.

At first, I thought that this ship was terrible because Fred used to be with Angelina before he died. However, I think they found solace in each other after his death because they were the two closest people to him. They were able to comfort each other and understand each other.

I wish there could have been a different, in depth character created to be with George. I like Angelina a lot! But I think their relationship is weird.

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44 Voldemort & Quirinus Quirrell

Actually...this kinda works. Voldemort was living off of quirrels BODY for a year - Potterhead

Why is this on the list? - RisingMoon

Lmao a very potter musical is where this ship sailed


(Obviously this ship isn't canon or feasible at all in the books/movies, but if you go on YouTube and search up A Very Potter Musical they're the. Best. Ship. Ever.)

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45 Severus Snape & Remus Lupin

This could be a very cute ship. Severus is sort of grumpy and mean, and Remus is just soft and kind. They are also both nerds so they can bond over that.

But snape hated Remus so how is this a ship lol - Potterhead

What the heck - PeeledBanana

I love them as a couple. I liked how Remus never encouraged bullying Snape and went out of his way to act nice to him even though Snape hated him. - RisingMoon

46 George Weasley & Hermione Granger

There is no difference between Fred Weasley and Hermione Granger! - LannaLau

Whoever said that George Weasley is stupid can burn in Hell

I love them! They even each other out and I love to imagine that Hermione was the one who helped him after Fred died.

Noo way go romione!

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47 Sirius Black & Amelia Bones

I saw this ship on a fan website. I don't know if it's worth exploring.

Could be...Who knows...

48 Blaise Zabini & Ginny Weasley

I started shipping them when Ginny snapped at him in the 6th book.

Sorry but who is blaise...

49 Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley

This is cute, not the best but then we don’t really get know much - Potterhead

Aww, a cute couple for the second generation. Teddy, (son of Remus & Tonks), and Victorie (daughter of Bill and Fleur).

Cute but not #1

50 Cedric & Harry Potter

If only somebody was walking by when Cedric asked Harry if he knew about the prefects bathroom and then tells him it’s a good place to take a bath if you know what I mean. Honestly a lot more people woulda ship this... or think that Cedric was just a weirdo.

Wait haha imagine Cedric coming back as a vampire
“hey harry”
“uhhh hey Cedric”
“guess what Harry? ”
“What? ”
“I sparkle now”
“umm okay Cedric. Bye now” - Slytherrpuff

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