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1 Ron Weasley & Hermione Grainger

This ship has definitely earned top spot on this list. Hermione and Ron are made for each other. Hermione is a very serious concentrated person and Ron is a more easy going loves a bit of humour kind of guy. I think the two personality traits compliment each other and they bring out the best in one another

Romione for the win! This was honestly probably the second couple I ever shipped. I read the books when I was 7, so the first ship was Harry and Ginny after reading because. Anyway, this is probably my favorite ship out of all fandoms! It's beautiful how it ends up. I love that Ron makes fun of Hermione's efforts with SPEW, and house elves, but really he supports her, and when he says they need to protect the house elves, that's when she kisses him. I love the way that they went through the whole series arguing and disagreeing, while they really care about each other. Notice how often she turns to Ron before Harry. Ron and Hermione deserve this number one spot!

Again, it was pretty unique how the side-kick got together with the heroine of the series. Their constant fighting throughout the series showed they had deep feelings for one another.

Sure. Then I ship James / Snape, if you don't mind me saying so. Yes, Ron & Hermione has great literal value but I judge by my own feelings.

Ron and Hermione are sooo cute together! Draco and Hermione are so bad together, the thought of it makes me wanna barf!

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2 Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger

I believe this couple really could have been something amazing! While I was a Ron/Hermione shipper from the start, I found their relationship grew a bit boring after a while and didn't make much sense for someone as strong minded and intelligent as Hermione. While a Harry/Hermione ship makes more sense canon wise, I found that the possible dynamic between Draco and Hermione would have introduced such an incredible aspect to the story, with Draco getting some much need character development and Hermione breaking out of her typical, and somewhat overused, involvement with Harry and Ron. It would have also brought some much needed attention to a house that I felt was over-portrayed as being nothing but single-minded and evil throughout the ENTIRE series.

Come on, guys, even Rowling herself has admitted that Hermione and Ron's relationship is likely going to end up badly. (Marriage counselling and divorce, anyone? ) She's also admitted that she considered putting Draco and Hermione together. Oh, how I wish it was true and that the idea actually materialised. The two of them are actually fairly equally matched, after all. Intelligence, pride, etc... whereas Ron is nothing like Hermione.._.

Although this couple may not work in the canon version of the series for obvious reasons, if written right, the dynamic relationship between these two characters could have been something incredible. The way Draco would have had to overcome what he had been brought up to believe to fall for a girl that represented everything his family, and many within the Slytherin house, despised would have left room for some very interesting and profound character development. Character development that I personally felt was a bit lacking throughout the series, especially the end.


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3 Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks

Their relationship is not just cute but inspirational. What Lupin says is true - Tonks could get a young, fit, rich man that isn't shunned from society out of prejudice, only she doesn't. She wants him and doesn't give up until he sees why she loves him so much. In the Deathly Hallows, Tonks goes to protect Remus instead of staying home safely. When they die, they die together.

They are so cute together! She loves him despite the fact he is a werewolf, and face it-they're the dynamic duo... died right after having a child though... :(

Ok just read the part at the end of the sixth book at the hospital wing after the death eater attack. I just kept on awing through out the entire time!

I love them.

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4 Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy

I think that this ship really would have worked, there was always an intensity between the two of them and at points they became completely obsessed with each other. I also think that the fact that Malfoy was really one of the only people that didn't bow down to Harry's reputation 'the boy who lived' would have been refreshing for Harry and something he really needed in comparison to Ginny who did admittedly have a huge crush on him throughout the books just because of his rep.

I believe that Harry should have gotten with Malfoy instead of Ginny. It seems like Ginny could be pushy at times when Harry needed sympathy but she was there when he needed a friend to get him on his back again. Who can do both? Draco Malfoy. Harry needs a challenge, so basically Malfoy. They could bring out the best in each other.

This shipping is the absolute best! like seriously, harry spent most of sixth year after draco, and the two were always around and talking about each other all throughout the books, and in the end, like harry rescues draco in the come and go room and draco doesn't identify harry when he is presented in the malfoy manor and harry said that draco's wand was FRIENDLY with him...come on!

I think that since Harry was "The Boy Who Lived" he could get anyone he wanted. Everyone would have just fallen into his arms, but I think that Draco wouldn't just give in. He is someone that Harry needs.He would make Harry work for him, and when he finally does get him he will be super protective of him. He would take care of him, no matter what it took.

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5 Sirius Black & Remus Lupin

I love the idea of Remus and Sirius ting together. This is my reason, Sirius was always chasing girls and always breaking up with them. I always thought Sirius was doing this to impress Remus. Plus Remus is always so calm and collected. But I think around Sirius he would always hate the next girl he dated and tried repeatedly to get Sirius' attention.

This ship is probably the best ship in all the series. They are literally opposites, that's why they're so perfect for each other. Remus Lupin brings out the good in Sirius Black and vice versa. He was there for him when Sirius's parents abused him and Sirius accepted that Remus was a werewolf. They bring out the best in each other which is why they're so perfect for each other.

I adore this ship! These two characters bring out the best in one another and are just so accepting. I think they would be perfect together and I can't imagine any reason why they wouldn't be together.


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6 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

Now with this ship, I can totally relate to.

I was really attentive at school and I loved books. Over the years, I grew a very close friendship with a boy. He and I started out as normal friends, but then we started to grow closer until he was probably my best friend.

I always felt like we were brother and sister in a way. And then things got a little weird when my childhood friend started to have a crush on him.

I had never seen this guy as well, a love object. They ended up together and I was really happy for them.

As you can see, this is starting to sound a bit like the Harry Potter series. Both Hermione and I were quite similar as people, (though perhaps I was a bit less bossy! ) And the friendship she and Harry had reminded me quite a lot of the friendship I had with this guy.

Reading the series as I grew up was brilliant.

But then, the next chapter of our friendships reflected more of the movies.

My two friends were still going ...more

I don't really know.

I, like most other people, always thought that Harry/Hermione would happen at first, not fully because of their characters, but because of that whole "Hero ends up with Heroione" thing.

But as I read on, I realised JK Rowling had other intentions.

By the end of the series, I was relatively happy about how everything had turned out.

Ron and Hermione seemed to be happy together in both the books and the movies, and the pairing itself was quite cute.

Harry and Ginny seemed very emotional and powerful together, and I liked how their characters had moulded together in the books. I was disappointed however with Ginny's portrayal in the movies. I do not criticise Bonnie Wright, but more the script writers themselves. I understand that they had a lot to put in the movie, and Harry's love life should certainly be in the background a bit. But they could at least do book Ginny the honour of putting a bit of flair into the movie ...more

This ship is so cliched. My gosh, how many romantic book plots have done this Hero ends up with Heroine thing? All of them. Except Harry Potter. That's what makes Harry Potter special. Shipping this is basically trying to make the romance like all those other books. If that's what you want, I won't stop you.

Best ship! Hermione doesn't deserve Ron. Let's look at bad things about Ron
Ron is: Stupid
Ron is: Whiny
Ron is: Weird

Now let's look at bad thinks about Hermione:
Hermione is: UM

Good things about Ron
Ron is: Funny
Ron is: Harry's best friend

Good things about Hermione:
Hermione is: Smart
Hermione is: Honest
Hermione is: Polite
Hermione is: Harry's best friend

Now, you see why Hermione is too good for Ron. Now let's see some reasons why you should like THIS ship.http://www.hypable.com/harry-hermione-couple-dueling-column/ Even JK Rowling regrets not having that be the true ship. This ship doesn't need canon to sail, although it so nearly is.

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7 Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood

Even though this couple was not canon in the books, I always looked forward to them being together whilst reading them. I hadn't seen any of the movies, yet I still liked the idea of the two weirdos falling in love. They are a very cute couple, and I wish they would have gotten married.

I always thought they liked each other.

The best couple in the world! (Falls over laughing) I really loved the idea of them and it was a little weird for them to be together, but I love the little idea of weirdos together!

BEST! 2nd only to romione. I thougth they would end up together - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

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8 James & Lilly Potter

Lily and James really loved each other. They're seriously perfect for each other. James was really arrogant and immature as a teenager, but he really grew up and changed for Lily. He sacrificed so much for her and Harry, and he really became one of the noblest characters in the series. He completed Lily, and she completed him.

As for Snape, yes, he did do the right thing at the end, and he loved her too. But he shouldn't have turned on Lily in his fifth year. He seriously hurt her, and he joined a group that was bent on destroying people like her. That's not how people should treat their best friends. And before her death, he was fine with Voldemort killing James and Harry if Lily got to survive. At that point, he didn't care about who Lily loved. He only cared about the idea of him being together with her. Ultimately, he did protect Harry and fix his mistakes, but James is just a better person for Lily.

James died in hopes that Lily and Harry would live. Snape didn't care about Harry or James, he just wanted Lily. James may have been a little bit silly and arrogant as a teenager, but he grew up to be a brave young man who died protecting his loving family. Lily obviously didn't just marry him because he made her, she's strong and independent enough to make her own choice, and her choice was to marry James. Lily loved James and James loved Lily. They loved Harry and Harry loved them back.

Harry's parents died while protecting him from Voldemort. While James may have started out as a jerk in high school, his true colours eventually came through, thus causing Lilly to fall in love with him.

Love them

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9 Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

Harry and Ginny forever! Anyone, who thinks Harry and Hermione should be a couple, have obviously only seen the movies, and not read the books. Hence, they can't appreciate what a truly awesome character Ginny is, and what great chemistry these two have. I'll bet the directors themselves were Harmonie fans, which is why they focused on Harry and Hermione so much, without developing Harry and Ginny's relationship. Ginny's funny! People always miss the point that Harry likes funny people. He trusts Hermione, and admires her brains, but in the fourth book, Harry himself feels he prefers Ron's company to Hermione's, because he's more fun. Hermione was just too serious for him. Harry and Hermione have a perfectly platonic relationship. There's no spark between them, like there is between Ron and Hermione. Hermione fits the role of Harry's big sister, way more than that of a lover. Ginny is just like Harry is, she's adventurous, brave, funny, smart, she loves Quidditch. She's his perfect ...more

I actually wrote an eight-page paper for a college English course defending my OTP. My central argument was that she is probably the sturdiest character in the entire series. True, she hasn't gone through half as much as Harry, but she has seen her fair share of horrors, and in spite of this, she always reacts calmly to whatever life throws at her. Possessed by Lord Voldemort? Barely sheds a tear. Fights alongside her crush? Holds her own, even after breaking her ankle. Endures a year of continuing torture? Openly rebels at every opportunity, culminating in the battle of the century, in which she fights with courage and heart and doesn't give up despite having just lost her brother and (presumably) the love of her life. It goes without saying that Harry would most likely develop severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and strong, sturdy and optimistic Ginny Weasley is just the person he needs.

They should be 1! Ginny liked harry from the very beginning. Her ultimate crush was always Harry. They had many things in common such as a sense of humor, courage, determination, and bravery! Harry and Ginny forever!

I remember shipping this couple as an 11 year old!
best couple and love story in the franchise!

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10 Severus Snape & Lily Evans

Wish he could have had her for a little while. He really loves her and they where always friends. But she really belonged with James or there would be no Harry Potter. So sad in the end. He really died loving her. If only, for even a day, it could have happened

I've always thought of James as an arrogant prat who doesn't deserve Lily. I can see Lily and Snape getting together way better than Lily and James. Another thing, if Harry weren't alive, Neville would defeat Voldemort.

The literary quality Lily and Snape's tragic romance is strong enough to surpass Romeo and Juliet's. I can't think about their relationship for more than a minute without crying.

When ever I read about them[severus snape and lily evans]in anywhere[books or fanfic]or think about their actions, I find myself highly admiring the fact how they were both so similar yet dissimilar. Like two sides of a same coin.

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11 Fred Weasley & Hermione Granger

Come on you know this would have been an adorable couple. Fred the kid who just wants to live life and pokes fun at Hermione, the girl who stresses about everything and could probably use a break, (not that she needs it of course! ). Considering he's not mean or a wad of a person, I think he would have respected her studies and I don't believe he would have tried to change Hermione in any way. I think he would have appreciated how independent and strong-willed she was, I mean after all he did like Angelina at some point and she was a tough girl. Who knows it might have kept him in school after the era of Umbridge. And I mean, the story leading up to their first date probably would have been pretty kooky and entertaining to be quite honest.

I think he would make her fun side come out more and she would mellow him out. I really think they should've had a shot at it instead of Ron and Hermione

I ship Hermione with a few people, but I do love this particular ship. I always thought Hermione´┐Ż - Fred would have worked out well in the books.

Fred is the chaotic good while Hermione the lawful. They are like yin and yang. Hermione would've set her anxiety aside and had more fun in her life. He could help with the stress she feels.

-Fred bets on Hermione in the D.A. Meeting
-Punching telescope and Fred comforts

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12 Bill Weasley & Fleur Delacour

I love how Fleur stands by Bill at the end of the Half Blood Prince even though a lot of the other characters thought she was shallow and only liked Bill for his looks. They are a background couple in the series but my personal favorite.

I love how even though Fleur is seemed to be this really shallow person who seems to only care about looks, and beauty, shows everyone that she really has a heart of gold and will love Bill no matter what.

Even in the darkest of times they managed to stay together and when many thought that fleur wouldn't love him because of his scar she saw past his appearance and always has. Bill also stayed with Fleur after Molly disapproved of their relationship.


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13 Draco Malfoy & Astoria Greengrass

No, they are not a great couple (in the book or movie) because we didn't even see them get together or any before they had a kid

In the Cursed Child you see Draco actually care about Astoria and his son Scorpius - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

What a fool J.K. rowling is for not giving so much information about Astoria Green-grass!

They're so cute. Forget Dramione

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14 Arthur & Molly Weasley

Ron & Ginny's parents, were very kind to both Harry & Hermione, plus almost everyone else whom they knew.

They make the absolute best couple in the universe. They balance each other so perfectly and are both incredibly kind and loving people.

Don't make me cry best relationship ever

GREAT. how all the hp characters should be in the future - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

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15 Fred Weasley & Angelina Johnson

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Angelina with either twin, but then I'm just not a big fan of the way JK writes romance.
Yeah. Its bad and beyond creepy. Worse, people support it.
I didn't even know which twin Angelina was with. Fred went with Angelina to the ball, but I don't remember them being officially together. Am I just unobservant or was the mention too obscure and too buried under other stuff?

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16 Severus Snape & Remus Lupin

I love them as a couple. I liked how Remus never encouraged bullying Snape and went out of his way to act nice to him even though Snape hated him. - RisingMoon

17 Seamus Finnigan & Dean Thomas

So surprised this isn't hight they seem perfect

They never said who they married 19 years later...

Actually yes - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

Beautiful ship, I love all these gay hp ships damn

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18 George Weasley & Hermione Granger

I love them! They even each other out and I love to imagine that Hermione was the one who helped him after Fred died.

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19 Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

I think that they are really cute together. Luna seems to understand harry like nobody else and remember when Luna was the only human that Harry felt COMFORTABLE

This ship should at least be in the top 5. They would have been perfect for each other because they can connect so well. You can tell that Harry really relates to her

They would've turned out as a great couple though I knew it wouldn't have become canon right from the start. - RisingMoon

So much potential

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20 Ron Weasley & Lavender Brown

Hermione belongs with Fred. Ron and Lavender were a cute couple. - RisingMoon

NO! Ron should not be near Lavender! She is a flirty, weirdo!

Ron should have ended up with lavender not hemione...Hermione deserved more!

EWW! I hate lavender and romione is the best!

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