Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy


YEEESS! DRARRY FOREVER! I really do like Hinny (worst ship name on Earth by the way) and I think they make a nice couple, but I do feel like Ginny is more like a sister to Harry. Ginny and Harry do bring out the good sides of each other, but COME ON PEOPLE. It's so obvious that Harry and Draco are, like, meant for each other. The whole enemy thing is just to hide the fact that they have huge crushes and that they are confused about their sexuality. I mean, in the sixth book, Harry basically stalked Draco for the whole year. And in the seventh book, Draco saved his life and in return, Harry saved his! And then they became friends afterwards (in Cursed Child) At least, they no longer hated each other.

Harry was obsessed with Draco for the longest time, and we all know that Draco talked about how 'awful Potter' was. And the fact that they are total oposites make it even more interesting. All the other ships with Harry or Draco are boring in my opinion.

The way I see it, Harry fell in love with Ginny in an instant without any developement in their relationship from friends to lovers unlike Hermione and Ron which makes me believe that their love was in a way only there to make Harry marry someone in the end. But if there would be a romantic relationship between Harry and Draco, we would've seen the strugles they would've gone through on their way to be together because we had already seen them interact and develope an intense relations with one another, which would've made both of their lives and stories way more interesting and realistic.

I think that since Harry was "The Boy Who Lived" he could get anyone he wanted. Everyone would have just fallen into his arms, but I think that Draco wouldn't just give in. He is someone that Harry needs.He would make Harry work for him, and when he finally does get him he will be super protective of him. He would take care of him, no matter what it took.

Though their differences may be vast such as blood status, personalities and even sides of the war etc... these two have a lot in common in more ways than one which makes this pairing so amazing! They both knew how it felt to be alone, how it felt to be hated, how it felt to have no choice whatsoever in certain circumstances. And just by these facts, it's like there's a special bond or connection between them that no other pairing could ever possess. Plus! They are both obsessed with each other! Anyone whose read the books or watched the movies will know that this is true...And lastly, other opposing ships are no match for Drarry. Hinny, Merlin I don't even know why these ended up together and they lack interest and they're so cliched! Harmione, I feel like this is an incest pairing because Harry and Hermione are more suited to be brother and sister than a romantic ship. An of course Dramione! This is just the hetero version of Drarry with more intellect in it, but for obvious reasons ...more

Draco and Harry were a great pair actually!

In a head canon, it is said that Draco's biggest wish is to become friends with Harry Potter. His wife urges him to talk with Harry, but he simply says:"I don't deserve to be his friend after what I've done to him." CAN YOU NOT SHIP IT?!

I feel like there's a lot of points that go with this ship, such as Draco constantly being obsessed with Harry.

It just makes so much sense- Harry literally stalks Draco for the sixth book, plus everyone says they're 'obsessed' with each other. I ship it more than dramione because I just don't think that there are enough interactions between the two of them to justify the ship at all and it's mostly Draco calling hermione mud blood while harry and Draco save each other's lives. Also, 4th most shipped couple ever!

I'm only shipping them as friends it would have been great if in the end they'd become great friends.

I would rather them become friends

It shouldn't be cannon but its fun to think about

There is so much foe yay that could be exploited here

Yes. I think I've shipped it for 12 years

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YAAASS DRARRY IS OTP! Well, I mean, first Draco wanted to be friends with Harry in the Sorcerer's Stone, but Harry obviously didn't take it (why? dunno). Then Draco became mad and started "hating" Harry, but he was really just jealous that they couldn't be friends. Then he became obsessed with Harry and tried to make his life miserable but Draco really just wanted Harry to notice him (notice me senpai). And who could forget about Draco sending Harry that note in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie...Also, Harry became TOTALLY obsessed with Draco in the Half Blood Prince. How can he not have a crush on Draco when he's stalking him through the Marauders' Map? To top it all off, Draco didn't identify him at the Malfoy Manor, even though he knew full well that it was Harry. In exchange, Harry saved Draco's life. Well there's your reasoning. Also just PICTURE IT FOR A MOMENT! How can you not ship?

For those who have read the books and seen the movies (otherwise, just leave now), it is clear that there is already a very strong bond between Harry and Draco, even if it's not romantic. They know each other extremely well and notice if the other is acting strangely. Harry even saves Draco from death and there was a deleted scene of Harry coming back to life in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and the first thing that happens is Draco running from the death eaters to Harry and throwing him a wand screaming 'Potter! ' In the movies, I mean, Draco and Harry are basically always staring at each other or arguing. If you're not convinced, um,

'But Harry could not have been less interested in quidditch - he was becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.' ACTUAL CANON LINE

DRARRY IS MY LIFE AND OXYGEN (well nitrogen, as that's what the air we breathe around us is most made of) AHHH

People, don't hate because they r both dudes, they r the obvious coupled jk, ship what u wants

Drarry is just so... rah! They just fit, and their fights are so cute and cuddly but they love eachother anyway! Better than Romione anyway... Its not cliche!

I think this is actuallya good ship. better than ginny and harry - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

I'm voting for this one because all the other ones are totes discusting especially the with draco and Hermione they always hated eachother


I kinda of ship drarry because Harry was obsession with Draco in the Half-Blood Prince book movie and harry did save draco from the fire in Deathly Hallows book and movie.
And draco didn't tell Bellatrix and Lucius that is harry in the Deathly Hallows book and movie.

I just think it's so cute :) anyway Harry spends 90% of his time thinking about him and following him.

Draco had a crush on Harry so on the first book he asked to be friends and Harry said no so he got mad and made him mad now he is rude to him because he didn’t have a chance with him