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21 Luna Lovegood & Rolf Scamander

It's cool, but Luna and Neville are better.

I will still forever ship Neville and Luna. - RisingMoon

Luna and neville rocks, but this works too

I think its pretty good, but NUNA IS AMAzinG - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

22 Rose Weasley & Scorpius Malfoy

I hope lily Luna Potter and Scorpius end up together

This ship is amazing.

This ship is just an outlet for whiny Dramiones to get what they want. "Ooh, maybe if Scorpius and Rose end up together, they'll bring the Weasleys and the Malfoys together and Draco and Hermione will realize their true feelings for each other! " Noo. Not Happening.

Hate Dramione, love the Scorose! - RisingMoon

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23 Albus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy

I liked this way better than Scorpius and Rose - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

I ship this so much more than Rose Weasley and Scorpius. No offense to Rose but just no. - Slytherrpuff

! scorbus is awesome. The entire fandom had problems with Cursed Child, but the oe thing that coukd be derived from the book was that albus and scorpius were totally gay for each other. I mean, it was totally obvious.

They are so gay, this is canon, J.K Rowling sit down and be humble.
Because they are gay.
Stop denying it.
Scorose is just that straight boring ship that nobody likes.

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24 George Weasley & Angelina Johnson

To be honest, I don't like the way Angelina just forgot all about Fred and ignored his bravery after he died. She totally betrayed his love in her by marrying his IDENTICAL twin. That just tells me Angelina only liked Fred for his physical appearance not his many wonderful personality traits. If I had a boyfriend who died, I wouldn't go and marry his brother. I'd grieve over him for a while, then return to normal life whilst thinking about him and smiling at our many happy moments. I'd go on thinking that one day, maybe I'll get to see him again...

Well, Angelina dated George's twin Fred. Then Fred died. Then she married his identical twin George.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Angelina with either twin, but then I'm just not a big fan of the way JK writes romance.

George and Angelina are creepy together. There is nothing cute with dating and marring your dead brother's girl. There is nothing cute dating and marring you dead boyfriend's twin.
And nothing is cute about naming after the man.
I didn't even know which twin Angelina was with. Fred went with Angelina to the ball, but I don't remember them being officially together. Am I just unobservant or was the mention too obscure and too buried under other stuff?

Honestly this is the third worse pairing in Harry Potter right between Hermione and Ron and the implied Snape/Lily relationship.

At first, I thought that this ship was terrible because Fred used to be with Angelina before he died. However, I think they found solace in each other after his death because they were the two closest people to him. They were able to comfort each other and understand each other.

I wish there could have been a different, in depth character created to be with George. I like Angelina a lot! But I think their relationship is weird.

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25 Cedric Diggory & Cho Chang

I prefer Cedric with an OC.

They seem like a perfect couple! Ravenpuffs 4 lyfe!

26 Seamus Finnigan & Gabrielle Delacour

I actually ship this so much it's not even funny. Ever since I saw that still of them dancing at the Yule Ball!

27 Severus Snape & Hermione Granger

How can people not ship this? I'm surprised to see this pairing so low on the list.

Rowling was much too tough on Snape. It was heartbreaking, and at the same time made me melt, how dedicated Snape was to Lily.

I feel like he deserved a second shot at love, and who better than Hermione?

They're both intelligent, and overall compatible. This is definitely my OTP.

Umm... Age difference for starters? Just saying...

I could totally see this, if only they were the same age. - RisingMoon

This is my otp, but people recoil if I tell them that. I honestly think that if you put aside the teacher/student relationship it does work.

-Hermione is very emotionally mature, if there was ever a girl who would date older men it is her. She would become fed up and irritated with any guy her age *ahem* Ron

-He is her intellectual equal, this would have been a deciding factor for both of them in terms of a relationship. Pairing Hermione with someone who cannot match her, whilst at first may be cute, would frustrate her. It wouldn't last.

-Hermione is everything Snape loved in Lily, except she is more empathetic and less judgemental (don't get me wrong I like lily) Lily has always had the benefit of being loved, she is beautiful and popular. On top of this she has a very black and white moral compass, a personality like that cannot possibly compliment someone like Snape. Now Hermione has an understanding of what it is to be an outsider, she has a firm sense of ...more

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28 Lucious Malfoy & Narcissa Black

The parents of Draco Malfoy. Narcissa's one redeeming trait is her love for her husband & their only child.

Their perfect narcissa would forgive any of Lucius mistakes and let's be honest without that war going on the story would have revolved around them.


29 Tom Riddle & Harry Potter

I don't ship Tom riddle and Harry Potter because they are distant cousins but they have chemistry.

Cute yet makes 0% sense - RisingMoon

I would ship this only if they went to Hogwarts together. - RisingMoon

This is so sweet! It works really well in aus where Harry and Tom grow up / go to Hogwarts together. I don't really think that cannon Harry and cannon Voldermort work well together, simply because - AGE GAP! Also, there's the prophecy, the fact that they are on different sides of the war and Voldermort's let's face it, insanity. That's why I prefer to call it HP/TR or HP/TMR because to me, the only way they could be together was if they were friends/ lovers before the entire Voldermort. Having given a long, detailed explanation of whatai love about it, I think it is fair to say that Harry Potter & Tom Riddle is most definitely my FAVOURITE SHIP OF ALL TIME!

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30 Tom Riddle & Bellatrix LeStrange

Putting two psychopathic lovebirds together - RisingMoon


31 Hermione Granger & Viktor Krum

Viktor was in many ways, a much better boyfriend than Ron. He treated Hermione like she was the only girl in the world, despite having dozens of fangirls. Ron, while still liking Hermione plays around with Lavender. Viktor, he was very kind and mature, even coming from Durmstrang.

Viktor loved Hermione more than anything in the world, he treated her better than Ron ever did and he's great at proclaiming his love to her.

He treated her like a queen from the start. I loved this couple very much,

Viktor is so handsome! I mean look at his mussels! They are adorb! Emma watson is the best actress in the world

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32 Draco Malfoy & Luna Lovegood

Luna would drive Draco insane!

I knew it from the beginning that they are not gonna end up together. But still ttry were so cute and are complete opposite of each other. It from would have been awesome if they ended up together. The Slytherin prince and the Ravenclaw loony. Just imagine Luna talking about Nargles with Draco. Just epic!

Ever since I started thinking about it, it appears adorably instead.Just think about it! It'll give HP such an interesting twist and so much more!

33 Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley

Draco and Ginny are better then then draco and Hermione, or harry and ginny. I think that they were made for each other

Ginny and Draco. I ship them because both know what it's like to be forced to do the wrong thing: Draco because of his parents, and Ginny from the Diary

Okay ship but I still think Harry and Draco are the cutest. - RisingMoon

I feel like this is a lot better than Dracmione because Ginny's personality fits with Draco's better than Hermione's

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34 Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood

I think they are cute together, Ginny's all firey and reckless, Luna is dreamy and calm.

Just THINK about it for a moment.

I think that they're perfect for each other, they're best friends, and adorable for each other!

35 Snape & Harry

I don't ship shape and Harry because Snape in love with Harry mother lily.

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36 Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald

I wish there was a man who was good enough to ship Dumbledore with!

They are both very bright, brilliant person, they absolutely suit each other.

37 Harry Potter & Cho Chang

This one would have never worked out. There were so many complications to their relationship. (Cough Cedric Cough)

I don't really think the best way to grieve over your dead boyfriend is to see other men. It's just Cho... just no. - RisingMoon

I don't think their relationship could ever work out - Chatsa2


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38 Uncle Vernon & Aunt Petunia

Who even voted for this?

I honestly don't know.

39 Harry Potter & Nymphadora Tonks

This is just wrong. Harry is The Godfather of their kid like umm... no. - Slytherrpuff

Harry is mature for his age and tonks is like a less mature for her age, the just make a perfect couple

I don't know but no

I just really like the fanfcs and think they just work somehow. I'm weird

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40 Sirius Black & Amelia Bones

I saw this ship on a fan website. I don't know if it's worth exploring.

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