Favourite Couples From the Harry Potter Series

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81 Harry Potter & Ron Weasley

What? This is what I don't understand about shipping...why would you force to straight characters (whom, might I add have already found their perfect matches) to develop and sexual interest in each other? Harry and Ron are just friends, and I'm pretty sure they prefer it this way. There has been no signs of Harry or Ron having feeling for each other, and there never will be. That's just the way it is. And imagine how Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint will feel once they find out you've been shipping them? If someone shipped me with my friends, I'd instantly report the shippers to the police for violating my privacy and creeping the crap out of me.

These two would be the perfect couple! Think about it! They're best friends and they know each other's secrets and they are always with each other, there's bound to be some feelings between them soon.

I can only see them as friends. Ron and Harry always seemed to be staring at Hermione. - RisingMoon


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82 Hagrid & Draco

Who put this here? - RisingMoon

What? - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

What the...? - Blue-Haired-Wonder

wwhhhat no

83 Hagrid & Madam Maxime

This is so meant to be such a shame that they didn't get married and have a baby

It was very cute seeing Hagrid so flustered and in love

They were super cute together!

Oh meant to bEEEe

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84 Lord Voldemort & Bellatrix LaStrange

Although Bellatrix married someone else, she really desired Voldemort, though he had no feelings for anyone, with the possible exception for his snake Nagini.

Come on you know Bellatrix love voldemort

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85 Percy & Audrey Weasley

I love it if only we didn't learn more about the relationship and the life brave sassy molly and sweet little Lucy - thebrightestwitchofherage

What happened to Penelope Clearwater? - RisingMoon

They had 2 daughters: Molly & Lucy.

Who is audrey I forgot

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