Favourite Diabolik Lovers Male Characters

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1 Ayato

I think he is just cuter than ever to me he's just a dork thinking high and mighty of himself but I do pity him from his past.

I want to strangle him.

Yess miaa love


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2 Subaru

Misunderstood little fluffy marshmallow who is a tsundere. Subaru means well even if he can't control his anger, I'd give him love anyway because... Truthfully he just really needs to seek the beauty within him. Subaru just denies that he's beautiful and thinks that he's a monster. I feel pity for him, but he needs someone or something to light up his life.

I have no clue why, but I find Subaru indescribably adorable! And innocent! Even though he could kill at any given moment, I don't care! Let me hug this fluffy marshmallow!

How can I say he is very lovable? He is really handsome

He's so sexy

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3 Laito

As someone who has been exploited in the past, I absolutely relate and adore Laito. I actually understand what he feels, unlike a lot of Laito "fangirls".

Yeah, no. He's the mist sadistic and perverted out of the entire cast, and treats no one with respect. Also, in my opinion, he kinda looks like a pimp. - Elric-san

I hate this perverted loser.

I would love to know how it fells to get bitten bey a vampire and I also want to know how blood tastes I would stave my self but I am not sapost to do that I would get badly injured and if it I was that girl I would just aexped my fate cause I love pain and how it fells

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4 Shu

...Many people like this man and Subaru...why he is number 5. MANY...

Come on people why is he 5th. :'(

^ ^ Love Shu!

5 Kanato

He is the sweetest and cutest out of all of them

I love him.I love his hair along with teddy

He's cute.


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6 Reiji
7 Ruki
8 Kou

He is cute

9 Azusa
10 Yuma

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11 Shin V 1 Comment
12 Carla
13 Kino
14 Teddy
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