Top Ten Favourite Digimon

I preferred all of this Digimon as my favorite Digimon in all season..

The Top Ten Favourite Digimon

1 HolyAngemon


He's the most cool Angel type Digimon ever! With the Heaven's Gate power he can suck all of the enemy into his gate.. What a holy power :D - Ashoff

Do you mean manga angmon

2 Patamon

Cutest Digimon Ever! He's so cute when he trying to fly, and so kind to his partner, and so cute, and have ability to evolve into Angel-things.. Cute and great in a whole pack.. - Ashoff

For sure, just a lil cutie

3 Angewomon

The other word for "Graceful" is "Angewomon".. Absolutely! - Ashoff

When I was a kid, Angewomon was fanservice.

Very cool but dose she have a hammer like zudomon or is she really cute like vixiemon

4 Omegamon

The coolest Digimon I've ever seen! Formed of two Original Mega Digimon, he's so damn awesome! - Ashoff

5 Alphamon

Even only appear once in Digimon Movie, I'm already fell in love with him.. In fact he's the leader of Royal Knights! - Ashoff

The Royal Knights are a group of badasses. Alphamon is the RK who's role is to be a deterrent force to the other RKs. In other words, he is the RK that the other Knights acknowledge as superior. In the RKs, only Omnimon/Omegamon could stand with him on even ground.

6 Angemon

He's so cool! He's the Champion level Digimon who have Ultimate Digimon's power! The way his beat Devimon is marvelous! - Ashoff

7 WarGreymon

The Mega Digimon of first season is so powerful with his Gaia Force! And I like the way he cover his body with that metal armor, and the shield in his back was so cool with Courage's crest! - Ashoff

8 Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

He is the one that beat armageddemon and although he is not a member, he is still the founder of the royal knights, so you can say he is the merlin to alphamon's king Arthur. there for he is still stronger and wiser then alphamon and more or less his mentor. and he has both the powers of imperialdramon fighter mode and omnimon (omegamon).

Well, I think he's the most powerful Digimon in Digimon Adventure Season, because he's beat Armageddemon in the first place! And don't forget of his Awesome White Blade which will astonished you by it'a power. :D - Ashoff

9 Gatomon

Is very cute but also sarcastic. One would really like to see her open up. Is more powerful than she looks

10 Impmon

I just knew he'd at least make front page.

The Contenders

11 Zudomon

I put this item on the list

So cool with hammer...

12 Renamon

I'm confused on how wrong this list is, and WHY Renamon isn't in the top 10.

She is one of the best main Digimon in the series.

I love renamon her an Rika make the best team ever

13 Beelzebumon
14 MetalGarurumon
15 Seraphimon

Even only appear in Digimon Movie, and Digimon Frontier (a few of scenes, in fact only one episode! ) this Digimon is the highest ranked being among all Angel Digimon Types! And it Seven Heavens attacks is so awesome! - Ashoff

16 Terriermon
17 Shoutmon

He’s so cool even though he’ a rookie rank he can digivolve into omni Shoutmon which is a mega rank so cool!

18 Gargomon

So cute a big fat rabbit

19 Calumon

So cute

20 Gaiamon
21 Garurumon
22 MegaGargomon
23 Viximon
24 MarineAngemon
25 MetalGreymon

One of the coolest. Many people agree with that since it's a combo of half machine and half Dino. And is like a warhead

26 Imperialdramon

My personal favorite Digimon - PerfectImpulseX

27 Cutemon
28 Luminamon
29 Gomamon
30 Skullmeramon
31 Armageddemon
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