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Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


Anna is just the kind of person you'd want to be around, because she's always herself, and one we can relate to. Everyone is amazed with her ability to speak to you when she isn't even real. She's funny and kind, and she is clumsy and just like a normal teenage girl. She is loyal, and everyone loves the way she sings and how cute she is especially personality. I choose her as my favorite.

She is so quirky and fun, and really relateable! ALSO, she was the hero, which you don't see much in princesses. She wasn't waiting for 'prince charming' or whatnot. She's also really naive, and SPOILER: Her prince isn't what she thought he would be. She sort of proves that the whole 'meet your prince and get married that afternoon' thing really isn't realistic. It's a lesson she learns. She is so persistant and she cares about her sister a lot. Her loyalty to her sister is so cute and how she nearly gives her life for her. I love how real she is and how she isn't the flowery, graceful, princessy type

Anna is and will always be my favorite Disney princess. She's so funny, quirky, and awkward, but in a cute relatable way. She's so down to Earth for a princess, and really cute. I love how she's not afraid of an adventure, while she still has a fun girly side. She's such a sweet natured person, and lovely, and hyper. One thing she teaches in the movie is no matter how old you get, you never have to lose your wild and crazy ways, and that being a child at heart isn't bad, because really; it isn't!

Everyone is so busy ooing and ahhing over Elsa's ice powers that they forget about her adorable younger sister. Anna, the girl who was working to get everything fixed whilst her 'mature' sister threw a temper tantrum. And what did she get for her troubles? She got thrown off a cliff and then her heart frozen. Even then, she got herself thawed by sacrificing herself for a sister she believed was a monster at the time. It's not that I dislike Elsa, I just don't see how she's being such a role model when she closed everyone off her entire life and then refused to even try to help her starving people when she froze their homes. Anna, however, was fiercely loyal to them and her immediate priority was to find Elsa and save everyone. Also, Anna wasn't a perfect angelic beauty! With her freckles, clumsiness and socially awkwardness, she was relatable to more young girls than Disney ever touched before. Yes, she had a romantic sidestory, but romantic maturity is important and Anna learned so ...more

Blame that stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck if you take it up with them. They chose to tear Anna and Elsa apart.

After growing up without her sister for ages, I think Anna is one of the best Disney princesses ever! She loves her sister and after being made to forget the magic by a troll she really wants to play with her sister again and be close like they once were. Elsa, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Anna. Anna is friendly, quirky and dreamy. Whereas Elsa is more frightened, calm and caring. I'm not saying anything bad about them though because they're EPIC!

Take it up with Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and blame that stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck for deciding to force the best royal sisters forever Anna and Elsa apart. Anna and Elsa never ever even deserve to be away from each other in their past. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, you stupid directors and writers of Frozen, what were you two thinking tearing the best royal sisters Anna and Elsa apart just because accidents happened? Huh? I wish you two let Anna and Elsa stay inseparable. Anna and Elsa never ever even deserve to grow up without each other, you stupid director of Frozen. What's the big deal? Huh? Nobody has the right to shatter Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship/relationship bond. Ever. Especially not you, Jennifer Lee. Jennifer Lee, don't you see that Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship and relationship bond is supposed to be too had and too strong to break? Why did you force Anna and Elsa grow up without each other for ages? Huh? Jennifer Lee, you are really, so, ...more

Anna is the best! I mean, sure we all know that she fell for Hans, but she saved Elsa at the end. She sacrificed her own life for her sister because she loves her even though Elsa basically shut her out for her whole life. All the other disney princesses are so 'perfect'. Anna is funny, awkward at moments, and very sweet and loving. Anna just knows how to make people smile. Anna is personally the funniest princess. Sure Rapunzel is loving and all, but Anna died for her sister. I hope this article helps you, and peace out!

Anna is my favorite princess. When my mom sees Anna she says that's you! :) I am clumsy and funny like Anna. ( yes I have gotten my foot stuck in a bucket and love sandwiches. ) Also this movie is a miracle because my little sister and I are best friends now. Lastly, my siblings and I always act out the movie for our parents!

Lets just say Anna is the funniest, quirkiest, MOST AWESOME princess of all time! She has been my favourite ever since I watched Frozen! I love her a lot! She's also very pretty and cute! I like her more than Elsa... She's way better! I think it's about time Disney made a rad princess like Anna! ANNA YOUR THE BEST!

I agree that Anna is different than other princesses. But her difference is what makes her beautiful, though. Plus, her awkwardness and clumsiness can relate to a lot of other teens. But I hate to say that Anna looks JUST LIKE RAPUNZEL! The directors should've made her look unique, but they just copied another princess.

I just don't really like Anna. Sure, she quirky and playful, but that's about it. She likes chocolate, eating, and snowmen. But what does she like? What are her hobbies? You barely know anything about Elsa and Anna, while the other princesses are very detailed. What's so special about Elsa and Anna? They're pretty?

Even though Elsa pushes Anna away for most her childhood, Anna stops at nothing to save her sister! EVEN THOUGH she did get married to someone she knew for a couple of hours, she is a hopeless romantic! Also she stepped in front of Elsa when Hans went to kill her! Now that to me is love.

Anna is unique in a good way. So hilarious, awkward, but princessly royal. She shows that being unique is awesome, if you don't think that, well sorry because you are wrong she showed me to show myself no matter what, and never to mess with my sister. That explains her ice cold. Anna, in my opinion is a lot like me, being perky. She should be the top ones. Isabella Lauren mercado

Princess Anna cares for her sister after all those years of not communicating with her and defends, runs after and helps her. Not to mention, she died for her sister. Then she comes back to life after sister love thaws the heart.

Stupid Jennifer Lee forcing Anna and Elsa apart and not let them communicate with each other after some stupid accident happened.

I like Anna because it think she is the most appealing princess to me, Even though she is akward or imperfect, I like her just the way she is. She is appealing not by her hotness nor the body. I like her because she is more ordinary than the other princess. For example Ariel, Is there really a mermaid? Are you willing to marry a mermaid?

Anna is the best Disney princess. She is cheerful, beautiful, kind and also caring for the one she loves. Anna sacrificed her own life for her sister. She is my favourite along with Elsa and Frozen is the best animated movie ever...

Anna is just so sweet and bubbly! You have to just fall in love with her in the movie. She is overlooked because Elsa is the taller, a tiny bit prettier (though they both are GORGEOUS! ) sister who has powers.

She is funny and loving kind and pretty and she also has an amazing sister that has been ignoring her in the past and she still loved and forgave her

To be honest, Elsa shouldn't be on this list. She's a Disney QUEEN, not a Princess, unlike her sister Anna. If Elsa wasn't a Queen and was a Princess, she'd get my vote. But since she isn't, Anna all the way!

Do I think she is top ten? No, there are so many better princesses. Meg for example is so sacastic(I'm sacastic. Plus, I find Meg hilarious). Mulan is also amazing. Belle shows us not to be shallow. Rapunzel is clumsy at times(she hit herself with the pan by accident), brave, sweet, kind, and she brings out the best in people. Etc I just like Anna better than Merdia and tied with Elsa. But, does that mean I hate her? No! She was naive at first but she learns from her mistake. Plus, I loved when she punched Hans. I was like that's what I would do. We'd be good friends. My point is Anna isn't top ten for me but that doesn't make her bad. So, all those people hating on any of these Disney characters (who have a title of princess or not. Can I say though it makes me angry some aren't considered Disney princesses though) are being ridiculous.

Why I like Anna... SHE IS EXACTLY LIKE ME!
Anna is socially awkward, (maybe because she's been locked up her whole childhood) "Don't know if I'm elated or gassy" laugh out loud!
Anna is different from the other princesses, the other ones are proper and elegant, but what I love about Anna is she is so clumsy and I think it's so cute!

She is one of the most beautiful Disney princess I have ever seen in my opinion! And she has an absolutely beautiful voice. I wish I had her looks and voice!

I think Anna is a better princess than Pocahontas! She is quirky, awkward and everyone loves her. Make the better change. Switch them and everyone will be happy

I love Anna!
It's so sad that she's so overlooked compared to her older sister!

I love princess Anna! She is someone I would want in real life! She is someone who cares about everyone and in Frozen she would do anything for anyone she is my favorite!

I think anna should be second and elsa should be first and I forgot to tell you I LOVE FROZEN FROZEN IS THE BEST I hope there is frozen 2