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Princess Ariel is a fictional character and the title character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid.


I actually think Ariel might be one if the worst princesses. While yes she is adventurous and clever, in truth there was not much to her but a pretty face, hot body, ocean friends, a fantastic voice, and a title. Even though Ariel gets herself into situations that are not only dangerous to herself but the safety of the people she surrounds herself with, she acts like a complete ditz and goes about doing these things anyways. Also, the point about a story is to learn a lesson from it in some way shape or form. Ariel had no real story. Her tale was this: sing, fall in love with the first human boy within her age group who looks handsome though she doesn't know him at all, sing some more, have daddy issues, sell her voice (and soul) to get legs and a vag, attempt to learn something about this guy while making him fall in love with her, more singing, have her daddy solve her problems, and live happily ever after. Throughout the entire story we see no character development in her at all ...more

Ariel is the love of my life, and I'm still searching for her. Although she is, without any doubt the most beautiful of them all, it's not her beauty or her gorgeous voice who took my heart away. Her soul is her greatest treasure. She never doubts of her dreams, though no one near hear understands her heart. And overall she can still be funny in the best possible way. I'm sorry you all, she IS the best. Also, she was the only one who had a T.V. Series, a Broadway show, three sequels, an amount of albums, and started the whole new-great disney movies thing. If there wasn't an Ariel do you really think belle would exist? Or even anyone else after her? And come on, look at belle's face, Rapunzel's face, and all the others, they all tried to look like Ariel, and even her hair style was copied by so many, like Anastasia, Odette, Giselle, Rapunzel... Plus she has the best room, she's a mermaid and she has the best "I Want" song ever written. Sorry folks, she is NUMBER ONE

I will always love Ariel! Some people might call her stubborn, to independent, a bad role model, greedy, etc. Yes, she can be these things, at times. Yes, she ran away from her home, hated her father, (and only because she was filled with anger because her father destroyed her collection that took her ages to make) Took a strangers advice, letting her turn her into a human. Of course, at the beginning, Ariel was hard headed, but she was still brave, bubbly, and adventurous. People might say she was stupid for letting Ursula turn her into a human, just all of a sudden. But she had been dreaming for years (or at least a while) to be part of the human world. That's what 'Part of your world' was all about. She might've been to quick to love Prince Eric, and yes, she probably was. It's just that she got so excited for seeing a human finally up close. And him being the first one, it excited her. She wanted to get the very first human she'd ever seen. Not to mention that she saved his life, ...more

It's really sad that so many people trash her. True, she did leave her family and give up her voice and form for someone she didn't even know, but think of it this way. Ariel didn't like to be judgmental like her father and she must have known that not all humans are dangerous and some of them are kind and gentle, like Eric. Luckily for her, Eric was the prime example of how humans can be really engaging and cares for other people. She also was really adventurous and loved going up to the surface because she loved going up there in her younger days and I doubt she wanted to be human just because of Eric. Heck, she didn't want to be human just for the sake of it. She wanted to prove that both worlds can be joined together and there would be no hate towards each other. That's all she wanted to do. Her actual achievement was to bring the two worlds together. She just did it the wrong way, and I agree, she was reckless for dealing with Ursula but this shows that she's a flawed character, ...more

I love Ariel! I admire her so much. I love that she goes for things in life, she is ambitious and knows what she wants. She adapts to life and finds other ways if something blocks her path. I adore her in ways you could not imagine because she is so confident and enthusiastic. Yeah, she disobeyed her dad but she did it out of love which I think is so sweet and romantic. Not to mention the fact Eric has always been my favourite prince. When I was younger I remember Ariel as my role model, I had her as a Barbie doll and Eric! I used to play around with them all day. I also think that not only is Ariel beautiful on the inside, her warm personality touches my heart. She also makes a great mother to Melody - and Eric a father- which gives you a taste of reality about how much parents care and protect their children. Overall though, I absolutely love Ariel and the film. I wish they would keep making sequels! Ariel has always been my favourite, now and always. Forever...

Ariel is the best princess by far. She has the best singing voice and is exceptionally beautiful. She is also the only princess who is a mermaid. All the other princesses have either blonde, brown or black hair, but not Ariel. She has the most gorgeous red hair in the world. Ariel also has a daughter, unlike any of the other princesses which means her relationship worked out really well. Ariel is the best!

Ariel. Well, there's not really any competition is there? She's sweet, kind, adventurous, and basically everything else a heroine could need. If you think she's wimpy then you're wrong, this girl gives up her life for the guy she loves, and that's brave. Ariel even gives up her AMAZING singing voice (which is THE best voice out of all the princesses) for Eric. Downright awesome. Ariel's so brave she goes in to the evil sea-witches lair and actually makes a deal with her. She's got ambition, she knows what she wants and she's working hard to get it. And she's a mermaid! She lives in an amazing world under the sea, but she can still give that up for Eric because her love is so strong! Ariel is also the most beautiful disney princess, her red hair is brilliant. I think that she's a fearless amazing girl who saved the sea and land from Ursala (that took real guts) and she's independent going out into a foreign world for Eric, just for that tiny chance he'd love her. Go ARIEL!

I grew up with her, she is stubborn, head-strong, beautiful, and goes with her heart. She doesn't mind what others say, she's an outsider and proud of it. She follows her mind, and heart even if it means no obeying her father and gets what she wants. I feel every girl's role model should be as iconic and have characteristics of Ariel. Because if you always listen to your parents, you might get somewhere, but its not where you're supposed to be. I feel her story is also a good parenting movie. She's amazing in every way.. And this doesn't even begin to explain my love for her and her story. Gaahh! My childhood right here!

She was the first Disney princess to break the mold of the passive, helpless, submissive female role. Ariel was rebellious, non-conformist and an avid explorer. Her desire to learn about a different reality and culture was very progressive. She was an active agent in every moment of her story and the first princess to rescue the prince (prince Eric does save Ariel at the end of the film, but Ariel is the first one to save him upon the sinking of his ship).

Her character is flawed as one could argue she was too naive/curious/foolish/bratty and gave away her voice for a man she had just met, but her flaws give her dimension and make her seem more real and authentic as the 16 year old she is supposed to be. Moreover, Ariel learns her lesson at the end of the day and apologizes to her father for inadvertently putting her loved ones in danger.

Also yeah, she's a mermaid! (and Part Of Your World is easily the best princess song of all <3).

People say that Ariel is a terrible princess for just up and leaving her sisters and her father for some man she barely knew. But the truth was, she always wanted to be a human. Eric was just the extra push and motivation she needed to pursue her dream. And I admire her greatly for going after that. She has a beautiful singing voice that I could just listen to over and over again, shes modest, but isn't at all afraid to say what she wants to say, shes adventurous, and very caring, and also shes a mermaid! Come on, who doesn't love mermaids? Ariel has always been my most favorite Disney princess of all and that will never change.

Ariel was always my favorite. When she meets Prince Eric, she actually spends time with him, unlike Cinderella who just dances with a random guy, runs off, and marries him later because her shoe actually fit her foot. Also, Aurora meets a stranger in the woods, pricks her finger, falls asleep, and awakens when Prince Philip gives her " true love's kiss. " How do they know if it was true love if they never spent time together?! Ariel has great qualities that make her unique from the others, like bravery, curiosity, and independence which make her the best.

For one, she's actually a princess--half the girls on this list aren't princesses! She's a kick-ass redhead, need I say more? She gracefully transitions from mermaid to human and who could help falling in love with her! She's beautiful, charming, and nice. Her movie has the best soundtrack, and she the best voice! She is ambitious and doesn't take no for an answer. She's the perfect role model for girls to have their own voice and to be their own person. She also saves Eric, so she's also a good role model for gender equality and helps put to rest gender stereotypes. Girls can do anything!

Ariel is the best! She's definitely the most favorite princess.

Yes! She is beautiful and everything I could hope to be. Her song is my favorite and she is kind and smart enough to follow her heart and save the ones she loves lives. I don't understand why people think she is annoying? She is amazing princess overall. Words cannot express how wonderful a princess she is. (I know that sounds a little odd but it is true). Of course I believe all the Disney characters are beautiful in there own ways and evolve into such amazing princesses over time. Thank you Disney for giving me role models and a thought of an absolutley beautiful life through these wonderful animations. They have given me ideas of my passion for when I get older and a truly fantastic way to look at the world. I love everyone who spent any of their time on this beautiful way of art. Love Walt Disney too for establighing the idea that any dream I possible and true love is always there.

Yes, Ariel is shockingly beautiful and gung-ho for the power of love - and let's not forget the only time a Disney princess has sneered when Ariel clawed at Ursula - but let's also not forget how foolish she was too. Many people are always very condescending on the big three -Snow White, Cinderella, and Princess Aurora - for falling for a man before they knew him, BUT WHAT ABOUT ARIEL?! She is the only Disney princess to fall head over heals for a guy without first speaking a word to him. She gives her life away for a man who's never held a conversation with. What if he turned out to be an evil wizard in disguise?! And then fell in love with Ursula?! That would be a plot twist. Nevertheless, Ariel is hands down the most foolish, naive and perhaps shallow Disney princess as she fell in love with a man based on his looks and abilities with a snarflat. Despite her good looks and passion for love, it is because of the above that I don't believe Princess Ariel deserves her stance so high ...more

Aerial is the best. Even though she does rule for her being a mermaid, she has many other good features. She has been my favorite disney princess since I first saw her because all of her sisters have always been the best of friends and she was always the loner. She had friends and wanted to get away from her family so she could be with other people. I also love how she has beautiful red hair and blue eyes unlike any other people in the movie. She was the only person who believed in true love and did not care what other people thought about her. Aerial will always be my favorite princess and will never be beat by any other princess in my opinion.

I say she is a fantastic character; a huge step up from the previous Disney heroines. Why? Well, first of all, she was active. She didn't just wait for her prince to come (cough, cough, Snow White), she found him, and then, SAVED HIS ' LIFE! How many other heroines did that before her? Oh, and then she saves his ass again in the climax! Second, she has a personality, something Snow White didn't have, and Cinderella and Aurora had a little bit of. Third, her song. Oh, what a song! Everything about it, from Howard Ashman's lyrics and Alan Menken's score, to Glen Keane's animation and Jodi Benson's performance, is just fantastic! Absolutely flawless! I can safely call Ariel one of my favorite princesses.

Ariel has been my very favorite princess for as long as I can remember. I have dyed my hair her beautiful red for as long as I can remember. Areil is the best princess by far because not only is she beautiful, she chases her dream, unlike the other princess, Ariel decided to actually chase her dreams and gave everything she had just for 3 days of her dream. Areil has that amazing trove that she has collected human items forever. It shows her love for the land. She is not only chasing Prince Eric, she is chasing what she has wanted for as long as she lived, land. She trades something so dear to her for just a chase to live on land. She liked Eric because of his personality she had seen if him. In most of the Princess movies the Prince saves the Princess but in The Little Mermaid Ariel saved Eric from the evil Ursula. All in all here are my reasons for Princess Ariel being the best.

Ariel is my favorite princess. She is brave and believes in true love. It wasn't like that love was handed to her on a golden platter; she had to give away her voice and make someone she didn't know fall in love with her. Though she was a little naive she overcame it. She by far has the best friends and a song that isn't about prince charming. She has dreams and goals which other princesses lack, all they want is prince charming. Ariel doesn't want to be restricted to the waters she wants to roam free. She is also the only mother and really the only princess to be different.

She does not deserve 4th place. There are so many other princesses who displayed strength and morals and inner beauty. Ariel gave up EVERYTHING, her voice, her home, her family, her entire life, to marry a dude because he was hot. She never even talked to him! And somehow she was so sure he would marry her without even talking to her. And the moral of the story was apparently: If you throw away literally everything for your dream dude, everything will work out. What? Talking to him? No! Just make him swoon by looking pretty and nodding at everything he says! Yeah. Remind me why she's up in fourth place?

I'm answering your "rhetorical question." Ariel's at 4th place, because some people ( like myself) love her. She did not just give up everything for a guy. You don't like Ariel, and you don't like the movie...because it's easy to simply pretend that Ariel NEVER wanted human legs at all. Ariel sang a whole song about wanting to become a human WAY BEFORE she even saw Eric's ship, and Eric at all. Yeah. You forgot that whole entire "Part of Your World" song scene in the movie. You also forgot that Ariel HAD an ABUSIVE DAD by the name of King Triton. By forgetting these things, it's easy to just decide that Ariel is awful, and leaves her family on a whim. But Ariel's sisters were indifferent to her, and her own dad was a volatile xenophobe who blew up everything Ariel had collected while in a fit of rage. Psychologists call that abusive parenting. I remember these things, which you're forgetting and refusing to acknowledge. And I'll vote what the movie actually says about Ariel. Ariel is ...more - M54

I would say Ariel because she is the most enchanted one, as she was transformed from a mermaid to a human, and we all know that mermaids are not real, she is by far the prettiest one out of all of the Disney princesses. she has an amazing singing voice, she is brave enough to stand up to people (the sea witch) even when she knows she its most likely that she wont be able to be human and be her her prince. All of the Disney princesses are okay but over all Ariel is unique, and is also apart of many peoples childhood.

Ariel's great because she just didn't just want a prince like those before her, she wanted to see the upper world that she was so curious about. She also in my opinion has the best voice and she is the perfect mix of a Disney princess she's curious, adventurous and enthusiastic. I just love how she has a collection of all the human stuff she's found and Ariel is also relatable what person at one point in their life hasn't wanted to do something their parents wouldn't let them do. Ariel is the best Disney princess, no contest accept maybe Belle.

Ariel has always been my favorite since I was born! I never got to watch the movie until I was 12 but I read so many different books about the story, and I have to say Ariel will be the best princess forever! Also I'm really addicted to the sea, mermaids and stuff. After I watched the movie Ariel was not really the little mermaid I imagined when I was young, in the original story Ariel died at the end: Ariel always loved to hear stories about humans and out of the sea, her sister turned 15 one by one and she watched them swimming out of the sea to see the world, and hear about the stories they tell her after, she couldn't wait until she turns 15. At her 15th birthday she wore a flower crown with pearls and swam out of the water, it was the prince's 16th birthday, she saw the ship, fire works and beautiful things she'd never seen, until the storm came. She saved the prince and the prince opened his eyes and saw her face for a few seconds then fainted again, when Ariel heard people ...more

Ariel is my favourite disney princess. She is brave, resourceful and independent. She has a very beautiful voice. Her beauty always makes my heart happy. Her long red hair and blue eyes are very beautiful. She always listens to her heart. I love mermaids and sea very much. When I was 3 year old I watched her movie. From that day I admired her. She believes in true love and loves her friends. Her best friend Flounder is also very cute. I love Ariel very much!

Quite honestly, I loved her hair! ;) But, besides the fact that she was beautiful, I love that she was ready to disobey her father in order to win the heart of her Prince Charming! So romantic! She is my role model! She is funny and fearless - the perfect combination! I always hoped that I would grow up to be like her! She is by far my favourite Disney Princess of all time!

Her voice is so soft and wonderful. She saved a prince and her father. She is curious and brave. Even though is she is her father's favorite child, she is all whiny or the girl who always gets whatever she wants from her father. Plus she can stand up to her overprotective father and doesn't feel sorry for herself because her mom is gone. She is the youngest of 8 sisters and somehow she never really gets in trouble with them. She is the total role model for young princesses.