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Aurora is a fictional character from the popular Disney Film, Sleeping Beauty and the 2015 Live Action Release, Maleficent. She is commonly known as Sleeping Beauty and is one of the group Disney Princesses. She is a unique Disney Princess as in her film, Sleeping Beauty, she has a total of 18 minutes more.


Aurora has been my favorite forever! She is kind, sweet, respectable, and also loyal to her aunts. Anyone else notice she wanted her aunts to stop treating her like a child, but was too polite to say anything about it? Not only that, but it think she's absolutely beautiful, with a wonderful singing voice. You can tell she's a wonderful person, people keep saying she will be beloved by all who know her in the beginning, not to mention the fairies were in tears when they had to give her up. I also love Philip, they are such a cute couple. He would die to save her. True love without a doubt, both ways. The entire movie is just so magical and romantic, it holds a special place in my heart. Basically, Aurora is a wonderful girl, and I think deserves move love.

I don't really care who is the better role model or who promotes feminism and equality more. When I was the kid, I looked at Disney princesses for beauty, grace and a great singing voice. That's the trope that all of them had in common, and for me, Aurora was the prettiest and had the best singing voice. Her hair is also amazing! I really liked her plot line too, for example I loved the fairy godmothers and the cake scene. She's just very iconic and Once Upon A Dream like sums up what a Disney princess song should be. I find some of the modern princesses cartoon faces annoying and boring and this whole "I'm so different from what a princess is expected to be. I'm stubborn, clumsy and fighting for my rights" really isn't original anymore.

Not only is Princess Aurora the most iconically beautiful Disney princess of the whole slew, but she's also iconically beautiful in her spirit as well. When told she's a princess she melts down partially because she believes that a chance at love with Philip is so much greater in worth than all the gold, crowns and finery that is offered as a princess. Not only that but she further finds love in her heart rather than disdain when she meets her parents for the first time after sixteen years of their absence. She's also named after the sun and we all love the sun so let's all love Aurora too.

Aurora was my all time favorite princess I wanted to be her when I was little people say she doesn't do much in the movie but she was possessed and put under a deep sleep not much you can do in that state besides she a classic and very very very beautiful besides she was possessed when it happened Ariel willingly chose a deal which made very unfair and stupid which means she is well you know stupid! But imagine living a simple life and then on your sixteenth birthday being told your a princess and that you are going to get married to some prince you've never met before (she has met him they fall in love it's too much to explain just watch the movie ) plus she is a really good singer
People can say she's helpless and does nothing but to me she will always be perfect and that's all that matters to me! Love you Aurora/Briar-Rose x

Why does aurora always get dissed? It's literally not her fault what happened to her. like chill...sometimes bad things happen to good people..and also yes she's more passive and obedient but this is a good trait. It shows that aurora has the maturity to accept the responsibility placed before her even if it means sacrificing her happiness. It shows that she knows the bigger picture. Is she sad show her fate, of course, but she accepts it and I would assume would work hard to be the best princess she can be. And because she does her duty as a princess she marries her true love Phillip! Aurora is a good example for girls. She shows the meaning behind doing ones duty and how we can be rewarded if we do what we know is right (even if it isn't easy) go aurora!

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess ever! She has been since I was a small child. I basically knew the whole movie by heart! It's a great classic with a great message, and Aurora and Philip have the best personalities and chemistry out of all the Disney couples. I really hope Sleeping Beauty gets higher up!

Aurora is one of the best! How could people not like her? Hey, she doesn't save China, throw a temper tantrum and curse her mother, freeze her kingdom, but does a princess have to do any of that? She is one of the few TRUE princesses she's noble, kind, sweet, beautiful and gentle. AND she has the best prince. I LOVE the Beast and Flynn Rider, but they don't take on dragons!

Dreamy and absolutely beautiful. I can't think of any other princess that is as beautiful as her. She reeks feminine beauty!

Aurora is sweet and has a lovely voice. I love her long wavy blonde hair. I think it is unfortunate that she only got under eighteen minutes of screen time, such a pity. She teaches us to be positive and cheerful though he was hidden by her three fairy godmothers. Aurora has been my favourite Disney princess since young.

I don't think others get how Aurora wasn't even in control of her own fate. Everyone thinks it's HER fault she didn't get to do much in the movie, but that's not true. You think it was HER choice to prick her finger? Well, if you do, it was Maleficent who put her the the trance that forced her to. Probably the most underrated Disney Princess of all time.

She's the Classic Disney princess, and the image that comes to mind when you hear the word "Princess," even more so than Cinderella. With her kind, playful yet elegant nature, her long, sunshine golden tresses that contrast her stunning violet eyes, and exquisite singing voice thanks to the lovely Mary Costa, she makes a real impression in her limited screen time.

She is the most authentic princess, in my personal opinion. She eludes grace and elegance - just like what a traditional princess would be. I also love her bouncy hair and operatic voice.

She is my favorite disney princess. Many people say she doesn't have personality, but she's cheerful, sweet, kind and is lovely. They say she's asleep throughout the movie, we'll because she pricked her finger. Why did she do that? She was under a spell! This princess is absolutely amazing.

What is not to love she has lovely gold hair she is kind and pretty she has a amazing fairy tale with the fairies and the witch you should really vote for her I can't believe that she is number 8 she should be number 1 so vote for her but I also like Snow White which I couldn't believe wasn't in the top ten that is a amazing film but not better then sleeping beauty she is the prettiest princess by far in my opinion this is my order number 1sleeping beauty 2 Snow White 3 Cinderella 4 belle 5 Arlie 6 jasmine 7 Elsa 8 Anna 9 Mulan 10 tinker belle

Aurora is flawless. The perfect, ideal princess. And why in the heck is crap like mulan, frozen and tangled at the top of the list? You shouldn't automatically pick the "princess" that's modern and currenty popular just because of that reason. Try to remember how beautiful and flawless the voices were that played Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. The sad truth is we'll never get voices like that on Disney again.

Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Royal Connection: Daughter of a King, Married a Prince
Prince: Phillip
Year Made: 1959

Sleeping beauty the story has a great plotline, and even though I'm not a fan of the whole "I fell in love when I first saw him" thing, I think it was beautiful in this princess story. Aurora's voice is also one of the BEST and she's drop-dead gorgeous.

For me, she's one of the most beautifully drawn Disney princesses.
I also love her voice and her song 'Once upon a dream'

Even though she didn't do anything much, she's my childhood dream and imagination. Beautiful princess, handsome prince who saved her from a wicked witch, woods talking animals and classic story.
When I grown up I also like Belle and Ariel who showed their love much more profoundly and did lots of things. But I never forget Aurora. She's still the one.

I don't get why people dislike her. Sure, she had a prince save her and married him, but when in our society has falling in love considered weak. She may not be the ultimate fighter princess, but she's sweet and kind. Don't compare her to others, love her for who she is!

Wait what...? 12th? She's the ICONIC Disney Princess! How is it possible to dislike her? She's a Classic beauty, she's so sweet and beautiful, she may be quiet but to me it's such a valuable quality! She's my childhood icon and inspiration forever. My all time favorite!

I love only Aurora, she is my favorite. I collect all things I can purchase. She is the truly beauty. She has long blonde hair, good shape and beautiful voice. I don't mind if anyone dislike her. Because we have different opinion.

She's very imaginative. She has hope of finding that perfect guy she's always dreamed of and comes up with a prince who risks his own life to save her. She's beautiful and kind and awesome!

Aurora is so beautiful and so is her song "once upon a dream". I love her and all the Disney princesses

Aurora is the most beautiful princess ever! I love her since forever, Shes very mature, with a great voice! I love her so much, and I believe some people agree with me. I think all princesses are the same. So I don't know why there should be a top ten anyway. There all magnificent, adventerous, and all uniquely beautiful.

I wish people would recognize her as Princess Aurora instead of Sleeping Beauty but love her so much. She is most beautiful princess and so lovely inside and out. Wish she was more known as Princess Aurora though.