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She is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 31st animated feature film Aladdin (1992).


Jasmine is the best princess because she's clearly the most independent princess of them all. Snow White and aurora married a prince just because the princesses woke them up from a spell. Cinderella and Ariel knew to marry their princes just by looking at them. I mean, can't females choose who they want to marry instead of just staring at them or talking to them... Only once? Princess Jasmine is the first person to show that you don't need to marry someone who is like you. You don't need to marry someone you wouldn't want to see in your life. Jasmine married Aladdin, who is a complete STREET RAT. Just to even go out with someone who has most likely been arrested a few times would be crazy! Jasmine married aladdin for love, and not for competition, which makes her a good role model for all young girls.

The cuteness of Ariel, the intelligence of Belle, and the independence of Tiana, along with her own unique exotic flare... I can see why Al fell for her less than a second within him laying his eyes on her.

First off...Jasmine is a terrible character. While the people in her kingdom suffer and children go hungry, this privileged, ungrateful, whiny brat does nothing but complain. What a terrible human being she is, be a little more grateful princess. Why do people put these whiny self-absorbed princesses up on their pedestals and ignore one of the strongest and most heroic woman of Disney...Esmeralda. Esmeralda is a poor young woman who lives on the streets and everyday faces social and racial discrimination and yet she continues to fight against injustice and help the less fortunate. She is the most selfless Disney heroine EVER! People want more feminist Disney ladies, well Esmeralda is not a feminist...she is a humanist which is better. Esmeralda is a role model!
I am so sick of bratty princesses like Jasmine gaining all the glory and Esmeralda, Meg and Jane are kept in the dark. Seriously people get it together!

Jasmine is honestly the best Disney Princess there is. I love her relationship she has with her pet tiger, you have to be a seriously understanding and calm, caring person if you have a tiger as a pet that behaves perfectly. Also, she's the first Disney Princess to wear pants, and I love that because I prefer pants over dresses as well. I also love how she wanted to marry for love and not because someone is a prince or not. She has a seriously neat outlook on life and just has this amazing vibe about her that I can't get over.

Actually Jasmine is the most beautiful Disney princess.. The reason why Belle is beautiful because of her damn yellow dress.. Belle was not beautiful at all she is just kind of appealing (sorry for my grammar I'm not really an English guy).. And by the way even Jasmine has a brown skin she is more beautiful than Belle Let's say...

Dress is to Belle and..
Physical appearance is to Jasmine were talking about the appearance not about their outfit so Jasmine is the best and most beautiful of the Disney princess.. Jasmine Rules! And oh yea.. Belle is my childhood favorite and when I watched both of their movies I observed them and I found out Jasmine is more beautiful than her..

Jasmine really helped me believe in myself. I was determined that I was going to be forever alone because guys don't like girls who fight for what they want, girls that push back and challenge the boundaries. It had been a long time since I had last seen Aladdin, so I decided to watch it again, and I realized that Jasmine was the kind of girl who pushed for what she wanted and she got one of the best, kindest Disney princes, with some of the best morals. Now I've got some faith in myself. That's why Jasmine's my favourite.

She's sweet, kind, and isn't afraid to speak her mind! She longs for freedom and her story is different and unique. Most stories have a princess who wants a prince or something. Jasmine is different! She doesn't have the same old pet every princess has ( dog, fish, bird, bunny. ) she has a tiger! She is brave and she is willing to get married to someone who is poor! She didn't judge her prince by wealth, she judged him by how he was on the inside. No princess can compare to that.

I love Jasmine since I love Egypt and I think she is one of the best princesses ever. I collect Jasmine toys and everything that has her on it even though it is very hard to find Jasmine things in walmart and target. Also Jasmine is one of the most bravest Disney princesses because she try's to runaway and be with nobody then she finds Aladdin. So I think Jasmine is the best Disney princess ever.

In many areas around the world, a big problem is arranged marriage and divorce. But Jasmine here, pushes all that away. She is smart, intelligent, and beautiful and she will always stay true to herself. I also love her because she is different. An Arabian princess... WOW! I am glad Disney was smart enough to make a movie about somewhere exotic. And my final reason is that, Aladdin is one of the greatest stories of all time!

Jasmine is a wonderful Disney Princess for the fact that she doesn't just rush into marriage and has rather high standards. She sees right through Aladdin's disguise and, best of all, has the wonderful Raja by her side. She teaches girls courage and to be true to yourself.

Hi! I love jasmine! I have loved her since I was little. Here is how the list should go-
1 jasmine
2. Mulan
4 Ariel
5 Rapunzel
6 Megara
7 Snow White
8 Cinderella
9 tiana
10 Esmeralda
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Make a Disney princess also she is one of my favorite Disney princess is because flu around the room alone on the magic carpet with the boys in the land that she liked very much that's why Jazmine has to be one of the best greatest Disney princesses of all time!

She is amazing. First of all: she's the only princess that wears pants. She is strong and independent. She does what she wants. She also doesn't wait for a prince she goes out in life and gets one herself. She also has a pet tiger. That's like the coolest thing ever.

Jasmine has more strength than gives credit towards as a person. It is enough to win in the film but as nice with being in fifth there is something withheld about the character and uncertain if it is good or bad though. Has this vote anyhow. - iliescu

Jasmine doesn't care about your social status, she cares about the personality (looks probably help, too). She isn't ignorant towards other people because they are financially below her, she wants to help them.

Best... Princess... Ever. She has the hair, the attitude, the style, the tiger, the humor, and the most toughest personality. I almost thought she was adopted from the street and was about to find her true destiny!

Jasmine shows a perfect role model. She chooses to marry someone she loves even thought he is poor and lives on the street than someone who she doesn't care about but has money.

Jasmine is the most free-spirited and the most prettiest princess! She don't like to stay in castle and she have tiger as her sidekick. If there would be movie about her I would want to act her. For me she is the best!

I have never had her as my favorite princess, I've always thought she was showing a bit to much skin and she is so impossibly skinny. Though I like her a bit. I dislike her just a teeny bit. A TEENY BIT. She does want to be her own self which I admire, she's independent.

I love jasmine she is my favorite Disney Princess, even though she isn't the main character she still steals my heart. I love how she is independent and strong. I hoped that she was third but being 5th is fine.

Jasmine is the number one princesses because she is so kind hearted and is very brave she never wanted a prince but true love she is also very independent and beautiful but motist. She excepted Aladdin even after she knew he had literally nothing and I grew up loving her so if you think jasmine belongs in any other place than 1st that's your problem

Jasmine is the sweetest princess out there. She dost care about finding a prince, instead she longs for freedom. She is brave and kind and sweet. She is the best princess and should be number 1 on this list!

Jasmine has a great royal lineage, has many talents like naming all forty theives, and she is a good ruler. Throughout the movies and series we see her change and become a good ruler, even sacrificing herself for them. Her first motivation is not even a prince, it is to get out of the palace. She strong-willed, courageous, and she is not a prize to be won.

Jasmine is good because her story is good and her voice is very smooth. I also like aladdin because he is awesome and abu is awesome and cute. jasmine is awesome and I like her

Jasmin is very beautiful, kind, and courageous! She is totally the perfect princess!