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Fa Mulan, a character inspired by an actual historic figure is a character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 36th animated feature film Mulan, as well as its sequel Mulan II.


Mulan is great and an inspiration to all women. She might not be the most feminine, she doesn't wear a big poofy dress. No corset or high heels, but her natural beauty is what seperates her from the rest. Mulan doesn't need a man to stop her from pursuing her goals and accomplishments. She knows how to fight, be strong, and push through tragic times in her life. Not only would this be an amazing accomplishment in our time, it's incredible in her time. Back then, women were nothing. They had to be quiet and look pretty. In the movie when she said to Li Shang (love interest) "You trusted Ping, how is Mulan any different? " This really means, why is being a man any different than being a woman? Go Mulan!

Mulan is THE best. I totally think she should be at the top of the list here but: Is Mulan really a princess? She didn't have a king or queen as a parent nor did she marry a prince or king (did she? )? But that is completely besides the point. Mulan is brave and kind and puts others before herself. She risked her life to avoid her father to have to go to war. This girl is also really brave. She is witty, clever, smart, brave, intelligent, and everything a role model should have. One minor problem about her is she's little too brave. Being too outgoing could lead to problems and disasters. But that is very minor considering Mulan's smartness. She is a heroine. Saving China from evil people (What were they called again? ), putting her father's life and safety before her's, perseverance to be the best at whatever she does; I mean you don't see such a talented girl out there anymore. And another very important point is that Mulan is one of the rare Disney movies with girls that don't need ...more

Let's look at the facts. She SAVES her father, then she SAVES her comrades, then she SAVES Shang, then she SAVES China/the Emperor. Uh, yeah. Plus, she doesn't give up in the face of adversity. Though her dad clearly doesn't want it, she leaves to join the army (for his sake, mind you, this is a totally unselfish decision), and stays in the army even when Shang sends her home because it's so hard, and then goes to warn Shang and the Emperor that the Mongols survived even when Shang nearly beheaded her when he found out she was a woman. And besides being selfless and loving, she's clearly intelligent, as seen by how she comes up with the avalanche plan. And though she falls in love with Shang, she doesn't let that stop her/consume her. Getting the man was an added bonus, not her main goal. She's proactive in a way that no other Disney princess (yes, including Belle, Ariel, etc. ) is.

Mulan shows a feminist and strong attitude that most of the classic disney princesses definitely don't have. Her story isn't about being saved by a prince, falling in love or any of the stereotypical princess roles. Instead, she SAVES China. To save her father, she joins the army and, although she is a woman, rises to the top until she is better than Shang, who she has a slight crush on. But her crush doesn't distract her from protecting the whole of China from bloodthirsty Huns.
Her strength doesn't lie in a pretty singing voice and she isn't saved by a man. Instead, she risks her life and everything to bring honour to her father and save him from certain death. she is strong, capable, clever and brave- something that is sorely lacking in the classic beauties with their big doe eyes and bland personalities. How can princesses who either sleep through most of the film, or basically give up everything for a man that she has only just met, be better than a truly amazing role model ...more

How Belle is #1? I am in Mulan team. Belle read books but what kind of books did she read science books? No she read about prince charming, the fact that someone reads "twilight" kinda books doesn't make them smart and the way she talks about other people "little people" shows that she thinks she is better than everyone else. Besides she didn't do much, yeah at the begining I liked her but at the end she is behaving so dump that I stopped liking her at all. Mulan on the other hand she is smart, brave, creative. One of the best moments is when she cut her hair it may not be much of deal now but back then it was a disaster. Moreover the way she uses her brain to become the best student and to save her army twice when they didn't stand a chance. Knowledge doesn't mean anything if you cannot apply them in real life. Besides she did it to save her father not the guy she met only once and became sexually attracted to him. Mulan is the best cartoon ever made by Disney nothing could ever be ...more

She is what I call a true princess! This is what every princess should be like and every female aim to have the characteristics of. She doesn't let any of the men in her life tell her who or what she can be. In the beginning, she is constantly manipulated by the females in her and was told to be pretty and shut up. She didn't follow the set of standards given to her. And when her father is called to be in the Chinese war, she immediately refused to let her father go, and ultimately decided to take his place, due to his slowly deteriorating state of health. This was a completely selfless and meek thing to do in her case. She fought and even brought Shan Yu and his little gang down. And even when Shang found out, tried to kill her, and exiled her, she just stayed and protected them even when they didn't want her there. She warned them that Shan Yu wasn't dead, and was just brushed off because she was female. However, she proved otherwise by defeating and killing Shan Yu. Then being the ...more

Mulan is just like everyone, she can be lazy, late, and she doesn't like makeup! But she proves in what she has been trying to say all along- to follow your heart. She has very unique characteristics and is proud of herself. She knows when to talk and how to change a heart. No matter how much she tries, people don't listen, but she is a trustworthy, beautiful and kind-hearted person whom I think deserves the 1st position. People soon start to believe her after she saves her whole civilization. She's my hero and idol. And by the way, Mulan was not born a princess like Belle either!
1. Her name means Magnolia blossom
2. She is proud to be herself, and won't give up on family and friends even if she was told she would dishonor them
3. Has the ability to fight and free hearts
4. Is proud to be a girl
5. Wasn't born a princess
6. She talks to her DRAGON that was sent to her by her ANCESTORS
7. She tells everyone to trust their HEART, not gender
8. She is ...more

Mulan is amazing! Guys, she's so relatable. At first, she tries to fit in with society, but then discovers who she really is through saving her father. And that's what I love! Mulan discovers herself through service. She doesn't really discover herself by singing her song "reflection" she discovers it when saving her father and country. She's extremely loyal, and will do anything to help her friends and family. I really admire that. Also, she's a big believer on duty. She shows girls that people DO have responsibilities. When going to war she could've left. I mean they TOLD her to go. But what does she do? Work harder. She believes that if she is going to take her fathers place she's going to put her heart into her work. Also she gets to know her prince (haha, sorta I mean he's not really a prince). She doesn't just bat her eyes and say "oo la la" She actually gets to know him. It shows in the end that he asks her out on a date, not to marry him. Additionally, she ...more

Really? I believe Mulan's the best princess out there here's my reasons. First, she didn't need a man and she loved her family so much, she risked death. And she didn't grew up as a spoiled princess! In my opinion I think she's better because, unlike Ariel she didn't disobey her dad. Unlike Jasmine she didn't wear a skimpy outfit everyday. Unlike Belle, Mulan didn't seem like she's so better at everyone just because she's smart (to me Belle is just feels superior in the movie because she's smart. Unlike, Aurora, Mulan didn't let anything stop her. (A curse. ) Also, all Aurora did was sleep! Mulan saved China for crying out loud! All in all, I think Mulan is the best but it's your opinion

Mulan is one of the princesses that is always put beside. She may not technically be a princess, but she has the same and even better qualities of the others! I hate how people always vote for Ariel or Aurora because they didn't find for anything! Mulan fought for her country, family, and herself! She is brave, courageous, and good-hearted, and it doesn't hurt that she picked up a man along the way. :) She is beautiful and is my favorite because she doesn't wait around for her prince. The best princess shouldn't be judged by looks, or singing voice (although Mulan has a kick-ass singing voice) but rather, for their traits within.

I think Mulan is the best of them all as a princess as a person and as a story. Out of all the Disney movies that I've seen I really think Mulan's story sends out the best message, it wasn't just about finding love or Prince Charming. It was about her protecting her father and her family's honor no matter what she had to do she put on an armor went to battle disguised as a man how much more brave and strong willed can she be? She was the hero not the prince and she proved a point she's really like a role model brave, independence, cares so much about her family and is a fighter. I guess she's simply perfect everything a Princess should be in my opinion.

She is beautiful and shows that you don't need to worry about being perfect and that you should just be yourself. Throughout the movie her main goal isn't to fall in love which is one my most favorite points in the story (you don't need a prince to be happy). And she also demonstrated that women can be strong and fight even though people expect them to be damsels. I also love how she carries herself with confidence and beauty (she also shows girl that you don't need to be the prettiest, I mean she played a man :) ) Another thing that caught my attention was her CLOTHES ariel. Jasmine, belle and all the others have at least one outfit that shows young girls innapropriet clothes but Mulan continued to wear her beautiful MODEST clothes and still fight crime

Of course a "princess" must be saved by her prince! NOT! Mulan saved her prince, now that's a kick-butt girl!

Come on! Mulan is no "damsel in distress."

Okay, Cinderella needs beauty and a fairy god mother, Aurora only has EIGHTEEN minutes of screen time and 18 lines of dialogue... Lazy lazy lazy. Snow White, AFTER BEING TOLD A LOT OF TIMES not to take food from strangers, she idiotically took an apple from a creepy old woman in the woods! Ariel sold her only talent to be with someone that she only loves because of his looks. Jasmine isn't too bad, but she doesn't do anything to help the conflict. Belle is smart and all, but she's weak and doesn't do anything but see the good side in everything, she's my number 4 princess. Merida is boss, but Mulan is more boss. Pocahontas is boss, but Mulan is more boss. Tiana is cool too, but she kissed a frog. Come on now.

Mulan is the best. She is the only princess, yes I consider her a princess, better actually, who goes through a real transformation and betters herself. She goes from a clumsy girl to a full blown warrior who pretty much single handedly saved China. That is the reason why she is my favorite. She's cool, resourceful, strong and beautiful and her film is my absolute favorite. Who can hate Mulan she's amazing. She definitely the toughest princess and she's daring since she's the only gender bending princess, her uniqueness makes her great.

Mulan is truly the most pretty and doesn't need beauty makeup.
Here is my opinion to other princesses:
Snow White:Had a personality but still she is told not to accept stuff from strangers.
Modern-time: If Snow White story was modern, she will accept a perfume poured with a sleeping potion, then sleep.

Cinderella- successful and beautiful but still she needs a fairy godmother for just a stupid prince and ball.
Modern-time: If it was modern, she steals some of cloth from her stepsisters and they get them, then she'll buy another prom dress but rather another color.

Aurora: beautiful but boredom at a movie. My reaction at the movie when I saw Aurora: Biggest boredom ever, I mean like I just want you to sleep and you getting beat by Maleficent!

Ariel- Virus, Haha! I called her virus because she gives me a bacteria called Familosis because Ariel doesn't like her family anymore and just like Eric
Modern-time Eric gets drunk and Ariel gets pregnant and ...more - kontrahinsunu

Mulan kicks ass and then some. She isn't some drooling fangirl trying to win a prince's love, and doesn't wait to be saved because SHE does the saving. She displays intelligence, kindness, bravery, and she always thought about how her decisions might affect her family, even though she knew in the end she had to find her own path. She doesn't put her own desires before the rest of the world for the sake of adventure. No, she went to war to save her father's life. She fought hard and never gave up despite some lulls and she was the only heroine who MADE her story as opposed to the other way around. So I agree, Mulan is definitely the best role model on the list.

Mulan has been my favorite Disney princess ever since I was a little girl. She was what I wanted to grow up to be. Mulan is selfless risking her life to save others in both Mulan and Mulan 2. She doesn't wear makeup actually and wants to be herself. She actually is seen wiping off her makeup at the start of the movie. When I was little that just screamed to me, "You don't need to change how you look! Take a look at Mulan! She is beautiful on her own and so are you! " Mulan also does not need a man or go out looking for one. Actually the man comes to her instead and that is not usually what heppens. She is actually the first Disney princess I have seen who does not kiss a man in her movie. Well that only applies to the first movie though. Mulan is an excellent role model who encourages young girls to be who they.

I adore Mulan. Sure she is incredibly selfless, brave, loyal, and intelligent, but she is also human. She is lazy, a slacker, clumsy, and she doesn't always think before she acts. She has insane creativity and a large range in personality. She is quite quiet and introverted, but she is still rebellious and outspoken. She is trying to find herself throughout the film, and will do anything to please her parents. This is very relatable to me. She is so obedient and tries so hard to be perfect and her failures add to to her character. She's excellent in terms of development as well. Mulan is a fantastic character and role model.

Mulan is amazing. She's strong, independant and daring. There's just not enough words in me to put in how much of a great character she is. Although the mulan sequel was pretty dumb in my opinion, the first movie was one of Disney's best, a masterpiece, a classic and a story to be shared upon generations and generations. In the future, young people will look back at the past, when civilization views everyone as equal and with the same rights, and they'll notice this very thing: Mulan, a diamond among coals. A movie picturing civilization thousand of years ago, in which a young girl desobeys her father in order to save her father, her family, and entire CHINA. In a civilization in which the mere cutting of hair was considered almost a CRIME... And she did it all for who she loved the most. Mulan has flaws, yes, but those flaws are what make her PERFECT. She's the female embodiment of bravery, and I applaud Disney for bringing this miracle into our lives. Mulan is the best princess.

No Disney Princess could kick as much ass as Mulan you guys.. Seriously. She not only is very beautiful and brave, but she also taught young girls something way more important than how to make a prince fall in love with you and move you into a castle. She taught us that although you are a girl, you are just as strong and independent as men. She might not even qualify as a princess because she's way stronger. The only one that can compare in my mind is Pocahontas.

Mulan is a strong, intelligent, independent woman. It is not her goal in life to find a man to take care of her like so many of the other princesses. She aims to bring honor to her family and, more importantly, to find out who she truly is. She uses intelligence and persistence to succeed in the army and save her country. She does not rely on beauty or status to get her places. Mulan is the best Disney princess for young girls to look up to.

What I like about Mulan is that she's such a realistic character. Aside from her kickbuttery and heroism, she's also real. For God's sake, she wrote "notes" (cheats) on her arm when she was meeting the Matchmaker. A good role model? Not in that scene, but at least she was shown as a woman who was definitely not perfect. Other Princesses have flaws too, but they seem to try too hard to be "likable" - such as Anna's awkwardness, which is still rather cute.

Mulan is just such a real person. No cutesyness, no trying-too-hard and all that. And I loved when everyone bowed to her - how shocked she was to get that kind of respect, because she wasn't doing it to be a hero; she was just merely doing what she thinks is right.

I love Mulan - character and movie - so much. Oh, and Shang: hottest Disney guy ever.

Mulan would do anything for her family, and she does something way out of the ordinary because of her love for her father. Mulan isn't "the fairest of them all" (cough cough Snow White) and "the belle of the ball" (cough cough Cinderella) or some dumb girl that gives up her voice and life because she fell in love with a guy because he was handsome (cough cough COUGH Ariel) She loves Shang because of who he is and how she and him work as a team. And that is beautiful. Mulan is amazing, and deserves way more love than she receives.

She will always be my Favorite character in disney. While I watched the other disney princess show I grew up hating a lot of them (except for Pocahontas) because I hated the stereotypes. I became less girly when I grew up and right when I saw Mulan I LOVED her. She kicks ass, and she saves China even though she blew the empire's place up. She also knows how to do Kung-fu. How can THAT not be epic! I also loved how she disliked the idea of a feminine women. What grew on me is her tomboyish side of her. I also loved Mushu in the show too. I don't really consider Mulan a princess though. All the other movies that follow the stereotypical "princess" I absolutely HATE.