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21 Jane

Jane is amazing. She's intelligent, curious and adorable. She overcomes her fear of a man that seemed to abduct her, to teach him about the "civilized" world and to learn about his. She is insistent on justice and fairness, as seen in her behavior towards Clayton and the poachers. She learns that non-Anglo, "uncivilized" life is not inferior and eventually chooses to spend the rest of her life in the world she's learned about growing up and which is so beautiful, AND also with the boy she loves. I honestly don't understand why she and other non-classic yet awesome nonroyals don't get more marketing.

Jane is literally one of my favourite Disney characters ever. She is intelligent, inquisitive, adventurous, patient, compassionate, funny and sweet. Also just that accent, I could listen to her talk all day. She does not deserve to be twenty second

Jane is such a sweetheart. She actually is willing to go out there and study what she loves best. And she's perfectly fine falling for the uncouth jungle man, and is willing to fight for him and his gorilla family. She deserves a much higher rating, and a lot more popularity.

This is a list for Disney Princesses not Disney females

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22 Moana Moana

Moana, on top of the fact that she's beautiful, is really interesting despite some of the typical disney cliches that the company's know for. He has good intentions, she loves her home and family, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and she is very,very determined on her quest to discover not just what's truly beyond her reef, but to figure out what's truly inside her, what she likes, and who is as a person. From her design and her home, to her personality and determination, moana has my vote for the best disney princess. I even think she's better than Elsa and Tiana, which is saying something because I love those 2.

Moana is definitely the best princess. Even she isn't a princess (She's the village chief's daughter, close enough! ) she doesn't act like one and she's the first Hawaiian princess! She 's supposed to be a mixture of Pocahontas and Merida but I find she's mostly like Mulan and Belle too. The water animation in the movie was amazing and the designs on her shirt and skirt are so nice and unique! Her pet pig is so cute too! I find the rooster a bit stupid though...

Why is she the 22nd? She should be first! She is like a mixture of Mulan, Pocahontas and Belle! All the good things! She is beautiful, she risked her life for her island and found Maui. She doesn't want a prince and doesn't end up marrying one, unlike Belle. Plus, she is a Hawaiian princess who loves adventure. She should be first on this list! I love her she's the best princess!

She is clever, charismatic, and strong.

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23 Leia Organa

By far the greatest princess. After witnessing the destruction of her home planet Alderaan by the Darth Vader she aided the Rebel Alliance in defeating the evil Galactic Empire.

Faced the most hardship, and has the best Prince. (Han is amazing.) I could say so much more than that about her, but I mean she kind of speaks for herself. Should be at the top.

Best Princess of all time. Hands down.

Leia's not Disney. At least she wasn't until a few years ago. - Anonymousxcxc

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24 Sofia the First Sofia the First

I'm 14 and I watch Sofia too! It helps me shockingly because when she wants to be alone with her mom on Mother's Day it makes me realize that we are in the same boat. I wanted to be with my dad all alone but it made my realize that I now have to share my dad with my step siblings

It's kind of weird, but despite my age, I LOVE Sofia the First episodes. They're pretty interesting you know. I can't say she's the best princess, but her shows are actually pretty good. (Don't think I'm a child, my little sister loves Sofia too! )

She is so cute I, m 15 and I watch her show with my little sister

Her bleeding sounds about how much I feel for her

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25 Charlotte

Not top ten but amazing nonetheless. Charlotte was given a lot. But, she is selfless and nice. She cares deeply about Tiana and would never jeopardize her friendship with her. She puts friendship first which I like.(that shows loyalty)

Charlotte makes me laugh. She may be pretty spoiled, but she was willing to give up her life long dream, just so Tiana, her bff, could live out hers. All in all, she's an awesome friend.

She is also 27 on this list, but she should be higher. Maybe she would be if the votes for her two entries were merged. That's what I am going to tell myself, because there is no way she shouldn't be at least top 10. Especially if Dot is higher on the list than her.

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26 Kida

Kida is amazing. She doesn't have to wear the material things in life, like beautiful dresses and things like that. She has magical powers and a magical necklace that define who she is. If anybody asks you who is the Disney Princess with the single blue gem necklace, everybody will know that it is Princess Kida. Not only that but she can get her hands dirty, when the time has come to it because she is just kickass like that. Also, she loves her people and she loves her father... She is a grand ruler of the people of Atlantis and she gets along with everybody. That is why I LOVE Princess Kida.

Just because she doesn't wear a poufy dress DOESN'T mean she's not a princess. And a cool one at that! Not only does she have magic powers and the coolest kingdom (Atlantis. ' ATLANTIS! ), but she sacrifices herself for the good of her people. Brave, smart, and strong, she kicks Belle's ball gowned butt ANY day.

Kida is pretty legit. She was willing to sacrifice herself for her kingdom, and she eventually married the outsider ( Milo)

And her white hair is pretty awesome

Best princess ever hands down. Badass.

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27 Dot

Um, don't mean to be a party pooper but, who's Dot?

The one from the Bug's Life I think? And no, I don't know how she's a princess 😂 - HitomiKira

Yeah I think its from Bug Life. I've never seen that movie before.

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28 Daisy Duck (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)

Daisy Duck xxx Sonic the Hedgehog (her best Sega friend)/Kirby of the Stars/Diddy Kong

Daisy Duck vs. Donkey Kong

Imagine Daisy Duck with a Piko-Piko Hammer & on Archie Comics.

Daisy duck well my name is daisy too

Daisy Duck is fat.
Also, I liked that part where Mickey Mouse interacted w/ Daisy Duck which they hardly do nowadays.

Also, Minnie Mouse is very similar in personality towards the overrated Princess Peach just like how Goofy is similar to Yoshi.

Death Battle: Daisy Duck vs. Pac-Man.

Still, imagine Daisy Duck w/ a Piko-Piko Hammer fighting against Dr. Wily.

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29 Faline

I love faline. She's adorable and playful. I like how, as a fawn, she is such a tomboy and totally beats up Bambi. She survives the hunters alone, without Bambi. And she and Bambi have such a sweet love. Back off, Nala, this is the original animal princess.

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30 Arista
31 Maleficent Maleficent

I know everybody's going to be like: Malificent is a villain not a princess. So sure she's not a princess but neither is Elsa, Alice, an more. But she is technically a Queen. She is confident, funny, strong, powerful, beautiful, and very independent. Who's with me?

She should be way higher on this list! She kicks butt!

I love maleficent in the movie but in sleeping beauty I hate her

Listen your wrong she is powerful and your right Aurora stinks!

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32 Maid Marian

She's one of the kindest people in Robin Hood. She's nice and clever. Plus, Robin Hood certainly likes her, and who doesn't love Robin Hood?

She is so sweet kind and thoutful she is not my favorit but she is my 5or 6th

33 Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character in Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and its loose film adaptation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Shes beautiful and all but I pretty much sure agree that shes in the place she really belongs

"He makes me laugh"
That's love right there, and anyone who can deal with Rodger's wackiness, is cool to me

She has the body and face of an actor but has the heart of a fighter.she is pretty and she is my brothers cartoon crush/ he thinks she is pretty and has a big heart and must love roger rabbit

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35 Kairi

She is techancally a Disney Princess, so she deserves a place on the list. Some good qualities of hers include her kindness and the fact that she wields a keyblade, which is pretty cool.

36 Wendy

Wendy from Peter Pan is so caring, kind and brave. She's genuine and the same age of most of the viewers giving them someone to relate to. The way she is like a mother to The Lost Boys and reads them stories is adorable. She also teaches us that it's okay to grow up, but our childhood never leaves us.

She is prettier than the rest on this list from 11-40. other than Alice because she's great

Is always trying to do what is right even if it means losing her life

Wendy is laid back and thinks Peter is cute and I love her night gown.

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37 Princess Leia Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa, later known as General Leia Organa, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Carrie Fisher.

RIP Carrie Fisher. May the force be with you always.

I'm a Belle fan but just in case you didn't know princess Leia's prince is Han Solo. - PrincessFan

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38 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly

I didn't think of her! Her show is on Disney channel so I guess she counts. She's so weird (in a good way obviously) and tough!

I came into this list hoping to add her, but she's already here! Anyways, she's my favorite T.V. princess, and I haven't seen many of the actual Disney Princess movies so she's my top choice.

Lol really? 16 year old girl is now a Disney Princess?

Definitely best princess she's the only one not from earth, she's the only one who attends a school, she's the most kickass princess and her show is pretty dam good.
Also, her sence of style is pure awesomeness

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39 Princess Charlotte La Bouff

Despite her wealth, she is kind, loving, caring and funny. She lives in the racist 20's, but dares to have an African American best friend. She teaches Tiana that hey, it can't hurt to wish upon a star and keep childhood dreams alive. Also, she is fabulous! Her beautiful, quirky clothes are definitely princess worthy.

I agree, she is so kind and so fearless. She and Tiana are just like me and my best friend: I keep her grounded and she helps me be brave and go to parties. She is so great and even though she comes across as a little spoiled, she still gives what she can to her friends and seems to really care about her best friend and her father.

Charlotte needs to be higher on this list!

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40 Kiara Kiara

It's a shame that Kiara doesn't get as much recognition as she deserves. She's friendly, energetic, adventurous, and was smart enough to look past Simba's prejudices and form her own opinions on the Outsider pride. Not only that, but she was almost single-handedly able to save both prides from killing each other, unite them, and even offered to save Zira's life after she was almost killed by her. That takes the heart of a true hero to do in my eyes. Kiara got Kovu to see that the Pride Landers weren't the vengeful savages he was raised to believe they were, abandon his plans for murder, and even turn him into one of them by the end. To me, Kiara is one of the most good-natured Disney characters I know. While certainly not flawless, I believe both she and Nala deserve to be up in the ranks with the bigger Disney princess out there. - Simba_Lennon

She's actually an amazing Disney princess but no one thinks she's a princess because every single idiot I've made thinks you have to be human which you don't have to be to be a princess. Best actual Disney princess ever

People, she is an animal.

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