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41 Amber

I'm the first want to write a comment for Amber so please answer my question do you like Amber

Amber is nice and men

42 Kiara Kiara

It's a shame that Kiara doesn't get as much recognition as she deserves. She's friendly, energetic, adventurous, and was smart enough to look past Simba's prejudices and form her own opinions on the Outsider pride. Not only that, but she was almost single-handedly able to save both prides from killing each other, unite them, and even offered to save Zira's life after she was almost killed by her. That takes the heart of a true hero to do in my eyes. Kiara got Kovu to see that the Pride Landers weren't the vengeful savages he was raised to believe they were, abandon his plans for murder, and even turn him into one of them by the end. To me, Kiara is one of the most good-natured Disney characters I know. While certainly not flawless, I believe both she and Nala deserve to be up in the ranks with the bigger Disney princess out there. - Simba_Lennon

She's actually an amazing Disney princess but no one thinks she's a princess because every single idiot I've made thinks you have to be human which you don't have to be to be a princess. Best actual Disney princess ever

She is the best princess Disney ever. Animal or not, still the best

Okay peaple the Disney princess are only human not lions I'm just saying it would be weird like human than lion what really - Belle9090

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43 Wendy

Wendy from Peter Pan is so caring, kind and brave. She's genuine and the same age of most of the viewers giving them someone to relate to. The way she is like a mother to The Lost Boys and reads them stories is adorable. She also teaches us that it's okay to grow up, but our childhood never leaves us.

She is prettier than the rest on this list from 11-40. other than Alice because she's great

Is always trying to do what is right even if it means losing her life

Wendy is laid back and thinks Peter is cute and I love her night gown.

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44 Princess Amber

She is beautiful and she is different from other princess I like her very much

Amber is a drama queen and all about fashion and is mean to her sister most of the time.

HER SISTER Is higher? Sofia is a Mary-sue. Princess amber has flaws, she get rejected when Sofia enters even her brother perfers Sofia. Shes different from other princesses.

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45 Elena of Avalor

I think Elena should of had her own actual movie that is not based off of Sofia the First - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Shes latin and in sofia the first

No if you are with me please say yes he's not Latin or She's not in Sofia the first

You don't really know yet

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46 Nancy Tremaine

Nancy is a kind, selfless woman who has so much love to give, but, she is mismatched with Robert, & his daughter is not looking forward to having her for a step-mother. She originally believes that Robert has been cheating on her with Giselle, the first time she sees them together, but, eventually she does realize that they are meant to be together, & meanwhile, Prince Edward, Giselle's own finance, turns out to be her own true love, & hence she too gets her own happy ending, & becomes a princess. - clusium

I love Nancy. She is hard working and you can tell that she is looking for someone to be passionate. She is kind and does really try to make it work with Robert and his daughter. Even though a naked girl (well in a towel) lands on her fiance, she trusts him enough not turn on him. And when the time comes, it is Nancy who gives Robert the nudge he needed to kiss Giselle and save her life. Really, without her Giselle would have died.

She's so col and shows real people can find their "happily ever after"

47 Minnie Mouse (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers) Minnie Mouse (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers) Minerva "Minnie" Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She was first drawn by Iwerks in 1928, as was Mickey Mouse.

Minnie Mouse is so kind. She is very caring and beautiful as well. Even though she is a mouse.

Daisy is nice and minie mouse too

I love minnie I have loved her since I was like five years old.she is funny and adorable and my brother loves her too so minnie and daisy should switch because I love minnie

Minie mouse, oh she is the beautiful than daisy.

48 Arrietty

Although Arrietty is small, she's strong and brave.

Think he's strong and brave but she's not

49 Princess Zoe

She is amazing and unlike other princess's she is braver than brave she is talented and she can take a insult


50 The Blue Fairy

Hey, she's a fairy, so basically she's an angel! She's superb!

The Blue Fairy is sooo beautiful and shiny. It's cute how Jiminy cricket has a crush on her.

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51 Marianne

Princess Marianne from Strange Magic is my absolute favorite Disney Princess. She is beautiful, strong willed, and her relationship with Bog is adorable. I wish she got the attention she deserves, then she would be part of the Disney Princess line up. They completely ignored her and left her out. Nonetheless, she is very bold and brave and amazing.

Shes so cool like a warrior and a kind madein put together giving to the poor and that

52 Mira Nova
53 Atta
54 Princess Marco Turdina


55 Eilonwy Eilonwy

Eilonwy is actually my second favorite but I'm voting for her because she definitely belongs in the top 10 and she is underrated. People forget about her, just because she doesn't have a poofy dress, or is rescued by a Prince Charming, she is still a Princess and is awesome.

I love her. She not only rescues herself, but the male lead as well. She is kidnapped by one of the most terrifying Disney villains (I'm including live-action movies as well. If I saw the Horned King in real life...) and she handles it like a trooper. She is like 12 kidnapped and locked in a dungeon by a creepy king, his goblin, and army of the dead and she still has a sense of humor and the courage to find her own way out.

Movie: The Black Cauldron
Reason why I like her: REALLY pretty and funny!
10 words to describe: beautiful, hilarious, tough, spunky, brave, tiny (hey she's like what 12), accented, opinionated, lovable, Underrated, and awesome. - baconyum

I haven't seen the black cauldron I don't think she's the best but I voted for her because I have only heard good from every where and last on the list I know for a fact is underrating her too much every one here who is new don't vote for a princess because " she's pretty she's nice" vote for her because she has many reasons to be voted for.

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56 Melody Melody

I LOVE Melody, I believe she is better than her mother, Ariel because she is like her father, sings cuter, not as stubborn and spoilt, cuter as a baby, seems to care about others and she is brave.. I used to love Ariel but I realized she was a bit of a bad influence and really spoilt, when Melody came along I didn't know she existed until 2008 and the film came out in 2000, I really want a doll of her now.

Melody is just like the average girl. Ariel has always been my favorite Disney princess, so why can't melody fit in too?

Melody is awesome I like her better than ariel

She is great her songs are great. she is very under rated. Ariel is still better but she is a close 2nd.

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57 Tiger Lily

I think that tiger lilly is cool.

Who is Tiger Lily

That's mean you don't have to say it that way that can hert people's feelings

Tigerlily is boring

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58 Elastigirl

The best superhero in the gaming realm of Disney Infinity. She rescues Jack-Jack from Syndrome just before his death by getting his cape stuck in his own jet, killing him, despite having Edna Mode's warning of saying "NO CAPES! " in the family-approved movie by The Dove Foundation, The Incredibles. - kristyrosepetal4

She's not a princess, no, but I do believe she's worth noting. She's strong, intelligent, and beautiful. And, she's a Disney gal!

Oh my gosh she is really flexible like me but I'm not that flexible

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59 Princess Clio

Princess Clio is the best monster high princess, and I adore her. I watch monster high movies with my 10-year-old sister.

She's like Sophia nice.

Princess Clio is so sweet and pretty. She is by far the best princess on the show. She is way better than Sophia or even Hidegard.

60 Princess Vivian

I don't like her because she eat mush and sleet he falls asleep every hour and she's not a real princess

First quiet then singing her heart out

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