Snow White

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Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .


She's literally 14 in the movie, her step-mother reached her to a maid, she lost her father, and she's still the sweetest, loveliest person ever. Also, that beautiful voice. She's kind, generous and grateful; she develops a lovely friendship with the dwarfs. About being naive, come on! She was raised in the palace, away from strangers and was literally brought up the way princesses are: raised to be kind and gentle, and trusting. HOW can you blame her? I honestly find her quite courageous; her own step-mother asked for her to be killed, she nearly was killed, she escaped into a forest all on her own. She survived all that and tried to start again, hiding from the evil queen, too. All while never forgetting who she is, and being kind, sweet and pure as ever. Give her a break; she's horribly underrated! I think she's absolutely wonderful, and the purest person ever. There's good reason why she'll always be the icon she is.

Snow White is amazing. Sometimes I just tell myself what would Snow White do when I'm confused. She is so happy and kind. She also seems to enjoy herself. She has so many qualities that are ideal and I admire her character a lot. I think her character also gets quite a raw deal from some fans that thinks shes some dumb little girl that is shallow and likes cleaning. If they actually thought about her with an open mind they would realise how many amazing qualities she has and also please cut Snow White some slack I mean she was the first ever Disnye princess and deserves kudos for that but she also was a reflection of the time she was created in where women were expected to clean and cook for men. That was womens roles at that time and she was a great role model for women at that time and a lot of the things that she teaches us through songs are still very applicable now.

K guys, how do you not like Snow White? Snow White is totally underrated and it annoys me. It's like the people who judge her watched the last 10 minutes of the movie... Snow White is so strong! Let's think about it, she gets abused (emotionally and physically) by her stepmother. When picking flowers she finds out that her stepmother (the queen! ) wants to kill her, upon being warned she runs away. She literally cries in the forest for like 2 seconds and then says "what do you do when things go wrong? Oh you sing a song! " Guys. A 14 year old girl was just running for her life...and here she is being optimistic...may I say will of iron? And then she stumbles (or is led by the birds..? I can't remember) upon the dwarves cottage sees that it's messy and cleans it up. This shows that she can see other people's probs beyond her own situation and it shows (especially if she wants to stay there) that she's willing to work to earn her stay. Which means she's fair and has a good work ethic. ...more

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has about the size of a base match of 8(Light Side) versus 8(Evil Side): The good guys are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Team 2 or the dark team is comprised of things as: The Queen, Old Lady Disguise, The Mirror, Huntsman, Poison Apple(Chemical changed), The Castle, Creepy Forest, and Uncleanliness. Each of the dwarfs have different abilities in the game rushing through which is depicted beautifully. However the Queen controls a lot of magical attributes to sway the balance as well. When the Queen is over zealous there are mistakes made and in the original film the Queen dies to a mistake as too much of a bad behavior. Snow White cleans and prepares the dwarfs every day this is why the balance is perfect and this Princess is smart in subtle ways even when there is obvious evidence against her. In return the wildlife of good helps Snow White and then in this film win together. Awesome character, brilliant freedom to do much and fantasize even ...more - iliescu

Snow White is so underrated it's disgusting. People dismiss her as weak, helpless, and naive, but this is not true. She is sweet, optimistic and selfless. She was made in 1937, when the creation animation and television has only just begun. and she is only 14 years old. She is strong when she queen threatened to kill her, only crying for literally 30 seconds and then apologizing to the animals. 'She is a mother figure to the dwarves and has quite the sass and spunk when she was teasing Grumpy. She stands out from all the other princesses. And is the fairest one of all. She is my absolute favourite Disney princess and it disgusts me when I see her so far down on this list when she was the one that started it all. She is a great role model for children and teaches others to not take food from strangers and to stay optimistic and kind to everyone. Plus, she the only princess who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sure she is naive but, again she was only 14 and was sheltered from ...more

Snow White is the fairest of them all. The magic Snow White deals is indistinguishable yet real in the realm is a part of with the Witch in the Castle. Where a poor one should never be fairest of the land the Mirror that does not lie and points the rich Queen's attention to the humble Snow White is finest. The Magic of Good triumphs in the end with a small dispel act. Where with Bell the furniture is helping as live creatures, Snow White has control of Nature which is why Snow White wins at the end and is a 'happily ever after'. Nothing is incomplete from start to final moments.Is the favorite feature film as her prince comes and is not a beast but a fellow sided magician. It is important since it is light and fun to see the right side win through out for once and life again is in Snow White much to the good surprise the friends that sided with Snow White the entire time. From dwarfs to the peace loving animals in the forest...and a few others eh! - iliescu

Snow White is and forever will be the First Disney Princess. That alone makes her individually special. Along with that, she is very caring and fair and kind. She is very innocent and even a bit naive at times, but she can take charge and even be a little bossy when she needs to be. She even teaches little kids the importance of washing up. Snow White is also selfless, and teaches little kids about having a servant's heart, which is certainly an important trait to have, as it makes you a very special and kind individual. It is also seen that Snow White is a princess with a sense of humor and she is also very neat, making sure to clean up after herself. Snow White is truly the fairest in the land.

Snow White has a lot going for her. The innocence is a marvel of the image drawing industry and the full ensemble comes together nicely. It is somewhat deception riddled but none of it is apparent from start to finish. The way Snow White is weave through and out is great for the development of cartoon masterful attention earn proper and with a strange perfection. Snow White also reminds one of the classical compositions there would be Bach, Beethoven, and the other guy but with this implementation the score is real and complete for what it is which is a great accomplishment in these cases. Awesome job with the start which is Snow White, do hope they will bring this back again and maybe do some other stuff with it, cool eh? Yap! - iliescu

Snow White is the best Disney princess ever!, why do people say they hate her? why do people say Snow White is so weak? WRONG! Snow White is the best Disney princess ever! she has her own personality, she is not a spoilt brat like some other Disney princesses, she is loving and kind, she does not have to be a bratty spoilt person. Snow White is amazing!, she is the kindest Disney princess, she is my favourite and always will be. she does not have to be strong powered like some other princesses but she is lovely. God Bless You Snow White. Snow White is also awesome because she is the first Disney princess and she is the only Disney princess to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! she is the best, the movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarfes is my all time favourite Disney movie! show some respect people! I love Snow White! whoever hates Snow White is a trator to Disney because without the first movie Snow White, none of your favourite Disney movies would be here today! I LOVE SNOW ...more

Snow White is a movie that always makes my cry. I love how forgiving, kind, and optimistic she is. The dwarves come to love her and when they think she's dead their reactions are heartbreaking. Their joy when she awakes pulls at the heart strings.

Snow White--similarly to Cinderella--spent her days cleaning for an evil step mother, even though she was the princess. She has to face a potential murderer (the hunter), run from the only home she's known, go through the forest during the night, and has to deal with her stepmother wanting her dead. She does so while remaining kind and optimistic. Singing about dreams and doing what she can to survive. Just because she's not as outspoken as the newer princesses doesn't mean she isn't strong. I love Snow White and I believe she is a severely underrated pricess.

Snow White has always and will always be my favorite Disney princess. It's so refreshing to see someone so pure, innocent, sweet, selfless and determined these days. She can dance, she can sing, she can make the best out of anything and anyone, and never gives up hope, even in the simplest tasks. I do understand why some people don't like her, but she is so underrated even though she's the first ever Disney princess. She is one of my better role models, who didn't go looking for a prince to save her, but found her own happiness after her stepmother hired someone to kill her after years in rags and servitude. The fact she can smile still is wonderful.

I love how she just gets on with things like a boss. After nearly being murdered, finding out the most powerful woman in the country wants her dead, and then being chased through a monstrously terrifying forest, she cries for like, four seconds, before befriending the local wildlife, finding safe refuge and convincing the dwarves that she should stay. She's hardworking, kind, sweet. And she's a brilliant cook, so take that, Tiana. Plus, she's only fourteen, and she deals with a heck of a lot more than nineteen year old Cinderella. I love her optimism, bravery and sass.

Can we all just take some time to bow down to the queen who really launched Disney off its feet. Let's face it, Mickey Mouse gave birth to the franchise, but Snow White made it flourish. Without her success there would most likely be no Disney today, as it would've went bankrupt. Let's then bow down to Snow White because without her there would be no Disney princesses, no toy story, finding Nemo or dory, no Disney parks, and there may not even have been High School Musical, or Phineas and Ferb, or Suite Life of Zac and Cody. All hail the Queen

Okay, I don't know why she is this popular but this is everyone's opinion, not mine.
Don't get me wrong, she was my favorite princess when I was really young for a long time, I still do like her now, there is just something about her. Let's see. She waited in a cottage for too long for a prince she barely knew. She opened the door to a stranger even after the dwarves specifically told her not to (though she thought the evil queen was a lost lady who needed help) she wanted to ride off into a castle in the coulee with a boy she didn't know -_- Oh, and she has a horrible singing voice, it's so squeaky. Though she has some pointers, as in she's pretty. That's really it.

Many people don't like her because of her voice, personality and person but Lets remember she was the first Disney princess and she is only 14

Snow White is one of the more interesting Disney female leads, has a lot of normal grace despite being less wealthy than the Queen(which is upset at the existence of Snow White). As well is not render with anything fancy either. Her heart might be too warm, but remains lovable in her classic outlook in image and clean in persona. Very wholesome to notice throughout the video she even has Dwarf friends made which works great with a good determination from her part to help them from their surroundings as they are somewhat dull in senses. Might appear evil from a different standpoint sometimes but is definite the favorite from here. - iliescu

Snow White is an amazing Disney princess. I mean it's for girls and boys. The others can't pull it off. Well, I love all of them, but Snow White has something for everyone. The princess for girls. The seven dwarfs for boys. I mean, who can argue with that. Don't get me wrong, I love all the princesses, but snow-white"s the only one for everybody. She's also really humble and pretty. All of them are humble and pretty, but it's now for everybody. Snow White is completely amazing.

Snow white is really underrated. Now that we expect princesses to be strong, independant and other characteristics that sort of drive away from the original material, I think she stayed true to who she was and Disney kept that and didn't change her original character. Snow white was optimistic, kind, golden hearted. She also had a natural ability to draw people to her and help them out because she enjoyed helping people.
She was however written in a time where writing for characters weren't the best, so keep that in mind, if she was written a bit later she could have been a lot better. But they still made her a memorable character to me. With so many character these days wanting to be what many want them to be they become less memorable because they all seem so similar. I don't think they should remake her into what the masses want because then she would loose that charm. But maybe a total animation remake, sticking to the original script would be nice.(with a few updates to ...more

Snow White is the first Disney princess, not to mention one of the oldest films. How can you deny she's a classic? Besides, she's caring, bright, hard-working, and brave in her own way. She also gets through to everyone, even the Huntsman. It's too bad she doesn't get the credit she deserves.

Ugh. I can't stand people who say Snow White's idiotic. She was just a child, and she didn't know everything the queen was capable of, so, being the kind person she is, let the old woman inside. Walt Disney himself chose to do this film first over all the other princess so she's the best.

Snow White was my first favourite Disney princess. I mean how can she be here down at the list. She got a childish look on her face and she is so sweet and cute. She is a down-to-nature beauty and can talk to and understand all the woodland creatures and also the sparrows. What could be better than that. She like a cute fairy.

Why do people hate her so much? Imagine if you were fourteen and driven away from your home and status as a princess because you were beautiful and your stepmother wanted to be The Fairest Of Them All. Would you sing about smiling through the pain? Also, the wishing well worked, so why shouldn't a wishing apple?

Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the world I love her story her beauty her voice I love Snow White my favorite princess I loved her I love her and I will love her.

She's my favorite Disney princess. She's creative and it's not only for girls. It's for boys, because of the seven dwarfs. It is also known as the oldest Disney princess. I mean come on. Who wouldn't love Snow White. Everyone should watch the movie.

I mean she isn't my favorite Disney princess in the world but I guess I can say she is a very lovely person. I mean she cleans up for 7 other men who are complete slobs! And she does it out of her own will! I mean come on!