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Princess Tiana of Maldonia is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog.


After years of insipid twats waiting around for magic and princes to save them, Walt Disney Pictures gives us a Disney Princess who's not only African American, but intelligent and hard-working. She even saves the frog prince in the end! Gasp!
How can anybody not like Tiana?

She is a hardworking woman who knows what she wants, and she wasn't thinking about getting married, she wanted her restaurant. She, besides from Mulan, defeated the bad guy herself, comparing to the other princesses which either did nothing to stop them, or ended up in their hands (snow white, aurora, jasmine, etc.). She didn't fall in love with her prince the moment she laid her eyes on him, and after getting married, she was able to make her dream come true, which was nothing else but getting her restaurant.

Tatiana was the big change in Disney. It didn't focus on falling in love or being saved in the end, but it focused on hard work and never giving up on your dreams no matter how hard they may seem. Rapunzel and Mulan are great Disney Princesses in that sense as well, but Tatiana takes the cake! She had to deal with the loss of her hero, and work two jobs with no social life or sleep. She's not just a Disney Princess, she's an inspiration to children of all ages.

I think Tiana should've been at least in the first 10 instead of being here.
Tiana, Rapunzel and Belle are my favorite Princesses ever. The life that those three have, is literally how my life was in the past, and even today. But I should talk about Tiana. Firstly, she never had too much. (money, fancy dresses, toys etc.) And she never ever dreamt about having too much. She only wanted to work hard, earn money and open that restaurant she always dreamed of. She never wanted to meet the prince of her life, living in a castle and stuff. She only had wish, making her father proud. And beyond that, she is a very caring, strong willed, ambitious princess. I just love Tiana.

While Tiana is not my favorite, she still makes it into the top 5. She actually WORKS for what she wants, unlike some people (cough Snow White cough cough) who just have it all just given to them. I really would like to see Tiana up there instead of down here. She is very underrated! I honestly think she should be above Ariel, who literally gave up everything for a man who marries the next person! I hope people finally see how great Tiana is and declare her as their favorite princess! Who's with me?!

She should be at the top of the list. She's hard-working and she's willing to take initiative. Tiana is independent, mature and intelligent; she has a practical dream that she works hard towards achieving. Plus, she is sassy and that's always an endearing quality in a Disney character. Tiana is probably one of the most relatable princesses as well.

Tiana is hardworking and smart. She all for her family especially for her hard working father who care not only for his family but the whole neighborhood. She herself is a cook who want to make her and her deceased father dream of opening a resturant come true which she can't do cause even thought she work so hard all her life still didn't have enough money for her dream resturant and is told that a women of her background couldn't do it. Tiana didn't need a prince to save her and marry her so she can live happy ever after. The prince fell for her because she independent and determine. When they did fall for each other tiana happy ever after was owning a successful resturant that her prince work at instead of castle where she would of done nothing. Tiana showes young girl that no matter where you come from all you need to do is work hard for what you want and you will receive and sometimes fate send you a little luck for your dream to come true.

Okay seriously I don't know why but little girls aren't as fond of her with others. It makes me sad. I've loved her ever since I saw the movie. It was so awesome! She was the first disney princess African-American and I hope she's the only one. Don't think I'm mean, I just want her to be the only one because it would make her special, which she already is.

It makes me sad that Tiana is never appreciated to her full potential. Every princess has their strengths, don't get me wrong, but Tiana is an African American lady in the TWENTIES, working toward creating a restaurant, teaching young children about working hard and so many others. She's independent, strong, and has great characterization. More love for Tiana!

Tiana is by far the best Disney Princess. So many Princesses have been too dependent on men and don't know what they really want. Tiana has opposed this. She is a strong-willed heroine and a role model for everybody who has seen her movie. She dislikes when people try to make her take the easy way out, and she uses this power to get what she wants in the end, her own restraunt, and on a sidenote, her Prince as well. This is what makes Tiana the best DIsney Princess.

Tiana is my favorite because she did not get love struck so easily like the other princesses did. She made her prince fight for heart, and she has goals. Tiana was definitely no stranger to hardwork. She worked for everything she wanted. The other princesses were very dependent on someone in at least one point of their movie (except jasmine), Tiana holds her own and her family/friends/man's too! She relates to me in a good way. I look to her as a role model of independence and pride

Tiana is one of the only princesses who rejects her prince when she meets him and this shows she wasn't effected by his looks and she didn't like his personality but when she got to know him they became friends. This means she looks deeper inside people instead of judging them by their looks. I don't understand why she isn't in the top 10! She is a great princess and idol.

Tiana is one of the best princesses because she is a hard worker. Tiana may grew up with a hard past but she is so independent. Tiana doesn't have to worry about a prince to take her in like other princesses. That's why so far Tiana is one if the best princesses.

I love Tiana. I love this movie too, the concept and the "friends on the other side" villain song was amazing, Everything seemed so spunky, but what I thought was the most out there was tiana! Those buckets of coins, saving every penny, She is obviously very responsible and hard working! She thinks every little bit is worth it

Tiana was a very hard working character, which is something that I absolutely loved about her. She wasn't no damsel in distress, she worked hard for what she wanted and she got it. I love how this movie shows that even if you do get what you want in the end, its not always gonna give you happiness, and that all you need is love.

Tiana was an amazing princess! She deserves a #1 spot! She worked so hard for her spot, slaving away at a restraint and focusing on her dream! She shows the true meaning of black power and what you can achieve if you set your mind to anything! She didn't let anybody get in her way and she was willing to help people along the way.

Tiana is bar far my favourite princess so far. She shows people that you need to work hard for what you want. She worked really hard for her dream and for her father. But she knows that her father didn't get what he wanted, but he still had something: love. I also think that Tiana is a beautiful name x3

I believe Tiana is one of the best princesses. Although a bit late and not created during Disney's time. She is one of the true people. She works hard and she wouldn't wish for it to be any other way.

She is easily the most powerful princess in both her determination, will to achieve her daddy's dream. She sacrifices herself for others yet is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, even when tempted by evil.

Her love story is the cutest. It started from a disliking/annoyance to an increasing love, not like the other princesses who just happen to have love at first sight. She's not a princess who needed the saving from a prince.

I admire Tiana's work ethic and determination but she just doesn't do it for me. I don't think it's her characters fault just to me the whole movie seems shallow. But she is still really awesome.

I think Tiana is the best Disney princess because she's the most hardworking and level headed one. She didn't wait for some dumb prince to rescue her and marry her, she worked her way to her goals and didn't give up or let anyone stop her.

She isn't my top ten. I love Rapunzel, Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle, Snow White, Megara(should be a Disney princess considering she will marry the son of the King of the gods whether Hercules is a god or not he has Royal blood plus by Disney standards even if Hercules wasn't royal she committed an act of heroism) ), Jane(will get married to Tarzan King of the jungle), Aurora, Cinderella etc. However, that doesn't mean I dislike Tiana. She may not be in my top 20(I lost track) but I think every Disney princess is perfect in their own way. She is hardworking and believes in earning not taking. Plus, her friendship with Charlotte is amazing. It is just one of those things that warms my heart.

I think Tiana is the best princess in disney history. I like her the best since my name too is Tiana. She is independent and strong. She is kind and also has a good sense of humor.

Tiana should at least be above Elsa and Anna, if not, on the top of the list. Tiana is a hardworking individual that is spending most of her time trying to carry out her and her father's dream! I think she is an amazing princess!