Judge Claude Frollo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Maleficent (from sleeping beauty) is known for being the most evil Disney villain, because she cursed a new born, but Frollo is dark, cruel, and attempted to kill a new born over a birth defect. When Frollo gets caught trying to do this, and is not able to kill Quasimodo, he takes him up to a tower where he hides him. Everything else I have to say was already said by DarkLord. Any way, I think Frollo is the #1 most evil Disney villain Maleficent is no.2. That's just me though.

Definitely the most evil. Don't get me wrong, villains like Scar and Maleficent are bad, but here's the thing. They KNOW that they're evil, and they revel in it. Frollo doesn't. He thinks that he is good, and that makes for a realistic villain. You won't find an evil sorceress or talking lion, but you will find the racist, the bigot, the hypocrite. The worst monsters are human. Frollo demonstrates that in everything he does, from attempting to eradicate gypsies to brainwashing Quasimodo. A realistic villain with a chilling song, takes the cake for me.

He's by far the most complex and fascinating character ever seen on animation. He is motivated by his terror for religion and wrong comprehension of justice yet he is a human being and is tortured by his lusty pulses for a woman he's supposed to hate and after all still provided a home for Quasimodo. We see him as cruel and slightly old fashioned but he has become like this only because of his fear and his education. SUCH GREATNESS

Frollo is... Twisted, evil, and lustful, but the thing that makes him a great villain is that he thinks what he's doing is good, that he so much purer than the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd. In all the top ten Disney villain lists I have seen, he is always at the bottom, not even in the top ten. It's weird, I know people like this movie, but it's so underrated. This is my favorite animation ever, and if people think a talking lion is better, than they're fools. Malificent is a great villain, but she just doesn't have a good enough reason to kill Aurora.

Number 5 is a demented priest that wants to burn down Paris and kill the entire gypsy population, wants to kill a baby over a defect... Plus has the most epic disney song EVER? Number 1 is a talking lion that kills a king? THAT IS NOT RIGHT!

He attempted to murder a baby, killed the baby's mother, raised Quasimodo in lies, burned down most of Paris and imprisoned its people just to catch a girl who he wanted to take for himself or kill if she denies. He is a terrible person but a fantastic villain with some of the most chilling voice acting I've ever heard!

Frollo is the most complex and realistic Disney villain, ensuring my number 1 spot.

Really? Scar? Come on, he is a talking Lion that kills a king. So what if it's his brother? Do you think a real lion would hesitate to kill it's brother if necessary? Frollo is the most vile and realistic Disney villain ever.

Frollo is the most insightful villain Disney has every created. Someone quoting the Bible to benefit himself was really a big thing for an animation studio to throw out there at the time of this movie's creation. While I never loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo was a deliciously evil villain.

Appart from what anyone mentions:

Do you remember the scene when Phoebus arrive at the Palace of Justice? I love that scene. When Phoebus arrives, Frollo is having a man tortured. Then he gives instructions on how to make it even more painful. Then he greets Phoebus and says "My last captain of the guard was a bit... disappointing" and we hear a scream (he's torturing his old captain of the guard! ) and he smiles. What a bastard.

This scene is forgotten among all the other despicable things he does in the movie. But does Scar do something like this? Naaah, Scar is totally overrated. Frollo is the best!

So what scared tried to kill a baby? Frollo tried to kill a baby in frnt of God's temple.

Frollos a pervert, racist, and religious hypocrite. Not to mention he sand disneys no questions darkest song

Frollo is perhaps one of Disney's most realistic and complex villains. He commits all these terrible crimes because he believes that's what God wants him to do. How much more evil can you get?

He kills Quasimodo's mother and tries to drown him in a well when he was a baby. He goes insane for his lust for Esmeralda. He's done all sorts of sins even though he claims himself righteous - silenthill

He is undoubtedly the BEST, DARKEST Disney villain EVER. (Not to mention the most DANGEROUS) Also, he should have bragging rights to owning the best villain song ever-Hellfire.

He is so insane! And he is human none the less. He has no magic powers and by him self he is no match.. But he is manipulative and has all of Paris pretty much under control. That makes him a scary villian

Frollo committed the worst crime of all. Genocide! That is the crime that Hitler committed. I think Frollo should be number 1 on this list

Frollo is one of the greatest villains in Disney!
I especially love that he is realistic and the most human among the villains.

Quite possibly the most twisted Disney villain ever made. This man is one of the reasons why I love this movie so much.

Whatever you do, don't make him angry. And you won't like him when he's angry. Well, at least I will.

Pervert, religious hypocrite, racist, and in all terms plain evil

Frollo is more terrifying because his character can and has existed in our past, present and future.

This guy has tie-ins with the Illuminati. At least that's what I think I saw in the Hellfire sequence. - Daviddv0601

Same reason why I love Scar: the VOICE! Tony Jay was amazing as this guy.

Frollo is hella messed up. Plus he has the most awesome villain song.

This is the Disney villain so evil the movie makes sure we know he's going to hell