Scar - The Lion King


He is the greatest villain, the weakest and strongest at the same time. He is weak physically compared to fully grown lions, but he knows how to get rid of enemies with his intelligence as he knows when to do or say something that because of the situation, it will work- at least for a while, AND he has (well, had) an army of hyenas who outnumber the lions. And did I mention the greatest villain song ever

It's a Disney song about murder. A Disney song about murder while Scar forms an army to accomplish that murder. Not to mention the Nazi hyenas.

The Lion King, the greatest Disney movie, deserved the greatest animated villain.
Frollo burned France, Scar killed almost the entire Africa.
The Queen and Maleficent made someone fall sleep, Scar just kill it.
Iago or souls of people? Scar has as minions the most powerful mammal biters of todays.
Undead as Horned King? Combination between lion power and human intelligence. That's perfect.
Funny, scary, sarchastic and Jeremy Irons.

Scar provoked the saddest scene in all of Disney - Mufasa's death. However, I still can't help but love him. That's why he's my #1 favourite villain. Typically when the villain's target is a character I love, that makes me automatically hate them, but not so with Scar. He's evil, twisted and how can you not love his sarcasm? Because of him, my signature response to anyone who is boastful is "allow me to practise my curtsey".

I can not think of one disney villain who is as good as scar! He is funny, vile, strong, and just, everything! Yeah, frollo might be bad, but scar is more than bad. He DESTROYED pride rock and killed off nearly all the lions and replaced them all with hyenas. And whoever says he is a coward is just stupid. Here are some reasons why. He almost killed Simba and he killed mufasa! And do you think that all of those hyenas could do all that without scar/taka? No. That is why he is the greatest disney villain.

There's absolutely nothing to say about this guy. If you see every villain's movie, you will see they have a lot of power with them, just as magical, swords, minions... And they stay with their orders to everyone.
Scar goes always alone, he doesn't need that. And by the way, there's other disney villain with such a great voice actor like Scar's Jeremy Irons?

He ruined an entire kingdom. All those years not one lion suspected him for killing his own brother and trying to kill his own nephew. If Scar doesn't fight you then he betrays you instead. He lied to everyone for years convincing everyone that Mufasa and Simba death was an accident. He killed his own brother just so he can be king! Scar will kill anyone to get what he wants

He murdered his own brother, how could you not get more evil than that. Along with Frollo, he has the best villain song of all time, "Be prepared". And just that Hitler reference, truly makes him the villain of a life time.

Scar is by far my favourite villain not just in disney movies, but in any movie. I'm still not positive about it, but I think Scar might be moving up to my favourite character in the movie. (But I don't know yet! ) also Jafar is practically a human version of Scar. They look the same, act the same, they both torment birds!

Dudes this guy, this guy. Can scare little kids. I'm not included. How can you not love he prepared. Best villian song ever. Scar is my second or first favorite movie villian. He is one of the few villians to succeed in there goal. He killed hundreds of animals including his own brother.

Long live king scar!

I think Scar is the best Disney villain of all time and the scariest. He is the first and only villain to ever succeed in killing someone and turn an entire kingdom into a dried up waste land. Ambitions like those are what makes a villain great.

Not only did Scar kill one of his very own family members, he also made Simba feel guilty and made him look like the bad guy by convincing him it was his fault Mufasa died. He is unspeakably evil in every single way.

His heel persona in Lion King is simply amazing, this movie is simply great as well. I would also go with Jafar from Aladin as well. Scar is simply great as well. A great view of the outside world and animals. - Undertaker15-0

Scar failed in "being prepared" and becoming King of pride rock but he succeeded in becoming one of the most memorable disney villains ever and is the King of this top ten list

The king of evil, to kill any person in general is evil enough, but to kill your family is just evil times a million. He also had one of the most epic villain songs ever.

He only just over takes Frollo and Maleficent, because family murder is just cruel and cold-hearted, not to mention he convinced Simba into thinking it was his fault Mufassa died.

I don't really watch disney movies but, yes I think scar is like the worst villain you would want to have... sly character, clever but also baad... and he killed the most innocent lion in the story. he also made simba feel really guilty...

Scar is not my favorite, but he deserves a lot of credit from me, he's one of my all time favorites. Be prepared is my favorite Disney villain song and I just love his voice and personality! This is my favorite lines he said, "Maticulous planning, that's rather dismaying. The cage of denial, is simply while ill, be KING UNDESMUTED RESPECT AND SALUTED AND SEEN FOR THE WONDER I AM! " That was from 'Be Prepared'. Scar is awesome no kidding. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

I don't think he's number 1. I would Honestly say either Maleficent (because she's the most popular villain Disney has ever created), Or Chernabog (because he's my all time favorite). - asantalo

All disney villains suit their positions. But Scar is simply ruthless. He just for his own ambition can do anything. Blame the heyenas, kill his brother, order his nephew's death etc. And, the most important part, he does his role of being so bad, and does it so good that at some point you cheer for him.

The Lion King is the first Disney movie I saw, so Scar was the first Disney villain I saw. I loved him then and still love him now. LONG LIVE THE KING!

The only villain to succeed at his goal. - CDShark

Scar is one of the only two Disney villains to intentionally tell the heroes their true colors. The other one is Edgar from the Aristocats.

Jafar, Frollo and Hades each have their true colors shown to the other characters by their actions. Gothel gets figured out because Rapunzel adds two and two together. Yzma did not know that Kuzco would overhear her. Imagine if the other Disney villains told the heroes that they were evil.

"Hey Herc. Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead. I'm the guy that made ya mortal"
Or "Oh Rapunzel, this reminds me of the day I kidnapped you"
Or "Quasimodo, did I ever tell you the time I killed your mother? "

No other Disney villain with the exception of Scar (and Edgar) just tell the characters that they are evil. If everything thinks that Scar is flawless, then I have only one thing to say "I'm surrounded by idiots"

Scar is the apitamy ( bet I spelt it wrong) of evil. Inspired by hitler histories biggest villain he showed us how fair disney can good with their villains. Be prepared is awesome, he nearly killed the circle of life, made the only disney moment to make me sad ( not joking), and has a amazing voice actor Jermey Irons. By far my second favorite animated movie villain.

Scar was the most successful Disney villain ever! Plus "be Prepared" was an awesome song. Baddest of the Bad!

Scar tried to kill a baby lion who also was his nephew. What kind of thing could kill a baby? He also tried to kill his brother with a team of Hinayana. In my mind he is the meanest villain there is.

He killed his own brother, he manipulated his nephew, he sent hyenas to kill his nephew... TWICE! (failed both times), created the biggest evil plot to murder his brother and nephew, he badly injured Sarabi! What more do you want? This guy is the best Disney villain ever!