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List your favourite Downton Abbey characters from the UK hit TV show.

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1 Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham

Oh my gosh, Violet is my favorite! She always delivers the comic relief on the show and I don't think they could have gotten a better actress for her than Maggie Smith!

Maggie smith has the best lines and delivers them with ease, talent & experience - brad76

Maggie Smith as Violet is amazing, it seems like she was made for that character.

Not even close. She is the bomb. every time she was on the screen it was exciting. Bravo Violet.

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2 Lady Mary Crawley

She is misunderstood hugely, I think she is very strong and maybe slightly mean at times but hey we all have our faults and it must have hurt deeply when she found out her own sister tried to betray her and make her a public disgrace.

Very interesting character. Started out as spoiled & snobby, but, became more kinder as the series progressed.

Simply the best character on the show

Lady Mary Crawley is truly the most misunderstood character in the series. And I would choose her over Edith anyday. She is a strong woman, and yep a bit shallow but who isn't? She truly cares about people in her life such as Mathew, Sybil, Anna, Tom. If people hate her because of Edith, then she was no less.
I loved this character, and felt she was quite like her grandmother.

She and Violet are my absolute favourites.

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3 Anna Smith

How on Earth is Anna number 3, she is so bland, ernest, and one dimensional, and so damn self- righteous but I guess that's why people like her so much. And don't get me started on her tears and how her upper lip quivers every time she's about to sob.

Anna is kind, generous, hard working, clever, determined, and strong. She stayed with Mr. Bates despite everything he went through with his wife, and is also a great friend to Lady Mary as well as some of the other servant girls. She always knows the right thing to do, and is willing to help anyone out. VOTE FOR ANNA!

She is the best all-round person of the lot --a true heroine.

She is so sweet and nice!

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4 Lady Sybil Crawley

So beautiful, so caring, so brave

She's clever and stands up for women's rights

She Is such an inspiration to everyone

I really don't think john bates should be on this list. He's weird

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5 Thomas Barrow

I like his complexity and wish he was given more attention with his character development.

I simply love him. And I don't know really why. Although he was arrogant especially at the beginning, I loved it right away.

Underneath that cold, sarcastic exterior is a bitter man who just wants to be loved for who he is.

He has the best story line and grow so much

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6 Mrs. Hughes

Mrs. Hughes is the glue of the series. Sensible, dependable and wise but still open to fun! She understands life and has seen the worst of it but can appreciate the best of it. Everyone has their favorite, but Mrs. Hughes is the most well rounded of all the characters

Mrs. Hughes is kind, generous, and always look for the right thing to do. Not to mention the fact that she is pretty funny! She's very loving, and when she comes on screen it warms my heart and makes me smile. VOTE MRS. HUGHES!

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7 Matthew Crawley

The voice of reason on this show and the one who was consistently nice to everyone- remember how he stood up for a disgraced Tom? He was also one half of the most compelling storyline on the show (Matthew and Mary) and really brought out the best in Mary, a character whom is very dislikeable without him. The two high moments of this very emotionally draining show were his proposal to Mary and him meeting his newborn son.

Probably the nicest person on the show! He is so amazing!

He's my #1 favorite character! I was so upset when he died.

Matthew is just so amazing. He's smart, kind, and even is able to see a goodness in Mary. *SPOILER*

His death was absolutely devastating, and I was upset for weeks. Every time I watch an episode in seasons 4-6, I miss him.
The way he's stood up for Branson is heartwarming, and after his death I wish we could've seen more of a reaction from Branson.
He is my favorite character along with the others in my top five (ranked): Branson, Sybil [RIP], Anna, and Edith.

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8 Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham V 1 Comment
9 Tom Branson

Tom began as a somewhat hotheaded, opinionated character who scorned the class system which paid him. Over the course of the series, he evolved into a very human, sometimes confused but always lovable part of the family, indeed the conscience of those who grew to rely upon his strength, kindness and, yes, tolerance. My favorite character!

Played by Allen Leech.

10 John Bates

John Bates is totally mysterious character. He's cool. I love you and I hope that he'll be still alive.

Played by Brendan Coyle - brad76

I find the character of John Bates intriguing and interesting. At first it was like this poor guy is going through a lot. Then later I wondered if he really did off his vicious hag of a wife after all. Later on, I wondered who and how he might have had to take care of inmates giving him a rough time. Then Green, who many consider also had it coming, met his end. Now I am wondering if Bates, being a war veteran who was in the active line of duty, may have been a true real bad-as*. Perhaps he was in the same category as Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire, though Bates isn’t a gangster. Bates is mostly a calm dude who does his thing until somebody messes with him, his new wife or someone he is loyal to. Then he can get nasty.

Perhaps Bates does some dirty work on the side, for local upper class folks, when there is a special job that goes beyond it being handled in a civilized or “normal” manner. Perhaps Bates is even darker than that. Maybe he is creepy to the point of ...more

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11 Lady Rose Eclair

Lily James oozes class, lovely smile, petite body and hair, she's also great actress on "War & Peace" and a sexy minx on "Pride Prejudice and Zombies! " Her smile can light up a room and her character is fun.

It was MacClare not Eclair lol - pjo

12 Mrs. Patmore

She is simply amazing and I love her! Often times feel like giving her a hug she is such a darling woman so neutral and smart and dedicated.

She is a very caring and motherly person. She gives good device and is a really good cook

SHe is hollarius and awesome. She is a true comic.

Played by Leslie Nichol - brad76

13 Lady Edith Crawley

I know in the first season she wasn't nice but in series two she became a better person and in seres three she was nicer than Mary so I think she is awesome.

The war changes her. She is so much nicer than mary in the later series. And she has such bad luck. I think she is actually quite pretty despite everything mary says

After season 3 she is so nice. I really like her!

She's whiney, desperate and annoying.

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14 Charles Carson

I loved watching him try to cook for Mrs. Hughes

15 Daisy Mason

Nothing keeps her down for long, and nothing shakes this girl's spirit for long.

16 Isobel Crawley V 1 Comment
17 Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham
18 Sarah O'Brien
19 William Mason

He is a precious gift.

20 Dr. Richard Clarkson
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