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181 Chapathi
182 Ketchup

Better than sauce and more unhealthy too :-(

183 Fish pie
184 Dosai
185 Hoagies
186 Chocolate Muffins

Its good but not the best

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187 Dal Chawal

India for the win! I love Indian Food being an Indian my self.

188 Paella
189 Chicken Fajita
190 Roti Canai

One of Malaysia most delicious food... Now it become one of favorite food in Japan, even it sell in expensive price in Japan more than price it sell it in Malaysia... - raff4

191 Sausages

I love sausages those last 2 comments were me before my account - Sausagelover99

My favourite food ever

Please watch my YouTube videos sausagelover99

192 Spaghetti Carbonara
193 Mussels

I love them. So tasty and have it not just starter but main course.

Who eats muscles. That is so grousome! This should be last. Muscles!

Quote to “Who eats muscles. That is so grousome! This should be last. Muscles! ”
They actually taste pretty good. I tried them at Mandarin.

194 Nutella

Oh, yes this horrible thing made with lots of palm oil and for which Orangutans massacred, forests are razed and so much troubles including obesity.
Must be in the top of the worst food.

Disgusting made with more than 72% of fat and sugar.
And for the fat it's this horrible this Palm Oil.
Nothing chocolate and nothing good like we love in America.

Everyone I know LOVES Nutella. I absolutely hate it.

Why the hate? Nutella is amazing! - JamesBourne

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195 Crepes

The French are mad at you people for putting Crepes below Crisps

How is this not number 1- common

So good the French crepes.

These with peanut butter and bananas are ORGASMIC

196 Milk

I LOVE milk! When I was little I used to not like it unless it was flavoured, but now I think milk is really nice! Not only is it nice, it's also good for you! So drink your milk, kids!

All of you people need some Milk

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197 Sausages With Bacon On Them

I love them there my favourite food in the whole world
My grandad makes a roast dinner every time I go to his house and he always makes them

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198 Yorkshire Pudding
199 Pempek
200 Egg V 3 Comments
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