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181 Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork sandwiches taste Great! I always order that at barbecue joints. I can see why it is barely a sandwich though because It is very messy

Such a great food. I love this food

I don't count this disgusting beast as a sandwich - WEDEMBOYS

182 Doner Kebab

The fresh lettuce, the crispy chicken/mutton and the mayo oozing out with each bite of the pita. Wow. I'm absolutely salivating right now! :9

I love it

183 Butter Naan
184 Asparagus

Tastes wonderful and is very nutritious!

185 Twix Candy Bar

How Is This Number 181? - masonkv

186 Hummus

Roasted red pepper hummus with tortilla chips is amazing!

Pity the Pita without the Hummus.

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187 Grilled Lamb

Possibly the most underrated food to be honest. Definitely one of the best meats I've tasted.

188 Vanilla Pudding

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? - lizard302

189 Crab Rangoon
190 Chapathi
191 Fish pie
192 Clam Chowder
193 Dosai
194 Buttermilk Pancakes
195 Hoagies
196 Chocolate Muffins

Its good but not the best

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197 Dal Chawal

India for the win! I love Indian Food being an Indian my self.

198 Paella
199 Chicken Fajita
200 Roti Canai

One of Malaysia most delicious food... Now it become one of favorite food in Japan, even it sell in expensive price in Japan more than price it sell it in Malaysia... - raff4

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